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Mr & Mrs nails ♥

Girls  Girls  Girls 
Are you too bored or too free at home?  Here is a simple nail art design, you can try it at home. Gentleman and sweet Lady is on your finger and with some stripe .

Prepare what you will need later :

Nail Polish
Rose, Black,White,Vanilla Silk
Paper, Toothpicks, Bobby Pin,Pen, Tape
After done preparation you can start to beautify your nail. ^ ^
  ♥ Watch the video here :  Mr and Mrs nails   
  ♥ Wish you all have a nice day   

In Love with Paris Nail

I wish someday I can be there-PARIS. I love the Eiffel Tower, culture and history over there. The building design is worth for visit.

Here is a new art design with the theme of Paris.
I recreate this nail art based on a youtube video.

Before start you gonna prepare this :

Nail polish
Tape,toothpicks,bobby pins, paper

This is nail striper, I made it with an old nail polish brush by cut some brush.
Here is the tutorial,hope you guys enjoy it ^ ^

DIY : Simple Sweet Vintage Nail Art

I recently feel in love with vintage styles. Even my blog also tend to vintage styles.
I found a vintage nail art tutorial from youtube, the video belongs to a beauty guru BUBZ.
Easy Vintage Floral Nails (this is her vintage floral nail tutorial )
She did a great job, she showed us that nail art also can be done without professional nail tool.

I complete my nail art based on her tutorial video.
This is my third time on trying nail art.

What you need is :
-Colour Nail Polish
-Bobby Pins
-Cotton Pads


But sad thing happened :(
I'm too careless, my thumb nail polish spoiled by me > < Arghhhhhhh.....
Next time,I'll be careful. 

D.I.Y:Sweet Polka Dot Nails

以前我一直觉得 D.I.Y 指甲彩绘是很难的东西
可是我看了Bubzbeauty她的Youtube Channel

Practise Make Perfect :)





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