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DubuYo Urban Korean Food @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

Lately, Gurney Paragon had become my new favourite place for me to hang out. I not sure that, do you face the problem as me when comes to "Where to lunch in Gurney Paragon?".
I found a brand new "shore" - DUBUYO (Their old name is Dubu Dubu). Dubuyo (Dubu Dubu) have a lot of branches in KL area, this is their first branch in Penang. It's located at the basement of Gurney Paragon and it is just right beside 600cc Restaurant. 

The entrance of Dubuyo in Gurney Paragon
Set Meal 1 (Weekday)
Set Meal 2 (Weekday)
I choose the SUPER VALUE DEAL during my weekday visit. To enjoy this SUPER VALUE DEAL, you must make your order within 10am to 3pm on Every Weekday.

While waiting for my lunch, I always love to observe the interior design of the restaurant.

The romantic area of Dubuyo
Light bulbs in warm light is the main element to create this atmosphere of romance, they just look like the star on the sky.

Modern style corner
Mirrors as the wall with TV on it, you can just enjoy your meal while watching the KPOP MV.

A wall with street art feel
Relax + comfort corner
1 Roasted Barley Tea included for each of the ordered set meal. Drinks served in 5 minutes, but another 10 minutes waiting is needed for the food.

Each set meal comes with 3 banchan (side dishes of the day). All the banchan have been adding some sesame seeds on top of it.

This vegetable were just  normal for me.

This is the first time to taste kimchi in my life. For me, it was quite tasty, the taste are more sour and a little spicy. It helps to stimulate my appetite.

Dubu Dubu Rice
Their Dubu Dubu rice was quite similar to Japanese Pearl Rice, the rice was full and soft. Besides that, there are a lot of sesame seeds on top of it which makes the rice more appetizing.

Honey Garlic Bulgogi Chicken Set

This set meal belongs to Mr. K. 
Special Dubu Dubu honey garlic sauce poured over the grilled chicken and a fried egg on top of it. 

Chicken Soondubu Jigae Set

The Soondubu Jigae come in a light broth, which is medium spicy (I expect the broth should be thicker), the taste of the broth is great for me. What's included in the broth was some tofu, pieces of chicken and an egg. The chicken is tasteless, which I have to eat together with the broth. Eventually, I able to finish this pot of Soondubu Jigae which included the broth as well.

Hope you guys enjoy while reading my blog, thanks for visit and have a nice day.

关丹:JJ Kimbab Korean Style B.B.Q Restaurant


JJkimbab 是家韩国式的BBQ餐馆




200g的梅花肉 - RM20.00
200g的腌制牛肉 - RM26.50




炸酱拉面 - RM13.00
每次看Running Man,里面的MC每次都提起炸酱拉面

把烤好的肉配上其他side dish一起包起来

JJ Kimbab(Star City)
A7,G-floor,JLN Seri Kuantan
82,25300 Kuantan
09-566 1766

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