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Ice Estate @Georgetown, Penang

 This is a cafe post again.
Nowadays, cafes are everywhere in Penang. You can easily find any of them in Georgetown area, the only thing that you have to worry about was looking for the parking lot. 
Ice Estate is just launched at 18 Dec 2015 and they are located at Georgetown's mural area. They mainly serve the Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream. 

I guess he is the boss of Ice Estate.
This is what they serving (Nitrogen ice cream).

The environment for the second floor is more relaxing due to the warm dim light.

View from the second floor

 The renovation still not yet fully complete, once it is done, we able reach the counter area from the end of this corridor as well.
Nitrogen Ice cream
Firstly they will make the ice cream base with the Imported or fresh materials such as matcha powder, fruits and so on. 
Next was freeze the ice cream base with the -190-degree liquid nitrogen by using the stand mixer and blend for 2 minutes. 
In the end, a healthy tasty and freshly made ice cream is ready! Ice Estate staff like to add some ingredients on the ice cream for the purpose of interspersing and increase the mouthfeel of the ice cream.

In order to let customers have a different experience when the ice cream is served to you, Ice Estate will pour the liquid nitrogen on top of the ice cream and the white smoke will emerge from it. Customers can have the visual enjoyment as well. 

N2 Matcha - RM13 

I ordered Matcha (I am crazy with Matcha recently). Two Matcha sticks, Cornflake and whipped cream with some Matcha powder on top of the ice cream. The ice cream is very smooth and soft, rich of the Matcha flavor! Eat together with cornflake the taste will be even better because it is crunchy.

N2 Oreo Crunch - RM13

With the 2 pieces of Oreo cookies, whipped cream and finish with sprinkling the crushed oreo cookies over the ice cream. The ice cream base has a chunk of the oreo cookies, it taste awesome with the oreo cookies.

No way to stop a girl take selfie~

Another photo with the oreo ice cream.

Address :107,lebuh Victoria,Penang


Have fun with #Selfie Coffee @ Love Lane, Georgetown Penang

The cafe has became a trend and culture in Penang, the number of cafes is growing with every passing day, if you are a coffee lover probably you will be tangled with which cafe you decided to visit for this weekend. This time #Selfie Coffee brings us a brand new enjoyment of coffee! They are first cafe came out with coffee print idea in Malaysia .
#Selfie Coffee was located at Love Lane which just right beside Love & Latte and opposite to the Wheeler's Coffee. It is a little bit challenging to find a parking lot around this area and the lane in front of #Selfie Coffee is quite narrow, it is only enough for a car to pass through but that is a two way lane and a lot of tourists are walking around that area, so you must be aware when driving to this place. 
It is not hard to find out this cafe since they are made their shop sign in pink heart shape, the colour are very sharp and very easy to catch our sight. 

The cafe is just new open in Penang and have a few people standing in front of the entrance and peered into the cafe, seems like wish to know what is inside this cafe.

When you saw the crowd then you will know how amazing is their coffee !? At the counter section have around 6 tables, a table in the corridor and few tables at the back section. 

Must not forget to order their signature - Selfie Coffee , this is the one make them different from other cafe. Limited choices on coffee may be because their are new open hope they will add more choices on it in future.

Lamp buld is now became an indispensable decoration for a cafe, it helped to build a cozy and comfort environment for us. 

Due to high demand on their signature selfie coffee, we have to wait for an hour for our selfie coffee. If you get bored while waiting for your coffee, you can make some drawing on their glass made table with the marker pen provided by them, try to have fun with it :) .

Their are so great by providing "Meitu smartphone" for us to capture selfie, with this powerful device boys and girls will looks more gorgeous in their picture ! Besides that, they have put 3 sample pictures on the top of wall right beside the laptop, we should not put the camera too near us to prevent our head have been cropped in the picture, the picture on the middle is the best example.

Marble cheesecake - RM8.90
This cheesecake is amazingly delicious! Actually I'm not hopeful about their food, but this cheesecake really suit me. The thickest cheese layer is so smooth and you can felt it slowly melt in your mouth. Surprisingly, it doesn't greasy at all, I'm so love it.

Selfie Coffee (Chocolate) - RM13.00
After a long wait, finally their signature coffee is on my table ! Our picture is printed clearly on the foam( * we did not capture our picture with flash) , all looks perfect except my greasy fringe... To make sure that the picture is printed nicely on the foam, they had added another thick layer of milky white foam on coffee. A thick layer high density milky white foam is to ensure our picture able to be hold more long time on it and reduce the colour distortion problem. Based on what their boss told me, they are using edibles  pigment to print our picture so it is safe , so don't need worry about is it harmful to our body.
After finished capture selfie with your coffee, remember to stir your drinks before you taste it. Their chocolate drinks are very thick and a little creamy, it is so yummy !!!

At last, we must not forget to SELFIE with the coffee !!!!

#Selfie Coffee
Address: 88, love lane, 10200 Pulau Pinang
Business Hour: Mon - Sun  ( 11am ~ 11.30pm )
Contact Number: 0124811510


DCOVA cafe @ Lebuh Bishop,Georgetown,Penang

Since the last visit to cafe was three months ago, but today I finally had a chance to blog about the DCOVA . DCOVA was located right deside The Cruise and opposite of Coffee Affairs , it has take over Lighthouse Coffee Bar half  a year ago. DCOVA have high rating in Foursquare and a lot of good comment on Internet, so I recommended my sweeties to have dinner and gathering over here. 

If there is a light shop sign then will be more easier for coffee lover to spot them. 

As you all can see DCOVA have narrow space and limited seat, the distance between table to table are very close, so when the it is fullhouse then will be a bit noisy and lack of privacy. But environment is cozy as last time. Before dinner time, I was worried about doesn't have enough seat to fit all of us, luckily that there are not much people visit cafe during weekdays.

All the beverage is listed on board , you can see that all is coffee~ If you are coffee hunter then I bet you will love it. There are a lot of choices, it makes me took couple of minutes to make decision. All of them looks so attractive and special ,is really hard for me to make decision.

Affogato RM8.50
At last, I choosed the DCOVA signature. When the waitress send me this, I was so surprised that is ice-cream ( from the name I thought is drinks ). This vanilla ice-cream on the top and pour the coffee from top to bottom, then there is a layer coffee at bottom. The sweet from ice-cream and the bitter taste of coffee, is really amazing, never thought that they will match well. You guys should try this ! 

Hazelnut Mocha RM12.50

Carbonara RM16.90
This dish was successfully catch my eyes with the golden yellow eye yoke on the top center. Slices of bacon and the smooth pasta already make my mouth water ! The taste will cheer you up,  the source is just so ceamy and the bacon too. This really worth for try, but I recommend to share thus with your friend since it was so big portion else you will easy get full.

Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio  RM18.90
This is the another pasta which recommended by blogger and netizens. Few pieces of red dried chilies, fat big prawn and few slices of cutterfish has been caught my eyes and stomach. After few bites,the spiciness is exploded in your mouth, but it makes me want to try more. By now, Affogato can help me to put out the fire which cause by the spiciness. Very sorry that I not able to finish the whole plate, because it a bit too spicy for me and I want to keep some space of my stomach for the Carbonara. The spiciness will be 4.5/5 .

We stayed until they close the business, is too long time we doesn't meet up. Wish that next time, all of us able to join the gathering. 

Address :
Logan Heritage No.4 Lebuh Bishop, Georgetown, Penang Island 10200, Malaysia

Contact :
04 261 3121

 Business Hours: 
Sun 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
Mon 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Wed - Thu 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sat 9:00 am - 12:00 am

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