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[Review] Dodo 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-up Powder in #23

I always wish to have a setting powder but cant search for a good one . Recently I have this new baby and it so so much .  

I faced a problem all the time, which is when I went a place with make-up where the place does not have air con and have a big big SUN , then foundation will melt super fast. Finally I found this - Dodo 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-up Powder .

I have used this loose powder on my daily make up including in my make up video. 

Manufacture Korea
Size  50g
Available Colour   #10 Translucent Pearl  #22 Light Beige  #23 Natural Beige

Dodo 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-up Powder is made of micro-powder for all skin type.This is a well know product to entertainers and is the best selling product for non-entertainers since 1999. 

This product have 4 main effect which is SLIMMING effect, LONG LASTING effect, BLOOMING effect, SUPER HYDRATE effect.

I had choose a 50g and #23 natural beige colour 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-up Powder.  I never thought it cone in a large box >< , I think I can use this for quite long time .

When you remove the cover of box, you can see another surprise inside it . There is another plastic container inside the box.  I felt that the packing and design is Nice and Well !!!!

There is a soft and tender sponge in the container (I love the sponge so much, its cute ♥ )

For your first time usage, you have to remove the sticker, then you can start to use it 

There is instruction under the box but all is in korean word, which I dont understand at all >< 

How I feel ??

Okay, this really help me to hold my make up , and make my make up last more longer. The powder really very soft and micro size, it can fully cover your pores and give you poreless skin.The scent is nice to smell. Due to I have yellowish skin so I choose the #23 natural beige which more close to my skin colour, and the colour can match my skin colour well and brighten my skin.
For those who have combination and oily skin, can give a try on this loose powder, it can againts sweat , oil and water without dehydrate your skin.
However, I didnt see any slimming effect while apply this on my skin .

I will repurchase this , and rate it 4.5/5

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