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阿马猪肉粉专卖店 Ah Beh Restaurant @ Parit Buntar

Hello everyone, it's been a long time I did not blog about food, since I always get ill therefore I have been ordered by my mom to give up my favourite coffee, fried food, spicy food, chocolate and so on.
Eventually, I able to continue my "Food Hunt journey" after couple of months.

Ah Beh Restaurant is famous for its Pork Noodles. Is been more than ten years history of this restaurant, it is time-honoured brand of Parit Buntar. Mr.K told me that this is his favourite pork noodle all the time and he want to bring me for a try.

We are here around 11.30am, is a bit earlier since their business hour is start from 12pm. We even arrived early, but there are some people earlier than us. 

They have state their business hour on this board.

It is spacious restaurant , each of the table is not too close to each other and the table is big enough for a family.

After we got our table, the staff told us that their soup only ready at 12pm is that OK to wait until 12pm? For sure we will wait for it. Therefore, the staff gets the order from us.
While waiting for our lunch, I go around and take some photos of this restaurant; Mr.K just plays with his phone.

Herbal tea RM1.20
Due to the changes in the weather, we order this herbal tea to prevent us get sick again. The herbal tea is a bit over sweet for me.

Homemade special sauce
All the pork noodle must come together with their secret recipe sauce. 

Pork Noodles RM5.50 (Big)
I have ordered a big portion pork noodle and I requested to change to instant noodle. After waiting for half an hour, my belly has started to make some noise, I am super duper hungry. Mr.K able to predicted that I'm going to be very hungry, therefore he order me a bigger size pork noodle.

Pork is used for the soup base, the broth tastes clear and sweet which not complicated as chicken broth. Minced pork and sliced meat taste tender and chewy, but not "fishy". To have better taste enjoyment must not forget to apply their secret recipe sauce, a little spicy and sweet are working up an appetite.
I finish this big portion within 10 minutes, is that unbelievable ?! HAHA

Address: Jalan Serindit, 34200 Parit Buntar, Perak
Business Hour: Tuesday to Sunday [12pm ~ 11pm] Closed on Monday

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