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My DOLLY EYE secret (Rohto C3 eye drops & RevitaLens)

Glasses make me look like a nerd, and I'm not look good in glasses.That's why I choose to wear contact lens ^ ^

I am very near-sighted-450 and 500. Half blind

Why I am wearing colour lens?
-It make my eyes look bigger and cute.
-It is more easier for me take out my lens from my eyes, because I can see where is the lens based on the colour on the lens.

148 pearl


Fynale 148 pearl choco always is my favourite  ❤  ❤  
The design and the colour of this series are nature, does not make me looks like an alien @.@
The another reason for me to choose this lens is because it won't stick on my eyeball, I don't need to spend a 15 minute to fight with it to take it out.
It will not dry my eyes faster and I don't feel any irritation while wearing this lens
I am falling in   with it.

Sorry for low image quality >.<

Two of them are my "buddies", I cant wear my lens without them > <

Rotho C3

Rohto C3 eye drops
It looks cute,right???A product from Japan. C3 stand for- clear care comfort. The main function of this eye drop is moisture your eyes and lenses.
After you put this eye drop, you can feel it refresh your eyes instantly and clear your vision.
I bought this from WATSON with RM11.++ ( which is an offer price)


Previously , I was the fans of Solo Care solution,but after my eyes become sensitive I shift to this brand- RevitaLens.
It will not irritate my eyes. Besides that, it had moisture my lens, I can feel that my lens wont dry out faster after I change to this brand.
As you all know colour lenses are dry out easily, this is suitable for those who wear colour lens, it can maintain the moisture of the lens.

I can't imagine my life without them 

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