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[Product Review] YOKO Deep Intensive Treatment Hair Mask & ALFAPARF Wearable Treatment Leave-in Conditioner

I bought a new hair treatment mask and a new hair leave-in conditioner about two months ago. In continuous use for two months, my hair became more smooth and silky , the effect can last until I back from work.

♥ Product Info 
♥ YOKO Deep Intensive Treatment Hair Mask 
♥ Thailand 
♥ 250ml 
♥ Repairing ♥ Nourishing ♥ Moisturizing  Enhancing 
♥ Suitable for all hair type 

Nowadays, hair coloring, bleach, hair permed, hair straighten are gradually generalized. Some of us will style their hair in daily with curler and straightener, and our hair have been scalded under high temperature so we must take good care to keep the healthy look of our hair. This product is suitable for those who had damage hair with dry, breakage, dull and split end.

This hair mask contained three types of helpful ingredients which is Avocado Oil, Arginine and Vitamin E. The benefits of those ingredients have been printed around the container.

If you wish to know what other ingredients contained in this product, they had listed those ingredients at the bottom of the container and direction for use in Thai as well.

I almost my first bottle :)

The texture of the hair mask are very thick and it is in white colour. Due to the thick texture of it, I don't need to apply a lot on my long hair while doing hair treatment.

My secret weapon helps me to get better results from hair treatment. 

This shower cap is made by aluminium foil, it is designed for hair treatment! Normally, those hair stylists will recommend us wrap our hair with hot towel after applying hair mask for good results, but I find out this baby has the same function as hot towel, it can store the heat from our scalp and steam our hair with our body.

PROS for YOKO Deep Intensive Treatment Hair Mask
♥ Nice Packing
♥ Use small amount everytime
♥ Smooth my unruly hair
♥ Effect able to last for whole day
♥ My hair smell nice
♥ 1 bottle for 1 and half month (use it daily)
♥ Save time (Only need 2-3 minutes for treatment  )

CONS for YOKO Deep Intensive Treatment Hair Mask
 A little pricey
 After rinse my hair, the bathroom floor became slippery

♥ Product Info 
ALFAPARF Wearable Treatment Leave-in Conditioner 
♥ 300ml(repacking) 
♥ Moisturising, Nourishing 

This is the original packing for this leave in conditioner for 250ml

Liquid gel type leave in conditioner and very sharp peach colour with floral scents. I like to apply this conditioner while my hair is in half dry condition.

PROS for ALFAPARF Wearable Treatment Leave-in Conditioner 
♥ Moisturise my hair
♥ My hair is more manageable

CONS for ALFAPARF Wearable Treatment Leave-in Conditioner
 Pricy(RM60 for 300ml) , but is worth for the effect
 The scent doesn't last long

Reference Photo
The first photo is after I try the hair mask and conditioner for two weeks. However the second and third photos are after continuous use for a month and taken on the same day, second photo is taken before I go to work and the third photo is taken after work.

Where to purchase?
YOKO Deep Intensive Treatment Hair Mask
Natta Cosme

ALFAPARF Wearable Treatment Leave-in Conditioner
Jbtalks (心如死水)

Aluminium foil shower cap


[Review] CAVIAR moisture deluxe hair mask from Cosway

Hair is the "second face" of girls, all the girls are dream to have a pair of smooth, silk and shiny hair, some of them spend have try out any methods to make their hair looks perfect. I believe when a girl nice hair will attract the attention of people around her   ❤ 

Some of them, they are using chemical method to have a pair of nice hair such as perming, straightening. When you walking around the shopping, you can see a lot of YG(young generation) had bleached her hair to make the colour look obvious on their hair. Chemical treated hair will cause your hair look dull, lose shine, split end, dry and so on. Actually I am one of them (I'm not mean I'm YG :) ), always colour my hair but there is no colour on my hair .

On last Saturday, my friend asked me how I make my hair looks smooth ?! The secret is the hair mask I'm using - CAVIAR moisture deluxe hair mask . I'm a little lazy recently, reduced the time of hair treatment and I've change to used this hair mask.

CAVIAR moisture deluxe hair mask
The product of Cosway and it made in Korea, 150g for each. Dark blue packing with the combination of excellent font type make the hair mask looks elegant ! It is simple and not too much.

Consumer can get the information of this product from the back of this product , which include the function, ingredients, directions and distributor . 

This hair mask is purposely design for chemical treated hair,  which is excellent for permed, straightened, coloured, bleached, relaxed and tinted hair. The main function of this product is revive your lifeless & limp hair , strengthen fragile hair and no more dry/dull/split end . YOu can save your hair with this all in 1 hair mask.

As you all can see the hair mask is in creamy white colour, and the texture is in cream type , quite thick.  Just squeeze the amount that you needed and apply it on your clean and damped hair , left it for 10~15 minutes.  The time is lesser compare to treatment time. The hair mask smell nice, but it won't be last long. 

I purchased this hair mask with PWP price (only for February 2014) , which is only RM12 (hahahaha) , the normal price is RM39. 

Here's how my hair looks like after 1 use of the hair mask, it is more straight ,silk and manageable . The effect can last for 2~3 days (it depends on your hair). If you wish to have best result , you can use about 2-3 times every week. For those who wish to get a healthy and nice hair in short period , you can try this ~

Bought it from all the Cosway outlet. :) 


[Review] CO.E Olive nourishing & brightening hair treatment

Helloooo~ Long time no see. Hope you guys haven't forget me. Recently I bought a lots of products such as skin care,cosmetic and hair care product from Internet. Thats because all the stuff is more cheaper than retail shop and I had finish all my daily care product then need to restock again.
I'm making a review on this Awesome product!

♥ ♥ ♥  Product Details  ♥ ♥ ♥

Volume : 500g
Origin : Korea
Packing : Plastic

At the ancient time, Greek women used olive oil to apply on their hair, and this recipe has been passed to our generation. Most of our hair product have contained olive oil .
This Hair treatment product contain fresh Olive content which can nourishing your hair and provide nutrition for your hair.

This hair treatment is concentrated and in paste shape with milky white colour. Besides that, it have a nice scent .

There is a clean and simple instructions on how to use this hair treatment and a short introduction about this hair treatment at the back of this product. 

-Hair become smooth and silk
-My hair is more manageable
-My hair looks healthier
-Effect can be seen on the first use
-Nice scent 

-The only bad thing is the scent is not last long

What I think about this product?
Okay first of all, you can see the effect after the first time you used it. If you touch on your hair, you can feel that your hair is smooth ,tender and manageable. You can see from mirror that your hair is very silk and straight, your hair is become more healthier and stronger. The effect can help you against bad weather and cold environment , the smooth and silk effect can last for whole day long.
I was highly recommended this product for those had dry and damaged hair, it is really worth for try. If you follow the method of use on this products, you can get the smooth and silk effect.


Review : ETUDE HOUSE SILK Scarf Hair Moist Pack

Last Sunday Buy 1 Free 1 at Gurney Plaza Etude House  O.o
All the item in their shop is buy 1 free 1. So as a girl , is hard for you to control your hand. I bought some item from here with my sis. One of them is this - ETUDE HOUSE SILK Scarf Hair Moist Pack . Normally Etude House are sell this with RM49.++ .

As I have terrible hair damaged and dry hair, I always try to find something that can make my hair look healthier and become stronger. Usually I like to style my hair with hair straightener and curler, and I do have dye my hair.
I was very excited on trying new product. Okay, now lets see this product details.

This product came in sweet pink packing, very girly and lovely. This is how the front view of this product.

This is the back view, all is korean word, I guess is about the instruction on how to use ,function and ingredients.  This small jar with the capacity of 180ml, is kinda small compare to the hair mask I usually used.

 At the bottom of this products, there is English version of the function and ingredient in this product.This hair moistpack is to nourishing,strengthens,rejuvenates dry hair, minimize breakage, maximize shine, silkiness and manageability.
Recommended uses for twice a week. Apply it on your hair after shampoo, massage into your hair and let this hair moistpack work for 5 minute and rinse it off.

When your first time open this, there is a transparent plastic cover as protector to prevent leakage . What you need to do is remove the lid and remove the cover. The it will looks like the picture at below.

Hair moistpack looks very creamy and and jelly look.

♥ Lovely Sweet Floral Scent
♥ Silk my hair after first time I used it
♥ My hair is more manageable 

♥ Small amount (I think I can finish it within 3 months)
♥ Scent not able to last long

I really love its sweet scent , and the effect can be seen after the first use. But with the price(original price) I can get something better than this, and is kinda pricy with just 180ml. I won't repurchase it again if there is no any promotion price or event. 


Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Previously I had mentioned that I have a very damaged and dry hair.
Besides that, still have some split ends. It was because I dye my hair too frequent(twice in a year).
Start from this year,I had stop hair coloring on my hair to let my hair "rest".
My hair really makes me look like Lion King and the looks old.

My friend told me a hair care tips which is use coconut oil to smooth and silk your hair.
I had tried this at morning.

What you need??
-A clean cup
-1 tablespoon of coconut oil

comb your hair nicely.
Apply coconut oil on your hair(damage part),especially hair tips.
Massage your hair nicely to ensure coconut oil is evenly and sparingly applied on hair.
Tie your hair in braids and then twist the braids into a bun .
Let the coconut oil leave on your hair for 20-30 minutes,while waiting for the time pass, you can read your favourite novel/flip magazine/play some games.
Wash the coconut oil out with hair shampoo and do your daily hair care routine.

Here is the result: 

The smooth and silk effect are not obvious on my hair. (may be because my hair is too damage)

BYE see ya~~


Hair care: Vidal Sassoon Treatment

本来是要买 vidal sassoon的洗发水
可是妹却买错了 treatment 给我

一瓶180ml ,是日本产品


让treatment cream更渗透进头发里




-槟城:Gurney Plaza Watson
-关丹:Megamall Watson

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