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Hello Korea - Busan @ Fullguesthouse

Hi all, it's been a month I did not make any update on my blog and I hope you all does not forget about me. What I had done during the whole month? At the early September, I travel to Korea with Mr.K for 10 days and we planned the whoel trip by ourselves. We arrived Busan on the first day and stayed for 2 nights, then we are heading to Seoul...

So today I would like to recommend you all about the guesthouse that we stayed for 2 nights in Busan, in case next time you wish to visit Busan, South Korea and this might be helpful for you.

How I make the reservation to this guesthouse?
I contact them directly through email. For the contact information, please refer the end of this post.

Room Rate?
We are booked for a double room and the breakfast is included. Peak season was July and August.

Pick up service from the airport?
Yes! They provided the pickup service and it need extra charge for KRW30000/van.

What language are they speaking?
There are a Oppa, he able to speak in English, but he only be there starting from lunch time. However during at the morning time, the landlady of the guesthouse will be the person in charge, but she only able to speak some basic English.

This guesthouse was located at highest floor(8th floor) and glad that they have the elevators in the building else we have to carry our big and heavy luggage all the way up to the guesthouse. Inside the elevator, they are list out the floor details.

When the elevator's door opened, you will see a white multiple cell shoe's rack is in front of you. Koreans are care about the hygiene problem, so we have to change our shoes to the slippers that provided by them for every time come back to the guesthouse.

As you all can see, the floor and the wall are in wood. This is one of the reasons why I decided to stay at here. I love the cozy environment of this guesthouse.

There are a lot of postcards hang along the corridor  which are written by the guests of this guesthouse.

The room E will be the room that we going to stay for 2 nights.

We have our own private bathroom on the right-hand side after we entered the room. The bathroom is quite spacious and bright. There are 2 types of shower heads in the bathroom which are static shower head and hand shower head but I prefer to use hand shower head.

There is another thing impress me which are they provide conditioner in the bathroom!! To be honest, this is my time enjoy the conditioner provided by the guesthouse.

Ok, now is time for the room tour.
After get out from the bathroom, there is another door.

Actually, we make a reservation for a double room, but they give us the family room so it is much more bigger than what we expected.

This is a queen size bed right after the door.

 And another double bed over the window corner. Besides that, they are provided a cupboard with hangers inside for their guest. Sometimes, you might need a hanger to keep your clothes from crease.

Dresser is very important for me during a trip because I need it for my daily makeup.

Fullguesthouse was so thoughtful, they prepared some basic tools which might be useful when you need them. They have a hair dryer, different kind of combs, portable mirror, toner, and moisturizer.

There is a desktop PC and a fridge beside the dressing table. Each of the room will have their own router, and the internet speed was super duper fast.

If you visit Korea during the winter, a heater will be a must have at the night time.

Oh ya! There are some rules in this guesthouse, remember to read it when you get into the room. Have you all realize that all the instructions are in 3 different kinds of language which are Korean, Chinese and English.

Since the breakfast is included so we are not going to miss it. The breakfast time was started from 8 am until 10 am.  If you have used any of the cooking tool and the dishes in the kitchen, you have to wash it by your own. Remember to keep the kitchen clean(this is a shared kitchen).

Actually at the 7.30am, the landlady is started to prepare the breakfast for us. 

The landlady were so lovely, she will ask each of us do we want some egg? Then she will start to cook for us.

All of these are free to eat and use.

This is the fried egg that cooked by the sweet Unnie and this is awesome!! Besides that, you must try the "Gimbap" that prepared by Unnie else you will regret, we just can't stop the refill.

The another thing I love about this guesthouse which is you able to enjoy the Busan view while you enjoying your breakfast, what a great day.

Time fly, is time to say goodbye to Unnie and I don't forget to selfie before we left.

One more photo with Unnie, I wish to stay longer at here. Bye~ Unnie.

Fullguesthouse Information:
Facebook: Fullguesthouse

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