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Hello girls, I'm curious that how many of you are makeup junkie? (Hands up) I admit that I am addicted to makeup. Sometimes, I will study my face, and try to figure out which eyebrows shape will make me look gorgeous (LOL). Every time I have done my own makeup and I look into the mirror, I always have a thought in my mind - "Today, I am making myself look great.". 

To me, MAKEUP is not only about making someone look amazing, but it gave me a sense of satisfaction and it is an art/skill. 

To start your makeup, you will need COSMETIC (everyone knows that). For those newbies, PRIMER, MASCARA and LIPSTICK will be enough for the beginner level. And I knew that newbies are always struggling -Which cosmetic product is good? Where to get cosmetic? How to get started with makeup?

For me, I love to get information from YouTube and Blogger. There are a bunch of Beauty YouTubers and Bloggers all around the world, you can just get the useful information from there. Newbies might also feel shy to buy cosmetic from a retail shop for the first time, so you can try to get the item that you want from Trusted Online Shop (Most of my cosmetic and skin care products are getting from online shop because it is much cheaper compared to retail shop).  

I believe you all are familiar with SephoraSephora is a well-known cosmetic brand which offers a wide range of makeup products for women that are made from top notch quality and sold at a very reasonable price. Sephora makeup products definitely have the basic products that you will be needed in your makeup adventure. For the girls and ladies who are clueless about what is the hot best-selling products from Sephora, have a look at the three top choices. 

The first Sephora makeup item adored by the ladies is the stunning range of Sephora lipstick collection. Women can find from nude tones to bright shades to dark tones and pick the few which matches their personality. Besides that, ladies are able create different personality by using different shades of lipstick. The pink and red Sephora lipsticks are seen to be a great hit among the ladies. Sephora lipstick collection for women is perfect for the makeup junkies to enjoy.
Sometimes, primer, sunglasses and a gorgeous lipstick will done your makeup.

Besides that, Sephora primer base products are also selling fast every month. Primer is a basic and must have item in ladies makeup box as it helps you achieve that soft flawless look. Scan your eyes on the extensive Sephora foundation shades and choose the one which matches your skin tone. This is because the wrong primer colour will absolutely ruin your whole makeup look and your day. Be sure you know your true skin tone and shop away the Sephora makeup products.

Another popular product from the Sephora brand is the lovely waterproof mascara. Women are lucky as Sephora mascara offers that waterproof element which makes it perfect to stay refined the entire day. I have experienced the smudging mascara in my life, it is totally an embarrassing condition for me. Now, women no longer have to worry smudging their eye makeup or have panda eyes due to the melted mascara. Sephora waterproof mascaras are great for any women to own. Have that naturally beautiful lashes wearing Sephora mascara, appear gorgeous and stunning everywhere you go.

"This blog post is collaborated with Zalora"

Thanks again for spending your precious time to read my blog. Have a nice day.


  1. Great job.... Lucky girl getting to try out Sephora's range... I wanted to but somehow never manage to... LOL


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