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[Product Review] 3W Clinic Essencial Lipsick No.2 & Christmas Make Up Video

Babes~~ How you all??? I already didn't update my blog for a week, sorry for slow update > < because I'm planning, capturing and editing my new make up video. It takes my whole morning and afternoon to complete it , edit video is not an easy mission , need your patient and time.  As my age getting older, now I'm fall with red lipstick. 

Red lipstick is classic, elegant, hot and sexy, it suitable anyone any occasions . You always see there are a lot of Hollywood actress attended Award ceremony with red lips, I just feel they all are so gorgeous :) . Below is my photo in Red Lips (Omg! just love it) . Before this, I've visit watson, guardian and Sasa just to find red lipstick but I can't find any of it suit me > <. I want  deep red lipstick. At last, I decided to bought this 3W Clinic Essential Lipstick , I knew their red lipstick is what I looking for this long time.

Are you curious where I bought them ??? Yeap ! I bought them from Qoo10 , and it took a plane from Korea to Malaysia. It took 15 days (Half month) to reach me. But when you receive it , you will felt is totally worth for wait . 

Will you have a same question as me ? I was curious why they named 3W? Finally I knew why, 3W stand for watering, whitening and wrinkles

This lipstick is made by natural raw material , it won't irritate our skin . Besides that it give your lips protection by coating on the surface of lips. It also can keep your lips away from dryness, give your  lips moisture. 

There are up to 22 colours for you to choose, I'm sure one of the colour will be your favorite. They have all the colour range for ladies and teenagers, from sexy to sweet. 

Simple but elegant packaging... Gold in colour body , may be it not the youngest favorite . I think now a days not much youngest like gold colour . But is ok for me ^^ ,  I can accept it .

When I saw the colour, it already make me feel excited and happy. This is what I waiting for so long, I just cant wait for try it . The colour is slightly looks different from the website , but not much different. Show you all some super zoom photo on this lipstick.

I've try this colour on my hand, but the result is not very red. So I think better try it my lips ^^

Here's my photo while wearing this lipstick.
I really love this colour, I can't express how much I love it . Besides that, it really won't dry my lips but also give my lips moisture. Is magic! Planning to buy some natural colour range for daily use.
Super love it . I like to recommend this to all of you . You can have it with just RM16 , totally worth for the price . Girls be the next star :)

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