❤ Frozen Disney

Movie time :) There is a movie I wanna recommend you all go to watch - Frozen

Due to holidays, so the cinema will full with kids if you watch this movie at day time. When I go into the cinema, I had a feeling that I'm in a kindergarten , 90% of the hall is full with kids... At the beginning , I quite embarrassing because is surrounded by kids. But after you finish this movie, you will just feel worth for watch !

Disney movie always is my favourite  .

Frozen - Is not about witch or stepmother, is about a girl with a powerful magic-Elsa and her lovely sis-Anna. Due to the power is too strong for Elsa, she not able to control it. Therefore she stay away from other people included her sis to prevent hurt anybody.

Elsa - She have the ability to create snow and ice, but her power is growing as she getting older. She very love her sis -Anna, therefore she have to stay away from her to prevent she getting any hurt from herself.

Anna - Love to play with her sis - Elsa , a girl very energetic , cute and look for love . When Elsa left their kingdom, she is willing to find her and no matter how hard is it .

The ending of this movie is surprised me, it let us know that true love is not only from lover, it also can be come from family members.
Is another best movie for me, not only for entertain , but also learn something valuable from this movie 

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