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My Oatmeal Facial Scrub (Home remedy)

Holaaaa~ I'm here again~ Is almost end of the year, I guess all of you are getting more and more busy on working and exam. No matter how busy you are , as a girl we must always remember to take good care our skin! Exfoliation is very important and essential step that we must take at least once every week ,to ensure that our skin can effectively adsorb our skin care product. 
Ok so how I remove my dead skin???? Answer is at below 

 I use oatmeal to clean my face twice a week and use this method continuously for 3 months already ! I guess some of you will be curious, how can oatmeal help to scrub my face ??? Oatmeal not only can help to scrub our skin but also improve our skin!!!

Why Oatmeal???
Relieve redness and dryness
Improve acne problems
Increase skin radiance and brighten your skin
Balance your skin's PH value
Effectively minimise pore size
Gently exfoliate skin
Remove skin dirt

How I to use oatmeal scrub my face?
1. Take 1/4 table spoon of oatmeal (depend on your need)
2. Grab/Hold it with palm
3. Rinse your palm which is grabbing oatmeal with lukewarm water(Water will be seeps through gap of my fingers and reach oatmeal) 
4. Apply those oatmeal on my skin and rub it gently and throughly on my skin
5. Left the oatmeal on my skin until it dry
6. Clean my face with lukewarm water

Here's the comparison on before and after use the oatmeal scrub. The effect is very obvious and good, love this oatmeal facial scrub so so so much .

You can use oatmeal to scrub your body while you bathing , if you wish to. 
Thanks for read my blog ~ :)

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