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▲ Eyeliner V.S Eyeliner ▼

Hello, everyone! Yes, it is me again! Today's topic will be around Eyeliner ~ I guess girls will love to read and boys can give some advice to your girlfriend or wife after you read this. We are having summer for all the time in Malaysia so girls might be having some problem on choosing the suitable eyeliner for themselves. Plus, I have super duper oily eyelids, therefore this is really a hard job for me. Today I'm going to do a small experiment on all my eyeliners and the test are included smudge proof test, water resistance test and sebum proof test.

Let's welcome our participants: Za Gel Eyeliner(Black), Etude House Play 101 Pencil(#50), K-Palatte Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H WP(Black) and L'elan Vital Extremewear Gel eyeliner(Black).

 About Eyeliners

 L'elan Vital Extremewear Gel eyeliner
I bought this from Cosway and it is manufactured in Taiwan. This is my first gel liner and it only cost me about RM10 (due to the expire date is at the corner). The reason I bought it is because during that time I did not have any gel liner in my house and it is cheap so I bought this for a try.

This gel liner comes in a general and common packaging, it has a semi-transparent tube and the lid in black colour. I have to apply this gel liner with the provided eyeliner brush.

K-Palatte Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H WP(Black)
This is a liquid type eyeliner, the tip is sharp, but it's not considered as super fine. It claim that it is smudge-free, resistant to water, perspiration and sebum.

This baby is highly recommended by a lot of bloggers due to its long lasting effect. Therefore, I bought this from Sasa with an offer price RM42 (I know it is cheap).

Za Gel Eyeliner
This gel liner is comes in twist-up pencil design which is much more user friendly (at least I no need to clean up the brush after every application). I bought this gel liner from Watson during promotion which is only RM26.

This is the another baby, which is strongly recommended by many youtubers and bloggers. Based on what they shared is the sebum resistance of this eyeliner is very excellent even you go for BBQ also will not have the eyeliner melting problem.

Etude House Play 101 Pencil
I think most of you are know Pony (a famous makeup artist from Korea). I love her makeup tutorial, and most of the time she will use this Etude House Play 101 pencil to create her make up. I bought this from Hermo.

This is also a twist-up pencil liner, it comes with a sharpener which has attached at the end of the pencil. This design is much more better than Za gel liner because I no need to bring a sharpener purposely.

Start The Test
I have draw 12 lines with these 4 eyeliners on my hand for the 3 experiments.

Smudge Test
The first test is to test the smudge proof level on all of my eyeliner. I will rub through all these line will my finger.

After I repeat to rub for 5 times, the eyeliner from Etube House is smudge and the rest are still look good.

Waterproof Test
Proceed to the water resistant test by adding few drops of water on the lines.

The picture at above is the result after I slightly wipe through the lines with a piece of tissue paper. All of them are still remain in good condition.

However, this happens when I wipe though with tissue (slightly harder) for 5 times. All of them are gone except for the eyeliner of L'elan Vital.

Sebum proof Test
I used the sebum on my face for this test with the rubbing method. As you all can see, the eyeliner of L'elan Vital still look sharp and not fading, whereas the result for other eyeliners doesn't look good, the colours are fading.

Final result

After go through all these testing, I like to announce that the campaign goes to
L'elan Vital Extremewear Gel Liner
(A big clap for the winner)

I guess you all are wishing to have this eyeliner right? But really sorry to tell you all that this gel liner are not restocked anymore, but you can try to search at other Branches.

Hope you all enjoy this post and Good Luck.


[Review]♥ Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Liner ♥

My first liquid eyeliner was the Majolica Majorca perfect automatic liner. But I kinda bad luck, I bought a defective product... > < . No matter how hard I shake it before I use, the colour of the line I draw is still very light. I have to repeat draw for couple of times.

Next, my second liquid eyeliner was the In2It Xtra Lasting Liquid Eyeliner. It can draw a very fine line and super duper dark. Besides, the lasting effect is good! It can last for up to 12 hours on my eye without touch-up. I used six months after, my eyes become sensitive and feels irritate once I apply this eyeliner.



Here is my NEW liquid eyeliner - Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Liner.I bought it from SASA with RM42.++ (promotion price) . I have used this for 2 months, and I very like the result it gives me.

It resistance against to sweat, water and oil but it can be easily removed with lukewarm water. Sweeties    , always remember shake the liquid eyeliner before you use it. After you remove the cap, you can straight draw eyelines on your eyes.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Liner is a flat brush pen liner. You can use it to draw thick line or fine line. You can master it easily, and draw perfect eyeliner. 

Here is the different of thick line and fine line

The colour is deep black  

Lets see how it work on my eyes!

Does it make my eyes looks bigger???

Below is the before and after I apply eyeliner.

I'm Miss Moustache

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