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Revisit and Dating @ Made In Penang Interactive Museum, Weld Quay

 Bello ~ boys and girls, how is your weekend? Too bored to stay at home? Why not explore somewhere? Here is a good place that I like to share with you all to let you hang out with your family, friends and lover during the weekend or holiday.

Made In Penang Interactive Museum (MIPIM) is a well-know 3D art museum, which located in Weld-Quay, Penang. 
MIPIM is different with other 3D art museums, all the murals, arts and models are all related to the old time's Penang. This is an interesting way to allow young generation or tourists to understand the culture and history of Penang.
It's been one and half year since my last visit to MIPIM, therefore I'm looking forward to visit MIPIM. The new surprise given by MIPIM was took my breath away.

The first surprise that caught my eye was this HUGE & RED clogs, it is great to get the attention of tourists (and me) and allow tourists and visitors to spot MIPIM easily.

Before starting the adventure, don't forget to get your ticket at the counter.

Have a cup of coffee with our Mr.Lim Guan Eng before getting into the museum.

MIPIM is a two-storey English building. For the ground floor is used for display some miniatures and handiwork; there is a Multimedia station in between of first and ground floor; the first floor is all about the 3D art.

Ok, let's move on.
I was attracted by all these wooden clogs when I came into the ground floor. Wooden clogs (known as "Kah Kiak" in Hokkien) is a traditional footwear in the old times, my great grandmother love to wear clogs while she is doing housework. This traditional craft is on the verge of extinction since people nowadays are not used to wear  wooden clogs.

"Dragon Joss Stick" is a joss stick with a dragon design on it, mostly will be used on Traditional Chinese festival. The process for making a "Dragon Joss Stick" is very complicated and takes a lot of time. This is one of the great traditional handcrafts and arts.

"Nasi Lemak" is one of the representative food in Penang. Usually, Nasi Lemak served with Ikan Bilis(Anchovy), a half boiled egg or a fried egg, few slices of cucumber, roasted peanuts and sambal sauces.

Durian and Mangosteen are the King & Queen of fruits. Many people love them, but for me I prefer Mangosteen.

This giant miniature is about the history of Weld Quay. During the old time, the shipment is made at here.

All these miniatures that I shared with you guys just a small part, there are a lot of miniatures at the ground floor.

Before I proceed to the first floor, I found this small dark room and there is a deep cavity inside the room. Woo ~ Strange!

Now, move on to upstair.

This is the multimedia station and some 3D arts are over here.

These two machines are going to detect your face and show the opera mask on it.

This is how I look like when the opera mask on my face.

Catching all these butterflies from Butterfly Farm. All these butterflies and flowers are so colorful.

Another special room to display these 3D art about 12 Chinese zodiacs. All of them are new to me and they are so adorable therefore I decided to have some memory with them.
Rat I'm going to catch your baby, Mr.s Mice
Ox Is time for you to brush your teeth, let me help you.
Tiger Little kitty, I knew you are hungry just have some milk.
Rabbit Opps, Mr.Bunny sorry for that.

Dragon Be aware of my super skill.
Snake I don't scare you, I'm going to tear your mouth apart.
Horse Why not have some carrot?!
Goat Comb your beard daily are able to prevent getting tangled.

Monkey Let me take a selfie.....with you
Rooster OMG, your eggs.
Dog Let me try your spaghetti.
Pig I got your love.

Such a spacious area on the first floor, which is enough space for us to pose in front of the 3D art and capture the picture from a perfect angle and distance. 

"I'm going to become the lunch of T-Rex."

"Oops, sorry I'm not on purpose."

"Mama turtle is coming to rescue her babies."

"I'm gonna say yes."

"Me and You, You and Me."

"Run! Else you gonna take this bullet."

"Giant coconut tree"

"Riding this big bird"
This giant 3D art is about the bird park located in Penang.

These two 3D artworks at below were newly created by an artist name Louis Gan. He is the one who painted Brother and Sister on a Swing. These two artworks are just done in two weeks ago and currently they are the hottest and newest babe in MIPIM.
"A frog from Air Itam Dam" by Louis Gan

"Penang Hill" by Louis Gan
I love this artwork the most.
Firstly, I love cable car.
Second, I love the feeling when I enjoy the entire city view from Penang Hill.

There are some surprises waiting for you at the exit.

"Biggest Ketupat ever, Thanks for it"

"Luckily I got this umbrella."

"Ok, the house is heavy!!"

"Sometimes, I wish that I am a mermaid." "Did I looks like Ariel?"

Thanks for made my day, MIPIM. 

I able to enjoy a magic show too. If you are coming here with your children, I think they will like this :) .

I have to say special thanks to Made In Penang Interactive Museum(Mr.Robin) for invited me to their museum, I have a really good time at here.
What I shared on here are only part of the artworks and wall painting, visit MIPIM to find out more and understand the story behind Penang.

Last but not least, if you want to share your interesting or funny experience at MIPIM with your friends, then don't forget to #madeinpenang #mip #interactivemuseum #heritage #penang.

Made In Penang Interactive Museum
04-262 6119
No.3 Pengkalan Weld, George Town, Malaysia
Mon - Fri: 09:00–18:00
Sat - Sun: 09:00–20:00


[3 Days 2 Nights] Day 3 ♥ Short Escape to Cameron Highland

Day 3 
Sam Poh Tong Temple ➨ Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Kuetiau ➨ Home

Today is my third day and last day at Cameron Highland, we are going to pack our luggage and heading back to Penang.
We left our apartment around 10am and we move to IPOH before we back to Penang. YEAH!!
On the way we move to IPOH, we decided to stop at Green View Garden for our last purchase. 
I have bought some mushroom snack [I love mushrooms so much]. My mommy and sister have bought some of the fruit jams.

Now let's start out to IPOH.

Sam Poh Tong Temple

Finally, we are here - SamPohTong temple after 1 and half hour ride. The beauty of SamPohTong temple is breathtaking and inspiring! 

This is the well-known cave temple located at IPOH and it is also one of the tourist spots at IPOH, as you can see there are full with tourists and trustee. 

Restaurant Lou Wong Tauge Chicken

Is time for lunch~
Actually, this is my second visit to Restaurant Lou Wong Tauge Chicken. The first time I came together with my friend, they told me that this is a MUST TRY food when you come to Ipoh. This time I decided to bring my mom and sis to try it again.

When we here around 12pm, you can see that here was a sea of people, is hard to get a table during lunch time.
But we are so lucky, we just wait for 2 minutes, then we got a table.
After you have your seat, their staff will straight come to you can get the order from you. We have ordered a whole steam chicken, a plate of bean sprouts and a bowl of fishball soup. They able to serve the food in a short time, but their attitude might be a little rude.

My favourite chicken rice
[Avoid to have too much because is not healthy]

Bean Sprouts
Usually, when I order food, I will remind the boss not to put bean sprout because I only taste the bean sprout (felt like I'm only order bean sprout). Sometimes there is an exception, the bean sprouts over here impress me the most. Each of the bean sprouts is bigger and juicy, you can feel they are "explode" in your mouth when you start to chew. Mix well for the bean sprouts and soy sauce, then it will taste amazing!

Fishball Soup
I love their fishball but not the soup, their fishballs is chewy, dense and tasty.

Steam chicken
Finally is the turn for main dish - Steam chicken. The chicken is very smooth and soft but that is too oily (a lot of fats). The soy sauce is very yummy and special. 

Address:  49, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, 30000 Ipoh, Perak
Operating Hour: unknown

That's all for my 3 days 2 nights Cameron Highland Trip. Thanks for reading my blog and hope to share some travel tips with you all on the next time.
Have a nice day.

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