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[Review]Gobdigoun 24K Golden Cream Placenta Power Australian Sheep

The last item I got from Gobdigoun was their best selling product
Product details:

24K Golden Cream Placenta Power contain with placenta which providing the means to replenish and nourish the skin. With high-performance, multi-action moisturiser dramatically reduces the look of multiple signs of aging lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness and dehydration. By using 24K Golden Cream, we mention it is ALL-IN-ONE skin care product which we can only apply it after cleansing your face. 

24K Golden Cream Placenta Power is a luxurious universe encompassing various major cosmetic cares from hydration, soothing, wrinkle-care, pore-care, stress relief to whitening. The highest nutritional balance was achieved thanks to miscellaneous scare ingredients such as Australian sheep placental protein, shea butter Niacinamide, Galactomyces Ferment, Aloe Vera, Ceramide-3 and Genuine gold along with plenty of Centella Asiatica extract (47%) instead of mere water, which is well-known for its protective and antibacterial ability.

Gobdigoun’s Ovine Placental Protein is a natural ingredient obtained through a scientific system in Australia. Besides, its specific molecular structure and nucleic acids similar to that of human enhances the level of immunity, natural recovery, anti-aging and detox effect resulting in dermal relief and product reliability. 

How to use ???

Step ❶ Clean your face before applying the cream
Step ➋ Start by warming up a quarter-sized dollop in between your fingers.
Step ➌ Target the driest areas with the most amount of cream by applying it directly to the
area with your fingertips in patting and swirling motions.
Step ➍ Warm up more cream between your fingers and start with your cheeks using upward
patting and sweeping motions. Your want to gently message but never pull your skin or use
downward motions.
Step ❺ Continue with circular motions across the forehead.
Step ❻ Gently massage the cream into the skin by again tapping it over and over until it's soaked in. 

Packaging & Design
(4.5/5)  (♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡)
Match with the 24k Golden Cream, the box even the bottle comes in a gold reflection colour. The are some dedicated details design on the bottle and it makes the product in more elegant look. For hygiene purpose, a cute spatula is ready for us to get the cream. Besides that, there is an additional plastic lid seal the product after opened up the bottle, this can help to prevent product expose too much to oxygen, heat, light and humidity.

Texture & Scent
4/5 (♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡)

This is my first time use the placenta skin care, therefore the scent is fresh to me. The smell is not what we familiar with but it is not strong and I'm glad that it does not smell like contain fragrance. 

Light creamy type texture allows me to spread this product easily and evenly over my skin. Besides that, there are a lot of gold flakes in this product but no worry, those gold flakes will be absorbed by your skin after some time.

Application and Result

Can you see the gold flakes on my skin?

Since I have oily skin, therefore, a bean size amount is enough for my whole face. Although it is cream type skin care but it does not cause any breakout on my skin. After the application, my skin felt tacky (the absorbability is quite slow) but it does not cause any uncomfortable. I love the dewy look gave but this product. After few usages, I can feel the elasticity of my skin have been improved quite a lot, the wrinkles at my brows have been flattened. Besides that, my skin is getting smoother and softer. For better result, please use it after their Placenta Bio Cellulose Gel Mask
If you are dry skin people, this will be awesome to you. However, for oily skin type people as me, you might need to reconsider or reduce the amount of this product before you use. 
Gobdigoun Info
If you are interested in their products, feel free to visit their facebook page and website for more details. They do provide International shipping.

Please visit their website and facebook.

Or you like to visit their store at Korea then here are the map:

Thanks for being here and your precious time. See you all again in the next update. Good Luck.

*Products are provided for review purpose, all the thought are on my own. The result might vary for different people.


[Review] L'OCCITANE Divine Range sample

My friend is asking me when will I blog again :) , I think I'm too long time didn't update post regarding food nd products,so I decided to complete this post by today. Okay now is time for product review again ^^...

L'OCCITANE en Provence is introducing a new and improved Divine range.They are giving free sample kit for us to try, I apply the free sample through their facebook and redeem them with a redemption email.
Nowadays, many of us are focusing on anti-aging work, due to the unhealthy daily life and polluted environment, our skin re aging faster than normal. This brand new formula can help to slow down the skin aging process.
Immortelle Divine is boosted by 7 naturally derived active ingredient and extract essential oil from everlasting flower with plant in Corsica. Helychrisum is the bright yellow flower which never fades, even after harvest.

I got 5 packs of free sample which include 1 pack of Divine Lotion  ,2 packs of Divine Extract and another 2 packs of Divine Cream. Each pack is for 3 time usage. Besides that, the friendly beauty assistant suggest me to use them during night time(because I still consider as young ^^) .

Step1-Divine Lotion
This is a rich softening lotion which able to help your skin to maintain balance and accelerate cellular renewal.
I applied it after my toner .
The selling price for 200ml is RM190.

Step 2-Divine Extract
The texture of this extract is gel-cream type in colour of milky white, it can help to improve our firmness and restore definition to facial contours. Beside it also can hep to bring out the effect of divine cream.
The selling price for 30ml is RM445.

Step 3-Divine Cream
The function of this divine cream is able to help you correct your skin's aging sign.
Selling price for 50ml is RM455.

After I used
The 1st night I used , I already can see the effect of this skin care. I will sleep with  knitted brows, therefore after long time there is 2 fine line on my brows > <.  After the 1st time I used this skin care, my fine lines on brows is not obvious as previously. I was feel like "Wow, thats amazing!How they make it?!".
On the other hand, this skin care products is consider as oily for me ,due to I'm combination/oily skin type.Therefore after you applied them, you can feel that there is a layer sticky stuff is on your skin > <.
After the 2nd time I used, I find out there are small pimples pop up on my skin >< . Is too moisturise for me, my skin can't hold it .
So I won't recommend this for babes who are combination skin and oily skin.


Laneige Water Bank Essence [Review]

Malaysia is a hot weather country, and only have one season which is SUMMER for 365 days. The hot weather in Malaysia always dry me out and cause my skin oily and shiny. Usually I will not try any moisture product, I have a concept that moisture product will cause my skin more oily.
Here's another my favourite skin care product which I bought it from Qoo10 and delivered from Korea. The sample tester of Laneige Water Bank Essence .

I received my goods in good condition, no leakage. The seller wrap my goods with a layer of bubble wrap, and coming with a pack of sample. There are total 8 bottles of the sample tester , each of the bottle are 15ml so here are total of 120ml. I guess I can used for at least 10 months. You can just pump the amount that you need and apply on your skin, is very easy and hygienic. Besides that , this product is suitable for all skin type.

Benefit of this product :

" A 24-hour long-lasting moisture essence that contains mineral water for skin regeneration and Water Pump System for moisture circulation to safeguard skin moisture and hold it in to leave the skin moisturized and smooth.
Instantly dampens the skin with ample moisture and forms a natural moisture barrier on skin surface to protect the moisture that is in the skin.
Contains chestnut extracts and seaweed extracts to enhance keratin turnover to fight roughness and energizes the skin for a smooth and healthy texture."

from Laneige

I have used this for a month during day and night, and it give me an excellent result. I just need small amount to apply my whole face. The texture of this product is gel and watery type, I able to spread it easily on my face. One of the thing , I love this product is it absorb very fast by my skin (within 30 seconds) and I won't feel the sticky after this. The another reason ,I love it is because my skin became smooth and satin and my pores is became smaller. By the way ,it didn't make my oily skin problem big. 

Smooth my skin and minimize my pores
Light fresh ocean scent
Absorb quickly by my skin, won't feel sticky
Very hygienic design packing (pump dispenser)

Nothing bad for this product 

I would like to repurchase for next time, 120ml just cost me RM72 . It really give a good result to my skin and I very satisfied with the result. For those who are interesting with it, can try the tester . :)

[Product Review] Gobdigoun Aging corrector skin milk series Part 2- Tone Up Cream

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