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Ice Estate @Georgetown, Penang

 This is a cafe post again.
Nowadays, cafes are everywhere in Penang. You can easily find any of them in Georgetown area, the only thing that you have to worry about was looking for the parking lot. 
Ice Estate is just launched at 18 Dec 2015 and they are located at Georgetown's mural area. They mainly serve the Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream. 

I guess he is the boss of Ice Estate.
This is what they serving (Nitrogen ice cream).

The environment for the second floor is more relaxing due to the warm dim light.

View from the second floor

 The renovation still not yet fully complete, once it is done, we able reach the counter area from the end of this corridor as well.
Nitrogen Ice cream
Firstly they will make the ice cream base with the Imported or fresh materials such as matcha powder, fruits and so on. 
Next was freeze the ice cream base with the -190-degree liquid nitrogen by using the stand mixer and blend for 2 minutes. 
In the end, a healthy tasty and freshly made ice cream is ready! Ice Estate staff like to add some ingredients on the ice cream for the purpose of interspersing and increase the mouthfeel of the ice cream.

In order to let customers have a different experience when the ice cream is served to you, Ice Estate will pour the liquid nitrogen on top of the ice cream and the white smoke will emerge from it. Customers can have the visual enjoyment as well. 

N2 Matcha - RM13 

I ordered Matcha (I am crazy with Matcha recently). Two Matcha sticks, Cornflake and whipped cream with some Matcha powder on top of the ice cream. The ice cream is very smooth and soft, rich of the Matcha flavor! Eat together with cornflake the taste will be even better because it is crunchy.

N2 Oreo Crunch - RM13

With the 2 pieces of Oreo cookies, whipped cream and finish with sprinkling the crushed oreo cookies over the ice cream. The ice cream base has a chunk of the oreo cookies, it taste awesome with the oreo cookies.

No way to stop a girl take selfie~

Another photo with the oreo ice cream.

Address :107,lebuh Victoria,Penang


BigBen breakfast western cafe ~ Let's have a breakfast together

HI~ girls and boys! Is me again. Today, I'm going to do a short update about fooooood. Are you feeling excited for food? If yes, then you must stay until the end of this post. 
Big Ben breakfast always is my favorite choice as a western breakfast. Currently, they had expanded they business and transformed into a cafe, their new cafe is just right beside their old stall and public toilet.

Now, they have more tables and seat to serve a large number of customers.

Does not have too much decoration or design in their cafe but they still able to generate a very cozy environment for us.

Please grab the tableware that you needed at this corner. 

Carrot Juice - RM4.50
This is fresh carrot juice which pure and no sugar added. You will know what mean pure when you try it. The juice is thick and rich, very healthy, but because it is pure fruit juice so only have the taste of carrot. 

Honey Lemon - RM2.50

BIG BEN - RM9.00
Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Egg, Baked Beans, Tomato & Toast

No doubt, Big Ben breakfast set all the time is my first choice. Cut a piece of toast and eat together with the ham, bacon, sausage and egg, it tasted like heaven !!! Especially for the smoke bacon, it taste smoky and slightly salty. I love everything of this big ben breakfast set.

If you wish to try it as well then just go ahead. I guess you don't want to miss it.
Thanks for here and good luck to you all.


DubuYo Urban Korean Food @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

Lately, Gurney Paragon had become my new favourite place for me to hang out. I not sure that, do you face the problem as me when comes to "Where to lunch in Gurney Paragon?".
I found a brand new "shore" - DUBUYO (Their old name is Dubu Dubu). Dubuyo (Dubu Dubu) have a lot of branches in KL area, this is their first branch in Penang. It's located at the basement of Gurney Paragon and it is just right beside 600cc Restaurant. 

The entrance of Dubuyo in Gurney Paragon
Set Meal 1 (Weekday)
Set Meal 2 (Weekday)
I choose the SUPER VALUE DEAL during my weekday visit. To enjoy this SUPER VALUE DEAL, you must make your order within 10am to 3pm on Every Weekday.

While waiting for my lunch, I always love to observe the interior design of the restaurant.

The romantic area of Dubuyo
Light bulbs in warm light is the main element to create this atmosphere of romance, they just look like the star on the sky.

Modern style corner
Mirrors as the wall with TV on it, you can just enjoy your meal while watching the KPOP MV.

A wall with street art feel
Relax + comfort corner
1 Roasted Barley Tea included for each of the ordered set meal. Drinks served in 5 minutes, but another 10 minutes waiting is needed for the food.

Each set meal comes with 3 banchan (side dishes of the day). All the banchan have been adding some sesame seeds on top of it.

This vegetable were just  normal for me.

This is the first time to taste kimchi in my life. For me, it was quite tasty, the taste are more sour and a little spicy. It helps to stimulate my appetite.

Dubu Dubu Rice
Their Dubu Dubu rice was quite similar to Japanese Pearl Rice, the rice was full and soft. Besides that, there are a lot of sesame seeds on top of it which makes the rice more appetizing.

Honey Garlic Bulgogi Chicken Set

This set meal belongs to Mr. K. 
Special Dubu Dubu honey garlic sauce poured over the grilled chicken and a fried egg on top of it. 

Chicken Soondubu Jigae Set

The Soondubu Jigae come in a light broth, which is medium spicy (I expect the broth should be thicker), the taste of the broth is great for me. What's included in the broth was some tofu, pieces of chicken and an egg. The chicken is tasteless, which I have to eat together with the broth. Eventually, I able to finish this pot of Soondubu Jigae which included the broth as well.

Hope you guys enjoy while reading my blog, thanks for visit and have a nice day.

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