[Review]Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron

Hello, everyone~
I am so excited to share about my new favorite professional hair straightener which is from Irresistible Me. I would like to thanks to Madison for gave me a chance to review about this awesome flat iron.  Irresistible Me was well-known with their Clip-In Hair Extensions and they had been partner up with a lot of professional salons, celebrities, and Media influencers (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and so on). Years ago, they have this new product - Diamond Hair Styler on their website and it had become the new baby of a lot of Youtubers and bloggers  .

They sent me the parcel on 14th April from US and I received it on 21st April so it just took around a week to reached me. I received the parcel in good condition, the flat iron has been wrapped around with the high-quality plastic bubbles to avoid any breakage on the flat iron.

This is how the packing looks like. It is really sleek & professional packaging in a matte black colour, I completely in love with the magnetic lid and the box was very hard so I believed it can give a good protection on the flat iron.

When you open up the box, you can see there is a hot red flat iron and a booklet is inside the box.
The booklet is basically about the safety information, features & parts, technology, basic knowledge and styling tips for this flat iron.

All of the important features of this flat iron have been printed on the lid of the box.
Diamond, Tourmaline, Nano, Ceramic, Far Infrared Technology
 Cool Tips
Auto Shut Off
 Fast Heat Up
 Silver Nano Material
 Dynamic Alignment System
 Dual Voltage
✓ ECO-friendly
 Intelligent Heat Display
 Max temperature 2330C/450F
 Frizz Free Hair
 LED Digital Display
 Light Weight
✓ 360-degree cord
 2.5meter power cord
 1" floating heat plate

This is how the flat iron looks like, it is very skinny and slim which I think is easy for me to bring it everywhere. Important note to let you all know which is the plug of this flat iron is an American plug so you might need to get yourself an adapter for it(depends on which country you from). 

Let's have a close-up look at the plate.

First, this Diamond Styling Iron is a next-generation SMART IRON featuring unique DIAMOND Hi-Tech, which coats the floating ceramic plates with crushed diamond particles mixed with tourmaline. The diamond and tourmaline technology will protect your hair and keep all the natural hair oils, color and moisture in, leaving your hair healthy, shiny and frizz free. The styling will last longer against air humidity and everyday stress

Floating Plate
Another special feature about this flat iron was the plates are made with the dynamic alignment system which features that self-adjust the plate pair to provide perfect contact between your hair and plates, eliminating any damaging pressure points, therefore the iron can run through our hair smoothly, without pulling.

Structure Of the Plate
What I love about this flat iron was the round edges of the ceramic plates which I also able to use it to curl my hair instead of just straightening. Besides that, the plastic cover is just slightly wider than the ceramic plate so I can get to the root of my hair easily to smooth everything out.

As you all can see, all the buttons are placed inside of the flat iron so while you styling your hair you don't have to worry that the temperature of the flat iron is keep on changing because you have accidentally press the temperature adjustment buttons.
How to power on ???
Long press on the power button then it will start function

Steady Grip
There is a thumbprint at the middle and cool tips at the end of this flat iron which can help you for steady grip and avoid burning your fingers.

LED Digital Display
The temperature you had set will be shown on this display
Max Temperature: 230C/450F

Intelligent Heat Display
 Intelligent heat display that lets you see the temperature all the time. The level of the heat display is based on the temperature you set on the flat iron.

360° Cord
A 360° mobile cord that swivels around following your every move, this can avoid your cord to get tangled.

The Result(Straighten)
In this post, I only show you all that I straighten my hair with this flat iron (150° temperature) and this is the final look of my hair. The photos on the left were before I straighten my hair however on the right was after I straightened my hair. 

My hair looks even shiny, sleek, soft and healthy after I used this flat iron

My Thought
Before I start this sharing, I had used this ceramic straightener for almost a month since the day I received it. I love how light it is because every day I need to hold this flat iron for around 20-30 minutes to style my hair. Next, it was super fast heat up when I turn it on it just heat up in seconds which help me to saved my time on waiting for the flat iron to heat up.
With the dynamic alignment system on the plate, I can run this flat iron through my hair without  pulling. I felt great that I didn't find any of my hair breaks during the styling.
Another thing that impresses me was the diamond and tourmaline technology, it kept the moisture of my hair and give a lot of shines to my hair. My hair looked healthier, sleek and smooth. Besides that, the end results able to last longer (until the next day) than what I expected. So far, this is the best flat Iron I ever used. Just to remind you all that don't worry if you see "steam" coming off of your hair when using this styling iron. This is not the result of any damage to the hair, it is simply excess moisture that is evaporating.
There are some branded straighteners out there such as ghd and NuMe which provided almost the  same quality but when come to the price, I would highly recommend this Irresistible Me professional styling iron with the price $149 (most of the time having promotion) to you all.

Irresistible Me
Website | Facebook | Instagram

*Item are provided for review purpose only, all the thought are on my own.


Angelash Eyelash Extensions@Penang►Eyelash Extensions►HD Professional

Greetings to everyone here.
Around a month ago, I received the invitation from Angelash Eyelash Extensions to try their eyelashes extension service and some of their beauty product (Is my pleasure to received this invitation).

Catherine (one of the lady boss) had briefly explained the eyelash extension process, gave me some idea on how to pick the eyelash type and introduce the HD professional to me (they are the official distributor for HD professional) through the phone.

This is my first time to have the eyelash extension, and therefore I have a lot of questions on the eyelash extension, Catherine will try her best to solve all of my questions.

After all these questions and answers, I make a reservation with them for the eyelash extension on 9th April ( Their grand opening was on 30th March 2016).

Angelash Eyelash Extensions

So here we are.
Pure white British style building with some grey colour to bring out the vintage feel
It wasn't hard to look for Angelash.  

Let's move in and have a look the interior.

Once you entered, you will see a light grey court style sofa on your left and we have put on their slippers before we move on.

Over here was the reception desk.

Basic type of eyelashes

(Photo took on 9th April)The price list can be used as a reference because they will readjust their price soon.

This is the resting area for their customer. Besides that, the stair is lead us to the upstairs which have another two rooms are ready by them for eyelash extensions.

There is a big mirror in front of the wooden table (after done the eyelash extensions we can take a close look on our new lashes and do some touch up with this mirror)

Even the restroom was beautifully decorated.

Now let's continue the eyelash extension topic.
Before Hooi Ling(another lady boss) help me to  eyelash extensions, Catherine had explained to me about the EYELASHES. Actually, there are a lot of knowledge regarding eyelash extension

Angelash Eyelash Extensions they are using the Japan and Taiwan extension technique which is the "one-to-one" method. By using this method, it will give us the most natural result.
Besides that, they do provide various type of eyelashes such as
You can use the numbermaterial, colour, curvature, length and thickness of the lashes that you want or suit to you( your personality/eye shape ).

During the consultants, Catherine shared me this box which contained different kind of lashes to showed and let me feel the differences.

Since I am totally new to eyelashes extensions, therefore Catherine advised me to try the basic type which is the Natural eyelash (50degree for the curvature, 11mm for the length and 0.06 for the thickness and in pure black colour) since this was my first time to experience the eyelash extensions.

Lastly before we start, Catherine will be confirmed with me again that I don't have skin allergic problem.

Warm tea is served during the consultants, so sweet :D

Important Note:
When the eyelash extension is started, it can't stop until the whole process is ended. Therefore, we must go to the toilet before we start.

Hooi Ling(one of the lady boss) will be the one help me to do eyelash extensions and she leads me to one of the room.

There is a single bed and some equipment will be used during the eyelash extensions
The room is small and enough to fit only one customer which can provide privacy to their customer. They are so sweet to prepare a small pillow for us to place it under our calf and blanket to cover up until our chest. Besides that, they will adjust the temperature that we are comfortable with. After lay down on the bed, under the dim light and listen to the soft music, I am starting feeling relax and sleepy.

First of all, Hooi Ling has the proper disinfected on her both hands before we start.Then she  put the steam eye mask on my eyes for few minutes to help to relax my eyes. After that, Hooi Ling helped me to remove the grease and put some serum on my eyelash. All our bottom lashes will be covered up to avoid the fibre lash accidentally extended on them.

2 hours later

Ta-da~ I love how my new eyelashes look like. The result was better than what I expected, my eyelashes obviously had become thicker and longer.

After I done the eyelash extension, Catherine gave me the compressed sponge and the eyelash brush. The compress brush will be expanded once it immersed into water, with the smooth and soft surface I able to clean my face and my new lashes easily without damage them.

After I bathed or cleaned my face, my lashes will be stick together with each other, during this moment I'm going to use the eyelash brush to brush through my lashes and keep my lashes look nice and neat.
Besides that, a card is given to me as well to remind me that what should I take note after I done the eyelash extension.

My Thought(Eyelash Extension)
This was my first time for eyelash extensions so I am totally have zero knowledge on this but Catherine able to clear all of my doubt with her professional advice since Catherine and Hooi Ling both of them have attended a lot of training at oversea.  

I had fallen into sleep and make some groaning noise during the whole process because it was so comfortable and relaxing in the room. Besides that, Hooi Ling was skilful on this eyelash extension because I don't feel any uncomfortable during the process and I was amazed that all the extend lashes are all separated. 

Since I am not a careful person and newbie to this so it is hard for me to be gentle to my eyelashes while I wash my face. I had a bad habit which is I will rub my eyes when my eyes felt itchy, this is my reflex action. However, I able to save a lot of my time when it comes to makeup, I only need to apply some eyeshadow and a thin eyeliner on my eyes then it is done for my eyes makeup.

The fibre lashes were imported from Japan by Angelash Eyelash Extensions, they are very light in weight and the tip of the lash was very fine, they just look like real lashes

 For those who does not have healthy eyelashes like me, their fibre lashes might only able last for 3 weeks on their real lashes for the first and second time eyelash extensions and this is normal so you no need to worry about it.
My fibre lashes started fall out on the second week after I done the eyelash extensions (around 8 lashes dropped on every day), on the third weeks are all fall out. Our eyelashes were same as our hair, "they" need our protect and special treat. Catherine had told me that apply the eyelash serum can help my own lashes become more healthy and increase the volume. After our eyelash getting stronger and healthier, the fibre lashes will be last longer on our eyelashes at the following eyelash extensions.

HD Professional

Fly Up Beauty Color, the most popular professional make-up products around the world, it is known as "the professional make-up for artists" as well. The Fly Up team bring us their whole series of  HD products which all had passed the SGS safety test. In the addition, they have carefully selected the GMP(Good Manufacturing Product) factories that comply with EU standards for their packing and refilling, using certified French ECOCERT organic ingredients as the formula base.

Catherine and Hooi Ling had given me the trial kit of the HD professional product which included HD Revitalizing Essence 5ml, HD Make Up Base SPF25+++ 5ml and HD Liquid Foundation 5ml.

HD Revitalizing Essence 5ml

Ξ Regulate sebum productions and absorb excess
Ξ Intense hydration
Ξ Refined skin texture
Ξ Sensation of lightness for a matte finish

This essence is very lightweight and watery when compared to moisturiser, therefore,  I used this essence as the moisturizer after my toner. First of all, this essence smells great(flowery) and it is not strong in scent. Next, this product can spread away easily and it is fast absorbed by my skin, it does not irritate or left any sticky feel on my skin. It provides immediate, in-depth moisture to my skin with a matte finish, my skin instantly became soft, tender and fresh.

HD Make Up Base SPF25+++ 5ml

Ξ Whitening, Anti-aging, Moisturizing
Ξ Protect our skins from UVA/UVB and Pollution
Ξ Correct uneven skin tone

Next, I will use this makeup base as a sunscreen since it has SPF25 with "+++".
*Only apply the adequate amount else your skin will start to get oily after few hours like me asI am over applied it.
This is slightly hard to spread away on my skin, so I will put the sufficient amount all around on my face and use my fingers to dab it in to make sure that it soaks in well. After finish applied, it left the white cast on my face but no worry. The white cast will be even out skin tone based on my temperature and the light.
This is how my skin look like after I applied the makeup base. It had slightly brighten and hydrated my skin, it also helps to hide away my pores.

HD Liquid Foundation 5ml
Ξ Cover skin imperfection
Ξ Correct uneven skin tone

I love the natural and dewy look created by this foundation, the coverage is good since it able cover up to 80% of my acne scars and my dark circle. I used the dabbing method to applied this foundation just same as the make up base. This is the lightest weight of foundation I had, I'm don't feel that I am wearing make up even I already applied it.
I wore this foundation when I go to barbeque, I was amaze by its lasting effect and my make up looks good after the barbeque.

Angelash Eyelash Extensions
Address: 24 Lorong Bangkok 10250 Penang
Contact: 04 2277 822
Whatsapps/ Wechat: 017 423 8822/  Angelash-penang 

Facebook | Instagram
Thanks a lot to Catherine(left) and Hooi Ling(right) to let me have an awesome experience on eyelash extensions and let me try out their star products.

Thats all. Thanks for read my post, see you guys on the next update.

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