[Product Review] Gobdigoun Aging corrector skin milk series Part 1

Hi guys, this round I'm going to share about products from Gobdigoun! This was my second time try out their product, I love their eye serum so much! 

This post will be about their new Aging corrector skin milk series: 
Goat Milk from Australia, Made in Korea.
❦It contained rich of Epidermal growth factor (EGF) which is good for beauty care and skin whitening.
❦Milk protein extract of goat milk is easily and smoothly absorb into skin to soften the dermal condition.
❦ Complex substances including peony flowers, the lily magnolia flower which helps to brighten up your skin.

Aging Corrector Skin Milk Facial Lotion(left) & Aging Corrector Skin Milk Conditioner(Right) 

Aging Corrector Skin Milk Conditioner 100ml

Product Features:
❦ Goat milk (of which main substance is biologically similar to human breast milk) ceramide and milk protein extract are easily and smoothly absolved into skins to soften the dermal condition. Furthermore, niacinamide, vitamin-c and white flower, lily of the valley and lily magnolia flower help brighten up your skin.

I love this packing of this conditioner, this product is sealed because for the hygiene purpose and the body is very solid.
It had a clear watery type texture with the light orange scent which can help to refresh my mind. Usually, I will apply this conditioner as my toner and the needed amount is depended on my skin condition. When I felt my skin is very dry in the morning then I will apply another one or two layers of the conditioner. After I finished applying, I can feel my skin became very smooth and soft, I just love how it makes my skin feel.

Aging Corrector Skin Milk Facial Lotion 100ml

Product Features:
❦ Included argan oil(plenty of oleic acids and vitamin) are avocado oil (plenty of essences to boost the balance between skin oil and moisture. Besides, goat milk extract, maintain elasticity and gloss of your skin. Furthermore, niacinamide, vitamin c and white flower complex extracted from peony flower, lily of the valley flower and lily magnolia provide the whitening function for you.

The Aging Corrector Skin Milk Facial Lotion came in a pump bottle which I love so much, I can control the amount that I needed easily and can keep my lotion hygiene. This lotion had the same mild orange scent as the Aging Corrector Skin Milk Conditioner which I like. I love the texture of this lotion, it is very light in weight and I can spread it over my skin easily. This lotion can be easily absorbed into my skin, it does not give any greasy feel and does not burden my skin. 

My skin looks smoother and soft after I applied the Aging Corrector Skin Milk Facial Lotion and follow with the Aging Corrector Skin Milk Conditioner.  I believe this is suitable for Malaysian  :D

If you all are interested, can reach them for more information (price and shipment)


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*Products are provided for review purpose, all the thought are on mine.

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