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[Review] I-Codi colour lens

Hello everyonesssss~ Is November now, soon will be  December and wait for the coming of 2015 ! Wuhooo!! Kinda excited with it :)
 Today wanna share with you all about my new favorite colour lens which distributed by Fynale. As my age getting older, I will tend to look for some smaller diameter colour lens , want some natural look. Thats why when Fynale introduce this to me, I was very excited .

I got my new lens on September, and they are in blister packing if you want have different power for both eyes then you have to purchase 2 pairs which mean is 2 boxes. The packing have the apple green background and floral pattern is printed on the packing ,the whole design is just fit with the Name -Naty (Natural and Beauty). I love this lens in blister packing than vial, it is more easy to open and more safe.

All the details have been listed all around the packing.

Made in : Korea
Manufacturer : I-codi
Imported & Distributed : Fynale
Water Content : 38%
Disposable : Monthly
B.C : 8.6mm
Diameter : 15mm

N3(V1-01) black
The design for this lens is quite natural, simple and details.

Withour flash

With flash

Black lenses will help us create more dolly look, but I felt that black colour lens big diameter doesn't really suit me, I can't really "handle" it well. 

N1 (Sakura) brown
Brown ring at outer side, light brown in the inner side. This design and colour is very natural compare to N3.

Without flash

With flash

If compare to the black lens, I will prefer this brown colour. The lens colour is more natural and enlarge my eyes as well. This colour is suit for soft make up and sharp make up as well. 

On my point of view, I personally felt that this more comfortable than fynale classic, may be because the diameter is more smaller than it. I won't feel dry and don't need to apply any eye drop when I wore it up to 8 hours (this is depends on different person). I wish Fynale will bring us more natural diameter's lens may be in the future time. 

If anyone of you interesting on thus lens , can contact me(whatapps/wechat: 0164379526) or visit here ModeMannequinn for more info because I'm selling it too ☺

Thanks for here view my blog, have a nice day !


Fynale Classic Pearl Choco [Review]

  Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang 
Recently, Fynale have introduced 2 new design of Classic series - Eclipse and Pearl design. But only have limited choices on colour . Please visit Quinn Boutique for more info.

This time , I bought Pearl Classic Choco, I prefer natural series ^^ . This Pearl Classic is to replace the 148 pearl which will not be restock by Fynale anymore . 

fynale classic pearl choco

As you all see, the choco colour is more to reddish brown and s circle with a brown ring .

fynale classic pearl choco

fynale classic pearl choco

Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base curve: 8.6
Water content : 55%
Enlarge effect :16-18 mm
Origin : Korea

Here is the close up photo while I wearing this colour lens (Sorry that my skin is not good ><)

fynale classic pearl choco

The brown colour not very obvious on my eyes~

fynale classic pearl choco

Effect♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
The enlargement effect is good as usual ~ Make my eyes more bigger!!

Colour♥ ♥ ♥ 
The colour not obvious , it looks like dark brown in my eyes. The colour is consider as natural , it won't make my eyes too fake >< HAHAHAHA

Comfort♥ ♥ ♥ 
This colour lens is less comfort compare to others, it will dry out after 3 to 4 hours (I stay in aircon room) . 

fynale classic pearl choco

fynale classic pearl choco


[Giveaway] Fynale Colour Lens

Halooo boys and girls, how was your day ??? Today I'm not going to do any review on product, but is want share with you all a Giveaway activity . I wanna give away with the total of 6 pairs Fynale Colour Lens for 3 lucky babies, each of the babies will have 2 pairs of Colour Lens. 

Is about 1 month to Christmas and New Year , I'm excited with it >< . I saw a lot people already start buy decoration to decorate their house, and some of them buy the accessories for Christmas party. So I'm here to giveaway some colour for babies to dress up in their Christmas and New Year party ^^

How to get it ????
1. Like our facebook page - Quinn Boutique
2. Like this photo 

3. Leave a comment below this photo
4. Share this photo to public in your facebook

3 lucky babies will be announce on 16 DEC 2013.
Good Luck to you all ^^.


Review: Fynale Classic Big Seashell Brown

Please forgive me that I have disappeared for a week. I have started my internship and felt tired after back from work. Please forgive my laziness > < .

Okayyyy, I have finished my contact lenses and already purchased new lenses from Fynale cosmetic lens .
Fynale cosmetic lens will never disappoint me, their service and products are unblemished.I receive my parcel from then in good condition, my lenses is inside this "Pandora Box".

This time I choose Big Seashell Brown and Pearl Brown. I get them by RM43(included postage and 2 lens cases and 2 pairs of lens)

Today I wanna make review on this Fynale Classic Big Seashell Brown 

Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base curve: 8.6
Water content : 55%
Enlarge effect :16-18 mm
Origin : Korea

For Fynale Classic series, they come in small, cute and hermetic seal glass bottle with simple and classic packing ^ ^. 
Always remember soak your lens with your solution for at least 4 hour before you put it in your eyes.
The pattern and design of this lenses is slightly same as the Barbie Queen series.

I love this lenses so much !!!

Effect♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
The enlargement effect is good! It makes my eyes big enough . Is my first time feel that I'm wearing 16 mm lenses, note that this lens only 14.5 mm diameter. 

Colour♥ ♥ ♥ 
Brown colour is not very obvious, but I love it too coz the circle ring is not too black and gives me a natural look.

Comfort♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Fynale lenses always did great job, I still feel comfort after wearing it about 6 hours. It didn't blur and bother my vision

Apply eyedrops on your eyes before you remove your lens 


Fynale 148 pearl black Review

Fynale 148 pearl 系列的黑色



我看过其他模豆戴leopard 和bambi的隐形眼镜





Fynale 148 pearl choco Review

我看到之前有不少人给这牌子 好评
之前我有买过GEO,BARBIE的 colourlens

一个是 fynale prodigurls black 另一个是 fynale 148 pearl choco
我先试戴pearl choco 


放大效果:★   ✰ 

颜色:★   ★ 

舒适度:★   ★ ★ 




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