[Product Review]Hanangell skin booster

Skin booster is quite popular on these days and it was the new favourite for most of the YouTubers and bloggers from oversea. 

During the early stage, there is only INJECTION type skin booster which you have to visit the trusted beauty parlor and over there have all the professional help you to do the injection (I not sure whether now Malaysia has this beauty technology or not). 

Today I like to share SMEAR type skin booster, you can enjoy the skin booster at home, without injection(in case you scare of injection) and in a cheaper way.

 I will let you know more at below
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Hanangell - (Korea's Latest Advanced Beauty Technology) A syringe of skin booster is equivalent to 10 sheets of facial masks, it is greatly hydrating, smoothing, moisture whitening, and classifies to a cosmeceutical grade skin care product. It has a silky texture, refreshing and easily absorbs by skins.
The main components of skin booster are made up from hyaluronic acid and collagen.

The small molecular compounds in the skin booster have quick penetration into skin and, supplementation of collagen and moisture into human body itself.
As a result, it is appropriate for all skin types. The main components for small molecular compounds of hyaluronic acid and collagen are able to penetrate into the skin rapidly, intensely hydrate, and skin lighten. Skin booster is applicable to pregnant women, skin allergies, and acne skin as well.

The 11 Effectiveness of skin booster:

 Improves skin tone
 Reduce melanin 
 Fades acne scars
 Refines pores
 Firms skin
 Smoothes allergy
 Repairs basal cell
 Deep cleansing.

Is it able to complete in one go and applicable all skin types, and allows your skin to be fair, elastic, smooth, tender and transparent!

small molecular compounds are effective in deep hydration
Brightness complexion enhancement
tender skins
Whiteness inhibit production of melanin
refine skin pores
Firm firm skin

Main components of skin booster: small molecular compounds of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and composite factors.

Skin booster is natural with no hormones, non-irritating, lead-free and mercury-free. It is safe with no side effect for allergic skins and is suitable for pregnant woman.

Firstly, get a syringe of skin booster out from the packing.

Next, remove the safety lock by using the twisting method. (Remember to twist the gently and keep it for later because later you gonna need it.)

Get the adequate amount of skin booster.  
 Lastly, you have to place the safety lock on top of the syringe for the hygiene purpose and keep the skin booster fresh.

1. Apply each morning and evening after cleansing your face with the appropriate amount on your palm.
2. Apply it on your face and neck areas, and massage gently until it absorbs into your skins.
3. Besides that, this product is applicable as a body lotion, you may apply it on your body after shower.

There are two syringes of skin booster in a pack
I have used this product for a week before I start to review it. Basically, I used it on day and night after I cleansed my face and follow with my normal daily skin routine.
*I didn't use any mask during this period.

I love the syringe design, I can easily control the amount that I needed. Besides that, there is a tip lock for this product so I can keep my skin booster fresh, hygiene and prevent leakage.

Scent and Texture
It is odorless and colourless, I believed it is fragrance-free and no artificial colour. The texture of this product is water gel type, I can spread it all over my face and neck easily. Fast absorb by my skin and it doesn't leave any sticky feel on my face.

Actually, I don't really see any different on the first 3 days, it just gave my skin some cool feeling. On the day 4, I realized that the pores on my face are tightened and my pimple scars were start fading. The result is getting more and more obvious when comes to day 7.
Here was the comparison photo of before and after used this skin booster.

I knew that you are interested in this product and you can enjoy this babe with 20% discount when you checkout.

How to purchase??
Retail selling price: RM80/pack
Order by email:
Facebook page ID: 1249550771725604
Discount code: Hanagell20blogger (discount valid until 1 March 2017)

Thanks for reading my blog post, wish you ave a nice day :D

* This product is provided for review purpose only, all thoughts are my own.


EverColor1Day▲PienAge▲AngelColor - My Japanese Colour Lens Ξ Part 2

Hello, gorgeous.
Chinese New Year and Valentines Day are around the corner, I guess girls still haven't done their preparation for these two festivals. Most of us are trying to make ourselves look outstanding and stunning in front of our relatives and beloved one.
Mostly I will focus on my outfit, hair style and my makeup. I am so nearsighted that I only can the things put before my eyes so I can't live without glasses and lenses. For me, colour lens is kind of cosmetic that can beautify and brighten my eyes in the meanwhile bring me to the world without spectacles.
Today's topic is about COLOUR LENS. For those who like to make their makeup even better with the colour lens or you like to try something different in this Chinese New Year and Valentines, you must stick with me until the end of the post.
Let's Start!

Ever Color 1 Day
Design [Moist Label] Rich Glam
Water Content
Diameter 14.5mm(Coloured diameter-13.8mm)
Base Curve
Power ± 0.00,-0.50 ~-5.00(0.25 step), -5.00 ~-8.00(0.50 step)
Quantity 10pcs/box
Disposable Type Daily

Colour & Design (★★★)
2 tone with the medium brown colour as the outer ring and the inner part is filled with coffee brown. I love the colour of this lens because it create a gorgeous look(like a princess) and enhances my femininity for me. This colour lens very suitable for party and dinner.

Comfy (★★★)
I have to give it full marks. With the new technology for this Moist Label series, the lens able to lock the water content of the lens and keep your lens moisture for the whole day. I wore it during my Korean Trip and it able to stay in my eyes for 14 hours but did not cause any dryness or irritate. Besides that, I able to wear and remove it easily.

Enlargement (★★★)
For my eyes, the coloured diameter is quite big so the enlargement effect is very obvious in my eyes.

Packing (★★★)
Standard blister packing for the daily lens, the seal can be easily torn off.

Design No.4 Lady
Water Content
Diameter 14.0mm(Coloured diameter-13.2mm)
Base Curve
Power ± 0.00,-0.50 ~-6.00(0.25 step)
Quantity 12pcs/box
Disposable Type Daily

Colour & Design (★★★)
At first, I thought that the inner part was filled by grey-brown colour(based on the picture on the laptop) but when I received it I just realised it was light brown colour. With the simple colour blending design of the lens, it makes me looked dolly.

Comfy (★★★)
The comfy level is not as good as the EverColor1Day but it can last up to 8 hours without dry my eyes. Identically, it is very easy to be put on and remove from my eyes.

Enlargement (★★★)
Even though the coloured diameter is only 13.2mm, but with the monotone on the lens, it gave me a huge enlargement effect.

Packing (★★★)
Cute, lovely ribbon and sweet design on the packing. However, the seal is a little bit hard to open.

Angelcolor 1 Day
Design Spotlight Grey
Water Content
Diameter 14.2mm
Base Curve
Power ± 0.00,-0.50 ~-6.00(0.25 step),-6.00 ~-10.00(0.50 step)
Quantity 10pcs/box
Disposable Type Daily

Colour & Design (★★★)
Actually, I am struggling for a long time to choose the grey colour lens, I was worried about the colour might terrify me until I put it into my eyes. It was such a beautiful and natural shades of grey colour, I felt that I looked like a half-breed (do you feel the same too?). In my opinion, this colour lens only suitable for close up photo since the colour is not going to be obvious in a full-body shot. 

Comfy (★★)
It was terrible! I found that is hard to put it into my eyes because the lens is too soft, when comes to the end of the day, it's hard for me to take it off from my eyes as well. Besides that, my eyes are started to get dry after wearing it for around 3-4 hours. 

Enlargement (★★★)
Since it does not have a sharp outer ring so the enlargement effect is not as strong as the PienAge Lady.

Packing (★★★)
Simple and Elegant for the packing with the seal that can be easily torn apart.

That's all for my post. If you have any question regarding all these colour lens, please leave me a comment at below, I will try my best to answer you.
BYE~ have a nice day :)

[Product Review] Gobdigoun Aging corrector skin milk series Part 2- Tone Up Cream

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