SNSD Yoona-Lionheart MV inspired makeup

Yes, I got a new video on my YouTube channel again! And yes, it is an inspired makeup video again! This time I'm going to recreate the makeup of Yoona in their new release music video -Lionheart. The first time I heard this song, I knew that my F5 key is going to spoil soon. I just can't stop listen and watch on it, each of the members are looked gorgeous in the MV.

I knew that I doesn't look like Yoona, she is goddess and I'm just.... , so you will not see I transform to Yoona in this makeup video. I just try to recreate the makeup that wore by her in the SNSD's Lionheart music video. Besides that, my eyes are looked so puffy and bad skin condition in this video, this is due to my working environment and felt stress for my work, very sorry about show you all my tired face.

I not sure that is there anyone of you love to love to watch vlog? Because I'm going have a vacation soon, I think I will recording down my days during my vacation, but it will be in Mandarin. Just let me know if you are interested on it.

Thanks for reading and watching! Have a nice day~

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