Have fun with #Selfie Coffee @ Love Lane, Georgetown Penang

The cafe has became a trend and culture in Penang, the number of cafes is growing with every passing day, if you are a coffee lover probably you will be tangled with which cafe you decided to visit for this weekend. This time #Selfie Coffee brings us a brand new enjoyment of coffee! They are first cafe came out with coffee print idea in Malaysia .
#Selfie Coffee was located at Love Lane which just right beside Love & Latte and opposite to the Wheeler's Coffee. It is a little bit challenging to find a parking lot around this area and the lane in front of #Selfie Coffee is quite narrow, it is only enough for a car to pass through but that is a two way lane and a lot of tourists are walking around that area, so you must be aware when driving to this place. 
It is not hard to find out this cafe since they are made their shop sign in pink heart shape, the colour are very sharp and very easy to catch our sight. 

The cafe is just new open in Penang and have a few people standing in front of the entrance and peered into the cafe, seems like wish to know what is inside this cafe.

When you saw the crowd then you will know how amazing is their coffee !? At the counter section have around 6 tables, a table in the corridor and few tables at the back section. 

Must not forget to order their signature - Selfie Coffee , this is the one make them different from other cafe. Limited choices on coffee may be because their are new open hope they will add more choices on it in future.

Lamp buld is now became an indispensable decoration for a cafe, it helped to build a cozy and comfort environment for us. 

Due to high demand on their signature selfie coffee, we have to wait for an hour for our selfie coffee. If you get bored while waiting for your coffee, you can make some drawing on their glass made table with the marker pen provided by them, try to have fun with it :) .

Their are so great by providing "Meitu smartphone" for us to capture selfie, with this powerful device boys and girls will looks more gorgeous in their picture ! Besides that, they have put 3 sample pictures on the top of wall right beside the laptop, we should not put the camera too near us to prevent our head have been cropped in the picture, the picture on the middle is the best example.

Marble cheesecake - RM8.90
This cheesecake is amazingly delicious! Actually I'm not hopeful about their food, but this cheesecake really suit me. The thickest cheese layer is so smooth and you can felt it slowly melt in your mouth. Surprisingly, it doesn't greasy at all, I'm so love it.

Selfie Coffee (Chocolate) - RM13.00
After a long wait, finally their signature coffee is on my table ! Our picture is printed clearly on the foam( * we did not capture our picture with flash) , all looks perfect except my greasy fringe... To make sure that the picture is printed nicely on the foam, they had added another thick layer of milky white foam on coffee. A thick layer high density milky white foam is to ensure our picture able to be hold more long time on it and reduce the colour distortion problem. Based on what their boss told me, they are using edibles  pigment to print our picture so it is safe , so don't need worry about is it harmful to our body.
After finished capture selfie with your coffee, remember to stir your drinks before you taste it. Their chocolate drinks are very thick and a little creamy, it is so yummy !!!

At last, we must not forget to SELFIE with the coffee !!!!

#Selfie Coffee
Address: 88, love lane, 10200 Pulau Pinang
Business Hour: Mon - Sun  ( 11am ~ 11.30pm )
Contact Number: 0124811510


[Review] I-Codi colour lens

Hello everyonesssss~ Is November now, soon will be  December and wait for the coming of 2015 ! Wuhooo!! Kinda excited with it :)
 Today wanna share with you all about my new favorite colour lens which distributed by Fynale. As my age getting older, I will tend to look for some smaller diameter colour lens , want some natural look. Thats why when Fynale introduce this to me, I was very excited .

I got my new lens on September, and they are in blister packing if you want have different power for both eyes then you have to purchase 2 pairs which mean is 2 boxes. The packing have the apple green background and floral pattern is printed on the packing ,the whole design is just fit with the Name -Naty (Natural and Beauty). I love this lens in blister packing than vial, it is more easy to open and more safe.

All the details have been listed all around the packing.

Made in : Korea
Manufacturer : I-codi
Imported & Distributed : Fynale
Water Content : 38%
Disposable : Monthly
B.C : 8.6mm
Diameter : 15mm

N3(V1-01) black
The design for this lens is quite natural, simple and details.

Withour flash

With flash

Black lenses will help us create more dolly look, but I felt that black colour lens big diameter doesn't really suit me, I can't really "handle" it well. 

N1 (Sakura) brown
Brown ring at outer side, light brown in the inner side. This design and colour is very natural compare to N3.

Without flash

With flash

If compare to the black lens, I will prefer this brown colour. The lens colour is more natural and enlarge my eyes as well. This colour is suit for soft make up and sharp make up as well. 

On my point of view, I personally felt that this more comfortable than fynale classic, may be because the diameter is more smaller than it. I won't feel dry and don't need to apply any eye drop when I wore it up to 8 hours (this is depends on different person). I wish Fynale will bring us more natural diameter's lens may be in the future time. 

If anyone of you interesting on thus lens , can contact me(whatapps/wechat: 0164379526) or visit here ModeMannequinn for more info because I'm selling it too ☺

Thanks for here view my blog, have a nice day !

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