[Product Review] Grand Imperial Bird's Nest Shallow Nest Silk Mask

Recently I am trying a few of facial masks from different brands, one of the beauty mask was this
Grand Imperial Bird's Nest Shallow Nest Silk Mask -

I got this mask from BFF for review exchange purpose, this review supposedly finishes at the early October but I was on a trip during that period. After I came back from my trip, my skin is getting terrible due to the changes of weather and tiredness. Let me tell you more about my skin condition: Large pores, dry, oily, and dull skin. Besides that, there are few baby pimples are growing on my  forehead. 

I guess this was the right time to try out a mask,

"Swallow Nest Silk Mask combined with several kinds of active ingredients, its help lighten skin dark spots and tone, brighten and smoothen the skin complexion. Increase and maintain skin moisture level, improve skin fine lines and wrinkles, promote skin elasticity and suppleness. "

➀ Gently place the mask over cleansed face.
➁ Leave for 20-30 minutes and then remove.
➂ Massage any remaining fluid into your skin.
➃ Use 2-3 times per week for best result.

I left the mask on my skin for 30 minutes. As you all can see, the mask sheet is very thin and silk, it fit to my skin closely  as "Invisible Mask".

Even there are a lot of essence over the mask, but the essence will not dropping down from the mask. I found that is quite annoying when essence is kept on dropping down from the mask , I have to keep on wipe away the extra essence on my clothes.



When I remove the mask, I realized that the mask is 50% dry, I guess the essence had been absorbed by my skin very well. My skin condition had become better on the first try. There are few things have been improved, which are my skin had been brightening up and lighten , pores had been minimized, the moisture level of my skin is increased. Besides that, I felt that it help to smoothen my skin(I love to touch my skin).

Skin Brighten
Fragrance sense 
Tone lighten
Slightly expensive
Increase skin moisture level
Midly elasticity skin promotion
Smoothen skin

Pores Minimize

Super Thin & Silk Mask

A lot of Essence

Hi guys, thanks be here with me again. That's all for this post, see you all on the next post.


Penang 3D Trick Art Museum @ Penang ➼ Tourist Spot

Hi all, I am back again. The last month I was busy with my Taiwan trip and my work, I have no time to blog anything. Finally, I am back from my trip to "reality" and now I got my time to blog about this post:
A date with 3D Penang Trick Art Museum

I guess most of you know about this Museum, it was located at King Street, Georgetown Penang and soft launched on 25 October 2014 ( Is almost 2 years :) ) . This Museum was a two stories long house and therefore you can imagine is how fun inside this Museum.

When we first enter to the Museum, there is a coin making machine on our right-hand side. This machine is ready for tourist to make themselves a souvenir.

So lovely, they even provide tourists Penang Map and some tourists spot information for free.

With the reasonable entrance fee, you can bring along your family/kids/friends and have some fun time over here.

This was the first 3D trick art right in front of the entrance. Penang Bridge, Komtar, and Ferries was the typical construct and transport for Penang.

After got our ticket, the shall start our "adventure" at 3D Penang Trick Art Museum.

- Kampung(Village) Life -

I swear! I used to play marble but not an expert on it.  XP

Trying to get some Mango? 

Time travel - Back to 1930s ??

This was Chew Jetty and I was regret that, I didn't do the Titanic pose.

"Experience" a traditional means of transport - ox-cart ride.

Omgosh! Attack on Titan!!

If you/your kids need a break, there is a washroom on the ground floor. Besides that, you can get some water for refreshing.  
A little touch up for next photo section ?

Don't joke with the shark

All the flashlights and camera lights are on me, 

It was so hard for me to stand in this way, but the photo ends up just great.

Journey to the West
Travelling to the moon with ET...
= Jurassic World =
Dear Dinosaurs are gone mad, you better run.
Hi, little cuties(panda)

Something new is coming soon. Just stay tune.

= The Magician =

Last but not least, I like to thanks Tourdirections Marsketeers for select me as the lucky girl to visit 3D Penang Trick Art Museum.
That's all for my post, see you guys in next post.

 3D Penang Trick Art Museum
 ☒ 10, Lebuh Penang George Town, Malaysia
☎ 04-263 1628
Facebook | Website 

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