My Korean Haul ● Food☛Snack☛Noodle

Hi all, it's been 3 weeks since my last post. I remembered that I have promised to you all that to share about what I have bought during my previous Korea trip! Another reason that I start this post late is because the internet in my house is down then 
Today, let's start with the food haul! This topic were suitable for boys and girls but I don't really remember the price for some of the items that I bought.

Yangban Seaweed around (5000 won)
(contained 16 small packs in a big packing)
Now, it became my favorite seaweed. This is different from Japanese seaweed because there is olive oil on the seaweed so the seaweed were not too dry. Besides that, this is more salty compared to Japanese seaweed (I preferred those foods with strong flavor).
But it is only 10 slices of seaweed inside the packing, so I can finish one pack within 1 minute.

Maxim coffee below (5000 won)
Don't pour too much of the water for this coffee else it will become diluted. Overall, the taste is good when the water volume is not over add.

Yangban Kimchi (forgot the price)
This is one of my favorites. If you wish to buy some kimchi from Korea, you can try out this brand, the taste is almost same as the kimchi that I had tried at the restaurant.

秀美 chips (forgot the price)
A lot of bloggers are highly recommended to buy this when you are travelling to Korea.
Cheesy and sweet, too much just make me feel greasy. Besides that, it was not crispy as other chips because it's baked.

Topokki Korean Snack (forgot the price)
This is the another snack which is highly recommended by bloggers, but I don't know the exact name for it. I haven't try on this topokki, but I can feel the spicy through the packing.

Cheesy potatoes chips(forgot the price)
Here is the another cheesy snack, this one taste better because without the honey, but I felt greasy after a while. I prefer something salty.

Market O Real Cracker (forgot the price)
Rich chocolate milk sauce on top of the biscuit, it is crispy. Thumbs up for this!

Samyang jajangmyeon (forgot the price)
I had tried out their local jajangmyeon so this one is just normal to me. The jajangmyeon in the Korea restaurant is much more delicious, I miss their jajangmyeon so so much. But I think you guys may be can buy this as a souvenir for your relatives and friends.
*Tips: Kimchi makes an excellent compliment to this jajangmyeon

Market O Real Brownie  4×8packets (36000won)
We bought this in Myeong-dong market, the price is cheaper compared to those selling inside the mall. Another thumbs up for this brownie, it is not too dry or hard, rich in chocolate, it is very dense.
*I not sure whether it is an alcoholic snack.

Honey Butter Almond (forgot the price)
Almond is one of my favorite nuts. This is another "must buy" item when you travel to Korea.
Crunchy + a little bit sweet + salty = just best!

Honey Tong Tong (forgot the price)
This is the favorite of Mr.K. He loved this snack so so much. He able to finish this whole pack by himself. This is sweet and crispy, taste better than the 秀美 chips, I have no idea why.

Moist and chewy cake (forgot the price)
This cake is so moisture and dense, and it looks cute in the fish shape, I bet the childrens will love it.
Remember to buy this!

That's all for today, thanks for be here and have a nice day.

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