[Review] TAG La Bluetooth Tracker

Greeting to everyone.

I was wondered that any of you (OR your family/ friends) are in trouble when you are trying to find your stuff such as phone, key, wallet, power bank, camera .... probably you have to spend around 30 minutes just to look for one thing? I have to admit that I always forgot where I put my stuff and most of my time had been spent on finding all these things. Now, I had started to get bored on repeat the same process for every day just to find all my things from the past few years.
(I am forgetful)

Recently, my life is getting better when TAG La had sent me Bluetooth tracker for review.

This is how it looks like. Are you curious about this small little thing??? I will let you know more about this little thing, just stick with me until the end of the post.

They send me the Bluetooth tracker through Pos Laju on two weeks ago and I received them in good condition because they are pack with Bubbled Envelope.

As you all can see, it is a booklet packaging and the cover is in white colour, I love the packaging, it is so simple and neat. When you open it up you will see the Bluetooth tracker on the right and is surrounded by a thick layer of sponge and the Bluetooth tracker is strongly hold by the sponge so no need to worry that it will break or damage during the delivery process.  

When I holding it in my palm I can feel it was so thin and small in size and it is very light in weight. Besides that, there is a string connected to the Bluetooth tracker which allow us to tie it with our stuff or maybe hang it somewhere around you. This babe is very easy to operate because it is only have one button on the top right corner. To power on this device, you just need to long press on the button and you will hear a long "Pi" sound and blue LED is blinking for a second, you just need to do the same thing to off this device.

I am so happy that they came out with 6 different colours for this Bluetooth tracker, there are Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White. You can pick the colour that you like/ fit your personality/ based on your need. Well, I had chosen the green colour because it looks bright and very refreshing. 

All of you must be interested in the Functions of this little cute thing?

For me, this Bluetooth tracker is mainly used for search my phone! All I need to do is just click on the button and my phone will ring. Therefore, I able know the location of my phone :D

Before I start to use this device, I have to download an application - "TROIKA find" from Google Play store because I am an Android user. If you are using iPhone you are able to find this application in App Store as well. Next, you need to power on the Bluetooth tracker and the Bluetooth of your phone as well. After that, you open this "TROIKA find" app on your phone and search the Bluetooth tracker from your phone and create a Bluetooth connection between your phone with the Bluetooth tracker. 

You still not clear with it?!
No worry, you just click the link at below and that is a video about how to use this Bluetooth Tracker.

 I knew that you will be curious about the battery life of this Bluetooth Tracker.
The battery can be last for around 6 months and the battery is changeable. When the battery is run out, you can even change the battery by yourself because it was so easy. If you don't believe me then you watch the video at below then you will know that I'm not kidding.

Overall, I felt that this is a great product for those people are forgetful which it had saved my time on finding things. I will be recommended get one of this for yourself or someone around you if they are forgetful as well. Besides that, this will be a nice present when you have no idea on what to buy.


The Original Price of Bluetooth Tracker was RM59.90 but now you can get this babe with 10% off by using this PROMO CODE - "tagyokeching" . This promo code will be valid until 22th July 2016.  Besides that, don't forget to check out their facebook and website for more info.

Thanks for being with me until the end. Wish you have a good day.


[Review]Canon PowerShot G5X- Sample Pics + Video

Greetings to everyone !!!
Today I'm not talking about Cosmetic, Beauty Stuff or Food but is about CAMERA.
I'm not sure whether any of you had realized that my picture and video quality had been improved quite a lot since March. All of these improvements is because of  the new camera that I bought which is the Canon Power Shot G5X. I used to use my Casio zr1500 but someday I felt that the picture took by the Casio zr1500 is not good as usual so I started research for a new camera. 

You might be curious on:
Why don't you get a DSLR?
I knew the quality of picture and video will be much better if took by a DSLR but I am looking for a camera that can give me a good quality photo and easy for me to bring it to everywhere. Definitely, DSLR will not in my list and same to the semi-pro because I don't like to carry different lens to everywhere. Besides that, there are some features of this camera same as the DSLR so just stay with until the end of this post.

Friendly remind:
This post is from a girl's point of view, not a professional photographer. This will not be a technical review post. Please correct me if I am wrong because I'm not a camera expert. 

If you like to know the Full specifications of this camera you can click the link at below:
Nice Grip
As you all can see, it had a nice small front grip on the left of the camera.It can give me more support while I holding the camera.

Max f/1.8 aperture
As a compact camera, I was so surprised that it had 1.8 aperture which can create a blurry background effect for me. I guess a lot of Youtubers/Vloggers and Bloggers are interested with this part.

Control Ring
Just same as Canon G7X, the G5X have a control ring situated around the lens as well which allow us to used it to control the ZOOM & Aperture on certain mode. I love this feature because it is more user-friendly. This control ring is smoother than the one on G7X and it does not make too loud of clicking noise while I turning it.

Front dial
When you changes the mode to Manual mode, you are able to adjust the shutter speed by just turning the dial.


Mode Selection dial
On top of the left, it has the mode selection dial. Therefore, you can easily change the mode based on your need.

Exposure compensation dial
Yes! A dedicated exposure compensation dial on top of the right, it allowed you to make the adjustment for the improper exposure immediately.

Zoom dial
The zoom dial is in "Q" pattern which surrounded the shooting button.

I'm not really using the hot-shoe, I wish I can use it on someday probably connect an external Flashlight on it ??

View Finder
This is one of the reasons for me to chosen this camera because it had a viewfinder at the back. I just like this without reason.

Control Buttons
All the important control buttons are on the back which you can get to the menu setting, video record, images/videos playback and flash.

USB 2.0 Micro-B port - Transfer your images and videos to our devices via the USB port. Besides that, you can charge this camera through this port!! This is the another reason for me to pick this camera, I can just charge it by using my power bank and I no need to worry about it is run out of battery !!!
Next, it had an HDMI (Type-D) port and a wired remote jack which I don't think I will use it.

WIFI button
This camera support wifi connection to your smartphone but first install the Canon Camera Connect apps from Apps Store to your phone. You can instantly upload your pictures to any social media or for backup purpose.

Flip-out Touchscreen
I like to highlight that a flip-out/up screen is important for me because I going to use it for selfie/vlog/video shooting. Different from the G7X, the screen can rotate to 270° which I can look at the screen and capture anything no matter from a high angle or low angle. Another awesome thing about the screen was it is a TOUCH screen, I can change the setting through the screen and without using the buttons (based on personal habit). Besides that, it allows me "Touch-to-focus", so I can just simply change my focus point and this feature is work on video shooting as well.

Built-in Flash
It had a built-in flash when you want to use the flash you can just open it up. After finish used it, just pop it back. 

Battery & Memory card slot
The battery and the memory card are on same the slot

Sample Images
(took by Canon G5X)

Sorry that I didn't put any makeup on.

Sample Video(took by Canon G5X)

*My video might be slightly blueish because I am using the Auto White Balance

If you need more video about the Video quality, you can just search it on Youtube.

Skin Beautified Effect
Light in weight (compare to DSLR)
Support USB charging
Flip and Touch Screen
Great manual control layout
High Image/video quality
Fast focus (but not in low light environment)
Touch to focus
Clear & bright image and video in low light
Good stabilization
No overheating problem (continuous video filming for 2 hours)

Poor Battery Life
No 4K video
Standard frame rate

That's all for my sharing. Thanks for here and have a nice day.


Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron-How I Straighten & Curl my BOB ???

Hi, Sweeties!!! Is me again.
During my previous post, I am reviewed about my new hair straightener which is Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron. Today I like to share with you all about how I style (straighten and curl) my BOB.

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