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[Review] Etude House Color My Brows #4

Hello girls  , today I'm going to blog about eyebrows mascara which is the cosmetic product I wish to have since last 2 years !!! For me , I felt that eyebrows and eyes is the important parts that we should focus more while you're makeup-ing. Everyone have their own unique eyebrows shape and volume , some of us don't have nice eyebrows , I will try to cover my eyebrows weakness with make up. 

My eyebrows is quite dark but not thick, at the front part of my eyebrows is lack of hair >< . I will reshape my eyebrows by eyebrows pencil , then I will apply eyebrows mascara to  make my make up looks soft . Previously, I'm not very care about my eyebrows, and just simply reshape my brows shape only. Some day my friend told me that"you looks like ShinChan !", instantly I felt that I should focus on my eyebrows :) .

 Etude House Color My Brows 
Volume: 4.5g
Colour: #4 Natural Brown
Origin: Korea

Normally we choose the eyebrows mascara is based on our hair colour, Etude House had provided 5 colours of the eyebrow mascara for us to choose. We can based on the color tips make a correct choice. Opps forgot to tell you all that I bought this eyebrows mascara from Qoo10 again~ 

I love this booklet packing, pink and brown match well together, polka dots and a little lace pattern is on the cover of the packing. All the product packing of Etude House is very sweet and adorable, girls will like it !

When you open it up, you can see the eyebrows mascara is inside of it. There are English version of description and direction at the back of packing. 

This eyebrows mascara come in small plastic tube form. It just looks like the eyelash mascara that we use on daily, just the wand is smaller compare to eyelash mascara.

Here is the close up photo on the brush

I applied a  little of the mascara on my back of hand, you all can see that the colour is not too dark or too light. The colour same as the colour on the plastic tube :) . And I tried to rub it with water, but it still able to last on my hand. 

I had draw my eyebrows with eyebrow pencil , after that I applied the eyebrows mascara. Girls you can see the different after I had applied it.

I very satisfied with the result and effect , because I bought it from Qoo10 so it is slightly cheaper than brought it from Etude House retail shop , it cost me RM25 . 

Overall: 4.5/5

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