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[Product Review] NattaCosme ~ Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner

Hello everyone!!! Firstly I would like to thank Natta Cosme for giving me a chance to participate the Thayers Alcohol-free Rose Petal Toner blogging review and try out this awesome toner. By the way, I hope you all don't get scared by my pale face, I really didn't mean to scare you all.

I received this parcel from NattaCosme about 3 weeks ago, which is before Valentine's and Chinese New Year. I got a greeting card and red packets from them (This was so lovely, thanks to NattaCosme). When I received the parcel, the toner is wrapped nicely with the bubble wrap to prevent toner leaking problems.

Thayers is the American centuries old yet famous brand since they have over more than 120 years of history, they are using natural and healthy ingredients in all their products range all this year. Nowadays, their toner are used to be the favorite of YouTubers and bloggers.

Product Details
Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera
Refreshing, Cleansing, Soothing
Size 355ml
Made In U.S.A
Suitable All Skin Type
Price RM45 RM55

This toner is free from alcohol, paraben, and phthalate. Besides that, this toner contained 3 main healthy, natural ingredients which are Rose Petal Water, Certified Organic Witch Hazel extract, and Certified Organic Aloe Vera.

Rose Water - moisturizing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, relaxing and toning. 
Witch Hazel - pores refined, acne fighter, refreshing, moisturizing
Aloe Vera - moisturising, anti-inflammatory, soothing, sunburn and acne treatment 

The packing for this toner is simple yet loveable. All the product details are listed clearly on the sticker, we can read it from the back of the toner since the bottle is transparent. I the love transparent plastic bottle, it is good and easy for me to know the exact amount of my skin care product left in the bottle.

【How I use】
1. Apply with a clean cotton pad on day and night after cleansing.

2. Use anytime throughout the day as skin refresher. I will pour some of the toner into a spray bottle and spray all over my face.

3. Use as hydrating mask by soak cotton pad or compressed mask into it. Put the soaked cotton pad/compressed mask on my face for 20 minutes and then continue with skin routine.

My own Opinion
I've been using this toner about 3 weeks, so it's time to share my feeling to this toner with you all.
What I like?
I love the light rosy scent, it can to relaxing my mind and skin after a whole day's work.

My skin is more hydrated compared to previous and it helps in soothing and refreshing my skin. The is another reason I love this toner which is the toner can be fully and quickly absorb by my skin. In the meanwhile, I realize that my oily skin problem have been improved, my T-zone is less shiny and oily. Eveytime I am done the hydrating mask, I find out that it did refine my pores, this was totally surprise me!

Size and Price
With this huge size, I able to do the hydrating mask for everyday. If just use it as a toner, for me it could be last up to a year. And now is only RM45 for each bottle at NattaCosme instead of RM55.
RM45 for 355ml is definitely worth for it. 

What I don't like?
The only thing that disappointed me was there is leaking problem on the cap of the bottle, so don't place this toner upside down.

For lovely my readers
To celebrate this coming International Woman's Day, NattaCosme had offered readers an offer! Fill in the code when you checkout, to enjoy RM10 discount when you purchase above RM80. 
Wish you all a happy shopping at NattaCosme & Happy International Women's Day!

The product is provided by Natta Cosme for review purpose, all thoughts are my own.


[Product Review] Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Toner with Aloe from

HiHi, boys and girls ! Is me again !! Want to tell you all that , I'm now officially graduated , and completed my Uni life (((((Hurray )))))! I wanna thanks to my parent, relative and friends, who had helped me alot in the past 4 years, I'm very grateful to all of you for helping me. 

Ok , lets back to today's topic. Today I wanna share with of all you my new  favourite  toner. 

This is Soothing & Moisture Toner with Aloe from NATURE REPUBLIC, I get this from . Based on, the retail price are RM42 but they are selling it with RM32.50 which is more cheaper. Sometime this toner will sell even more cheaper in , visit to get the latest update on their products' price . 

❤ Product Details 
Moisturing and Soothing
For All Skin Type

"This toner formulated with 90% natural aloe vera soothes and moistures your skin ." . Besides that, this toner with 6-Free system which is free from Paraben, mineral oil, artificial pigment, animal raw material, Benzophenone and Talc . However this product contained Alcohol and Fragrance, if you are sensitive to either one of it then you better stay away from this product. 

The expired date is printed on the small sticker which stick at the bottom of the bottle. 

The whole bottle design is very simple and bottle body and bottle cap is made by plastic with green colour which can perfectly match with aloe vera. 

I poured a little toner on my palm , you can smell mildly aloe vera scent once you poured the toner .

I bought this toner is because I saw there are alot of good reviews for this toner on and it is low-priced, so I decided to give it a try. This was not my first to use the product of Nature republic, but is my first time try their toner. I love the scent of this toner, it was mild and refreshing. This toner definitely can moisturise my skin and without sticky feel, you can feel the different after used this. If you are student and look for something good but not over your budget, I believe this is a good choice for you all. You all can get this from .

Rating: 4/5 

Thanks for visit my blog , have a nice day :)


Review: Etude House AC Clinic Daily Toner

Helloooo girls and boys. How was your day ? This is 3rd week of my intern life, is tiring and very miss my Uni life and my buddies. 

I'm shopping again for my skin care product. I always change my skin care brand, I don't like to stick to one brand, I wanna try something really suit with my skin and give me the result I want. Besides that in my own opinion, if your skin always stick to use one brand , after long time, the effect is not obvious or as good as the first time you use. 

Everytime before I purchase a skin care product, I will do some online research on the product ingredient and read all the review of the product then I just make decision want to buy or not. This time I purchase my toner from Qoo10, I think most of you all are familiar with this website. The product's price in this website is much cheaper compare to retails shop. And you can find out that there are some products can't find in Malaysia but you can find it in the website.  

I received my parcel 2 weeks after I make order and done payment. I used normal register mail, therefore it required signature when they delivery your parcel to you.  

As you can see, my toner is wrapped by bubble wrap to prevent any damage while sending them from Korea to me. There are 3 free sample that gave by seller, so nice!!!
There is no leakage or damage on my toner, I received them in good condition. 

This time I choose to try this toner - Etude House AC Clinic Daily Toner. 

Why I choose this series of toner?? Because I have acne problem > < , thats a sad case. I hate ance!!! But they always want to be my best friend.
This AC Clinic Daily is designed for those who have pimple prone skin.

Volume: 150ml
Packing: Glass Bottle
Origin: Korea

This toner contains low alcohol content which are suitable for acne skin. Oil free formula to keep your skin fresh and clean. Besides that, this products contains Salicylic Acid which is for antiseptic and antibacterial . Water soluble moisturizing agent of this product help to prevent any acne formation on your skin :). There are Non-comedogenic Tested, where I check from Internet, its mean "Not causing acne-related skin trouble by not blocking pores to reduce the incidence of pimples". The ingredients of this line which are not blocking our pores to help us improve our skin and not causing any acne problems.
There are some active ingredients in this LINE : Natural Salicylic Acid, Hynoki Cypress, Chaga Mushroom and Saururus Chinensis. 


How to use: 
-For the first time, remove the seal and pour the toner on facial cotton pad.
-Apply the cotton pad on your skin . 
Thats all ^^

-Absorbing faster by my skin
-Oily free from my skin without dry my skin out
-Reasonable price 
-Improve my skin from acne problem

-May be easy break due to glass bottle packing
-Herb scent is too strong (I already used to it)

This is a product worth to try, my acne really have been reduce after using this after 3 weeks. This product won't dry my skin out.
Hope you all enjoy with this review ^^ .Byeeee ~

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