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[Giveaway] Fynale Colour Lens

Halooo boys and girls, how was your day ??? Today I'm not going to do any review on product, but is want share with you all a Giveaway activity . I wanna give away with the total of 6 pairs Fynale Colour Lens for 3 lucky babies, each of the babies will have 2 pairs of Colour Lens. 

Is about 1 month to Christmas and New Year , I'm excited with it >< . I saw a lot people already start buy decoration to decorate their house, and some of them buy the accessories for Christmas party. So I'm here to giveaway some colour for babies to dress up in their Christmas and New Year party ^^

How to get it ????
1. Like our facebook page - Quinn Boutique
2. Like this photo 

3. Leave a comment below this photo
4. Share this photo to public in your facebook

3 lucky babies will be announce on 16 DEC 2013.
Good Luck to you all ^^.

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