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[Sponsor Review] Pinkicon Circle Lenses Review : Geo(Star Collection) Grang Grang Grey

Hello everyone, today I'm going to review a pair of sponsored circle lens from PINKICON. PINKICON(Pink-Icon) is a Hong Kong based online store, they have over 500 circle lenses and numbers of the most popular cosmetic from Korea and Japan. I guess most of you all are familiar with [Geo & Neo Korea Colour Lens], [Fairy Japan Colour Lens] and [Banila Co & 3CE Korea cosmetic], those products they selling are 100% authentic. Besides that, they provided free worldwide shipping.

It took around 2 weeks to ship from Hong Kong to Malaysia with normal registered mail. I'm very happy to receive their parcel because they prepared the parcel very well, the lenses and lens case are protected with layers of bubble wrap. Besides that, they also provided us a mini booklet of Cosmetic Lens Wear and Care Instructions, a PINKICON business card come together in the parcel as well. I just realized that all the things are in PINK colour.

Product Details
Brand ♕ Geo Medical
♕ Series ♕  Grang Grang (Star Collection)
♕ Colour ♕ Grey
♕ Duration ♕ Yearly Disposable
♕ Package ♕ 1 pair (2 bottles)
♕ Diameter ♕ 14.2mm
♕ Base Curve ♕ 8.6mm
♕ Water Content ♕ 42 %
♕ Made In ♕ Korea
♕ Price ♕ USD$37.33

Most of you all are know that, all the authentic GEO products will have the authenticity sticker, to prevent we wear fake lenses. I just grey area part, key-in the numbers in the GEO's anti-fake system: . Below shows mine checking results.

Color/Design ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
I was afraid of the colour and design of the lens at first because of the light grey colour of the lens. When it comes into my eyes, it was pretty nature because of the outer ring in light grey colour instead of hard black colour and the irregular design pattern have soften my eyes. The colour are quite stand out, but not too over, it looks great in photos.

Enlargement ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
With 14.2mm diameter, it does not give so much enlargement to my eyes, very suitable for me. This is one of the reasons why I love it.

Comfort  ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
I've tried GEO lens before, but they disappoint me, basically my vision turned blur after the first hour wearing it. This time, this GEO lens is surprisingly comfortable in my eyes, my eyes and the lens get along very well. I do not have blurred vision problem after a few hours, and it doesn't get dry easily. At the end, I can remove it from my eyes easily.

I will recommend this lens to you all, they really comfortable and adorable pattern. But with this lens, eye makeup is needed if you don't want to look odd. Moreover, I will discard the lens after 6 months, even it is yearly disposable due to personal hygiene problems [Friendly Remind  change the contact lens solution frequently]. Besides that, their customer services are very friendly, they are happy to solve your doubt. 

If you all love this lens, can get it from PINKICON
You all can enjoy USD$5 off for any purchase of circle lenses(except toric lenses) by using this code [A24680000] check out.
*Each account can use once only *Cannot be use in conjunction with any other promotion offers.


Going to review another daily colour lenses I bought from Pinkicon with you all next time. Thanks for reading my blog, have a nice day and good luck.

* The product is provided for review purpose, all thoughts are my own

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