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[Review] GRAM Double Chemi BanBan Pack

I knew some of your guys must be interested in this cute mask which I got from Althea - Gram Double Chemi BanBan Pack. Therefore, today I'm going to make a review for this.

This is a mask pack that specially designed for those with combination skin. It had been sectioned into two different types of masks. 

Compact Pores Pack(Green Clay) - for T-zone
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract for Sebum & Waste Removal
Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract for Skin Soothing
Mentha Rotundifolia Leaf Extract for Pore Contraction
*My mask seem weird, it is slightly dry compared to the yellow 
Dewy Moistures Pack (Yellow Clay) - for U-zone
Sweet Almond Oil for Intense Moisturization & Moisture shield
Hippophae Rhamnoides Oil for Moist vibrancy
Carica Papaya Fruit Extract for Moisture Supplied & Exfoliating

Just get the adequate amount and apply evenly over your face.
After applied the mask is on my face, I realised that is a sea-green colour which is a bit darker than what I see from the tub.  

Wait for 10 minutes

After 10 minutes, the mask is starting to crack and getting dry which means you can rinse it off with warm water.

\\\\ Result ////

First of all, I do love the "2 in 1" concept of the BanBan Pack where I can take care my T-zone and U-zone at the same time. I'm quite satisfied with the final result, the mask did pretty good job. BanBan Compact Pores Pack did reduce the excess sebum and dirt on my skin, at the same time, it does not dry out my skin. Besides that, my pores have been tightened and my forehead area is tone up. The BanBan Dewy Moisture Pack does smoothen and moisturise my skin. Overall, I love the clean and refreshing result. I will consider repurchasing after I finish this current bottle.

That's all . See you all in the next update. 


[Review] BHK's GSH 奢光淨白面膜


保养 - 是女生的使命。

BHK’s 是台湾 No.1光为人知的『内在保养品牌』,除此之外 BHK’s 还有面膜 - BHK's GSH奢光淨白面膜


BHK'S 的产品包装绝不敷衍,很厚实,上档次。


奢光淨白面膜 簡介

高抗氧GSH ❌ 美白不敗典範傳明酸 ❌ 天然有機雙認證夢蝶草


主 成 份 穀胱甘肽、傳明酸、有機夢蝶草萃取、玻尿酸原液、洋甘菊萃取、蘆薈萃取、維他命B3




① 将白色珍珠膜取下后敷在干净的脸上(蓝色面朝外)
② 取下蓝色布膜,再加以调整以便让面膜完全服帖







经过保湿后,脸上的毛孔显然的小了许多皮肤变得有弹性Q Q的,整个人的气色好了


它们提供了从台湾空运过来马来西亚的服务呢(我在一个星期内收到了面膜哦, 超有效率的)。


[Review] Gobdigoun Placenta Bio Cellulose Gel Mask

Hello Guys
Around one and a half month ago, I had received few items from Gobdigoun and now I am trying out their best selling products. One of the products that I'm trying now was this
Placenta Bio Cellulose Gel Mask

Product Details
Placenta Extract knows for its abundant amino acid and peptide. And Plentiful moisturising ingredients will help you feel surprising elasticity and moisturising effect on your skin. Bio Cellulose Constructed with the similar structure to human skin protein will help you feel comfortable and smooth impression on your skin.

How to use??
Apply Toner on your clean face.
Open the pouch and get the mask out. Unfold the mask.
Take off the film and place it on your T-zone (Around eyes and nose), then your V-zone.
Wait for 15~20 minutes
Remove the mask and pat your face gently afterwards.(I will clean my face again to remove the excess essence that left on my skin)

Attention Points
 1. Please stop using this cosmetic and contact your dermatologist in case it follow expected dermal symptoms as follows:
A. In case of red spots, tumefaction, urtication or skin irritation white using the product
B. In case of the above symptoms caused by direct rays of the sun
2. Do not use on the spots around any scar, abrasion, eczema or dermatitis.
3. Cautions in handling and storing

[There is English version Instruction at the back of the packaging]

[There are two separate pieces of mask]

[With the mask on, rest a while until the times up]

My Thought

(♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡)
This is my first time use the Gel-type facial mask. I found that is a bit hard for me to use it because the mask are stick together when I had to remove the film. Therefore, I had to unfold it carefully.  After a few tries, I am proficient in putting this Gel-type mask.
When compared with Paper/Clothe mask, Gel mask gave me a good application experience, it able to fit with my skin very well. Besides that, I don't have the "bubble trapped" problem when used this Gel mask.

(♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡)
I love the "two-pieces" idea so that I can handle the mask part by part. Most of the time, our eyelids and lips were overlooked by us. Something really good about this mask was I able to take care my whole face at the same time.
[Save my precious time for another round of lips care]

[Just lay down in bed and cover up the mask to relax my eyelids]

(♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡)
I guess all of us love the fragrance-free mask right? Then you should put this Gobdigoun Placenta Bio Cellulose Gel Mask into your mask list. 
The first time I tried this mask, there was a few pimples on my forehead and cheek(slightly reddish). After I remove the mask, I can tell that my pimples had been moisturising have now become bigger and much redder.
 I love to touch my skin after been use this mask, I found that my skin is smoother, softer, elasticity had been improved and more radiance/glow (like Korean skin).
 I like to remind you all when you are in pimples trouble try not to use this mask.

Gobdigoun Info
If you are interested in their products, feel free to visit their facebook page and website for more details. They do provide International shipping.

Please visit their website and facebook.

Or you like to visit their store at Korea then here are the map:

See you all in the next post. Good Luck.
*Products are provided for review purpose, all the thought are on my own.


[Product Review] Grand Imperial Bird's Nest Shallow Nest Silk Mask

Recently I am trying a few of facial masks from different brands, one of the beauty mask was this
Grand Imperial Bird's Nest Shallow Nest Silk Mask -

I got this mask from BFF for review exchange purpose, this review supposedly finishes at the early October but I was on a trip during that period. After I came back from my trip, my skin is getting terrible due to the changes of weather and tiredness. Let me tell you more about my skin condition: Large pores, dry, oily, and dull skin. Besides that, there are few baby pimples are growing on my  forehead. 

I guess this was the right time to try out a mask,

"Swallow Nest Silk Mask combined with several kinds of active ingredients, its help lighten skin dark spots and tone, brighten and smoothen the skin complexion. Increase and maintain skin moisture level, improve skin fine lines and wrinkles, promote skin elasticity and suppleness. "

➀ Gently place the mask over cleansed face.
➁ Leave for 20-30 minutes and then remove.
➂ Massage any remaining fluid into your skin.
➃ Use 2-3 times per week for best result.

I left the mask on my skin for 30 minutes. As you all can see, the mask sheet is very thin and silk, it fit to my skin closely  as "Invisible Mask".

Even there are a lot of essence over the mask, but the essence will not dropping down from the mask. I found that is quite annoying when essence is kept on dropping down from the mask , I have to keep on wipe away the extra essence on my clothes.



When I remove the mask, I realized that the mask is 50% dry, I guess the essence had been absorbed by my skin very well. My skin condition had become better on the first try. There are few things have been improved, which are my skin had been brightening up and lighten , pores had been minimized, the moisture level of my skin is increased. Besides that, I felt that it help to smoothen my skin(I love to touch my skin).

Skin Brighten
Fragrance sense 
Tone lighten
Slightly expensive
Increase skin moisture level
Midly elasticity skin promotion
Smoothen skin

Pores Minimize

Super Thin & Silk Mask

A lot of Essence

Hi guys, thanks be here with me again. That's all for this post, see you all on the next post.


[Review]Sexylook Disney Princess black mask gift box

Hi Guys, I'm back today!!!
Sorry that I had abandoned my BLOG for a few weeks because I am trying to create more videos and upload them to my YOUTUBE channel (I am trying to build my YouTube channel as well). 
OK~~ today I'm going to share with you all about the LOVELY mask that I had bought from Hermo. 

Sexylook princess black mask gift box

I was totally attracted by the Princess(Ariel), that is the reason why I bought this gift box.

There are four different types of mask included in this gift box and each type of mask is represented by different Disney princess. There is a total of 13 pieces of masks in this gift box with the price  RM58.90.
However, this gift box is not available in Hermo anymore, so I will not attach the product link in this post.

OMGosh, how cute they are ...

* I have used the Cinderella...hahaha


Contains Hokkaido high-purity refined horse oil ingredients, good absorption and excellent skin-friendly, not hinder skin respiration, can quickly relieve dry skin quickly achieving a high moisture, high sense of translucent

Little Mermaid
Deeply penetrate skin and provides nutrients to keep skin elasticity, effectively moisture skin, moisturizing, anti-aging and repairing, leave skin luster, bright and moist, and help restore skin elasticity, youthful, radiance

Edelweiss from the Alps, pure, effective soothing, calm the skin, the skin may be given excellent care, soothing effect, supple skin and restore the natural supple as soon as possible

Snow White
Apple extract can improve the function of skin aging, improve skin damage to the environment protection force, strengthen the skin's barrier, leaves skin radiant

I am using the Little Mermaid mask to show you all the effect .


My Thought
I really love the material of the mask, it is so soft and sticks to my skin perfectly. I remove the mask from my face after 20 minutes and the mask still contained a lot of essences. After finishing the mask, I can tell that my pores have been slightly tightened and smoothing my skin as well. Besides that, I noticed that my face have been brightened as well.  
When I woke up on the next morning, my skin still looks fresh and soft.
Now Sexylook have become one of my favorite mask, and I have mark it into my "Taiwan trip must-buy list".

Currently Hermo does not have this gift box but they still have the Disney Princess black mask. If you are interested with this, you can check it out at the link below:

Thats all for today, see you all in the next post. Bye and good day :D


[Review]Have a date with Dr. Morita Facial Mask

Hello, Gorgeous~
Recently, I had received 2 boxes of masks from Dr. Morita for review purpose. Actually, I am a big fan of Dr. Morita because I am have using their mask for couple months. As I know, It’s the number 1 Best Selling Facial Sheet mask in Hong Kong & Taiwan.
Here is my little collection of the Dr. Morita mask, some of them I get from Guardian and the rest are get from an online store. 

There are 13 series of facial sheet mask & 2 watery cream (sleeping mask) in Malaysia and Dr. Morita is exclusively at Guardian nationwide. Besides that, Dr.Morita all facial sheet mask with only RM22.90 ; Dr.Morita Watery Cream with RM39.90 (most of the time Guardian was having the promotion for their items).
Dr. Morita was famous with their moisture mask and I am so happy that I received the Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Essence Facial Mask and the First Aid Kit

If you are new to Dr. Morita, you can start with their First Aid Kit as well. This Kit contained three different pieces of masks which are Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Essence Facial Mask, Narcissus Whitening Essence Ultra Slim Facial Mask, and Collagen Repair Essence Facial Mask.

This is how the First Aid Kit looks like, it is a reddish plastic traveling case. 

Inside the First Aid Kit contained three different masks, a booklet, and an RM2 discount voucher. With the RM2 discount voucher, I can get more Dr. Morita mask from Guardian :D.

Now,  this is one of my favorite Mask from Dr. Morita - Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Essence Facial Mask.

Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate)
Super moisturizing factor to help to lock moisture all-day long for a firm and supple skin.

Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid
Named as small-molecule hyaluronic acid. The molecular weight is very small, thus easily be absorbed into the skin and retaining moisture.

Organic Buddleja Davidii Extract(Certified by France ECOCERT) & Organic Peucedanum Ostruthium Leaf Extract(Certified by France ECOCERT)
It effectively reduces the loss of skin's natural production of hyaluronic acid, thereby making the skin more supple and moisturized. It also contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties and helps in capturing free radicals, which is responsible for aging and tissue damage.

Today, I am going to try their Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Essence Facial Mask for you all.
Important Notes:
Everytime, clean your face before put the facial mask on.

So now let's start the Mask Time...
Usually, I will pour the extra essence inside the packaging on my palm then apply it on my neck area and gently massage with my fingers.
What will I do while I waiting for the time to pass???
Facebook, Game ( Seven Knights) and Youtube.

After 20 minutes ........

After removed the mask, I will gently massage my face to allow the excess essence to be absorbed into my face.


After applying the moisturizing mask, I felt that my skin had become more smooth and soft. I really love Dr. Morita's mask because it is very slim and fitting comfortably on my skin. At the same time, I don't see the problem that essence is dripping from the mask (I saw this problem happened on the certain mask and this is quite annoying).

Besides that, the smell is nice and it helps to relax my mind while I enjoying the mask. If you are looking for a better result, you can use it daily.
For me, I will continue to use this as my daily mask to keep my skin healthy and moisture.

Dr. Morita(Malaysia)

That's all for today. See you all in my next update. Bye and good day :D

[Product Review] Gobdigoun Aging corrector skin milk series Part 2- Tone Up Cream

Hi guys, today will be review another two products from Gobdigoun again which is the Goat Milk First Steps Tinted Tone-Up Cream and the Pi...