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[Review] Type of Eyelids & Favourite double eyelid tape of September @ Daiso Japan

Hello girls , is me again , MISS here so so much !!! Today's topic will be types of eyelids and share about my favourite double eyelid tape. Basically we have 3 types of eyelids, Monolid, Semi-Fold and Parallel lid. 

Mono-lid -  Does not have crease on eyelid ,it is just flat surface.
Semi-Fold - Widely named as Tapered lid .The crease is connected from the inner corner of eye and create an inner fold eyelid.
Parallel-lid - The crease is totally does not connected with the inner corner of eyelid

I have a pair of semi-fold eyelid, sometime it will became full inner fold eyelid which make my eyes  look puffy . When I'm still a newbie on make up, I always had a problem. I had drawed a very pretty eyeliner and applied very gorgeous eyeshadow, once I open up my eyes, I can't see the eyeliner I drawn ,all the eyeshadow have been fold under my eyelid. 
With the help of double eyelid tape, I can do my eye make up without worry. Below is my favorite double eyelid tape, I have used this for half year. 

This is single side double eyelid tape and it is skin colour . There are 2 different packing , the one which pink packet contained 30 pairs of double eyelid tape, however the green packet contained extra 20 pairs eyelid tape but the length is shorter compared to the eyelid tape in pink packet.

I bought them from Daiso Japan , each of them is RM5/pack . It is a little bit expensive for student which not more than 100 pairs , may be just can use not more than 2 months. There is a pink "Y" stick come with every pack of the double eyelid tape. You can use the stick the create your crease and apply the tape on your eyes without contact to your hand by attached the tape on the stick .

Here's the different between the pink and green packing , I will prefer the green packing because the length is more shorter and suit my eyes well. Besides that, as you all can see the tape colour is close to our skin colour .

I very satisfied with the result , as it can hold my puffy eyelid very well can create a deep crease on my eyelid. Below shown the before and after wearing the tape, double eyelid make me looks lively.

The colour very close to my skin colour, which is very invisible not easy to be seen . The waterproof and sweat-proof effect are amaze me, I wear it during bathing and after I finish bathe ,it will stick nicely on my eyelids. The only thing I don't like is the grease proof effect doesn't slaked me. If I have outdoor activity under big sun, I have to change another pair of tape .  

Thanks for read my blog  Have a great and lucky day ~ 


Double Eyelid Tape [Review]

Today I wanna make a  review on DOUBLE EYELID TAPE. When I go out for shopping, dinner, gathering and bla bla and bla bla , then I must use it . Because I have inner and single eyelid and my eyelid are thicker compare with my sis and brother > < .When I smile, you can see there are "4 eyebrows" on my face.

I started to use it since form 6, almost 5 years I had used this. I had tried a lot of different brands, to find out which type of tape suit me most. I found out that the double eyelid tape of this brand had done a great job on me. I not sure about the name of this brand , if I'm not mistaken is F-LI. You can get it from Magicboo(Beauty Market) with just RM3.50 for 100 pairs of tape.

Due to my inner eyelid and it is thick, therefore I choose to use the wide type tape(is about 3mm), it can hold my thick and heavy eyelids and give me higher double eyelid.  

A free plastic stick come with the purchase of the double eyelid tape, it is use for take the tape down without using our own finger.

The invisible effect is good, this photo I took under light. It don' t have reflection surface.

Now is the experiment time, to see how the double eyelid tape work on my eyes.
Here is the photo, before I apply the sticker on my eyelid. As I said,you can see the inner + thick eyelid. I always stick the tape inversely, this method shows me the great result.

Magic is happening, it turns my eye become round, bigger and sparkling ^ ^ .
Just ignore my short eyelash > < .

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