5 signs that says you need to change your makeup brushes

Buying makeup is not enough. We need good brushes to apply it properly and precisely. Whether we want to apply lipstick or shape our eyebrows, we need a brush for everything.

There are different types of makeup brushes. A powder brush is used to apply say, blush, a blending brush to blend eyeshadows, a bend brow brush to shape eyebrows, a stippling brush to give an airbrushed look, a narrow tapered brush to apply concealers, a smudging brush to give a smokey look, a liner brush for thin lines for eyes and many more. It is important to have and maintain these brushes to have a perfect look.  Luxola has a wide range of makeup brushes from number of well-known brands like Zoeva, Sigma, Sephora and many more.

How do we maintain our brushes? One is to keep it a place so that the bristles do not bend or get twisted. We should restrict brush for the application for a particular purpose and not mix it especially the dry powder brushes with brushes meant for liquid makeup. And then we have to clean to regularly.

How often do we clean the brushes? Makeup brushes should be cleaned at least once a week.

How do you clean our brushes?
First, dust the brush to throw the extra makeup by tapping on the brush. Then take a shallow bowl. Pour some lukewarm water in it. Squirt a little baby shampoo into it. Face cleansers also work well. Whisk the brush inside the water. Try and see that you do not submerge the brush too deep into the water as the glue which holds the bristles to the metal part may loosen in course of time. Then rub it on the palm of your hand to form lather. Rinse. Repeat this two three times till it is clean. You can wipe it with a cloth and keep it flat to dry.

But if we are not able to maintain the brush, we should definitely replace it. Dirty makeup brushes have very harmful effect on the skin.

When is it time for you to change your brushes?

The bristles have changed it color

Sometimes even after you wash, the bristle do not regain its original color. It means that the residue of the makeup is not coming out completely from the brush. This residue, in course of time will have a harmful effect on the skin. Change your brush when it is permanently dirty.


Some brushes after some time of use, start shedding. This happens if the glue that holds the bristles to the metal part of the handle, start to loosen. The bristles of the brush would come out while using and applying makeup. It may also remain stuck on your face without we been aware of it and that is really embarrassing. When it sheds it is time to change our brush for sure.

Bristles sticking out

Sometimes few bristles stick out awkwardly from the brush. This happens even after cleaning and rinsing it with water.It does not shape properly. It might happen if it is not stored properly in the drawers. These brushes with spoil your makeup while applying. So best is to discard the brushes.

Handle is broken

The brush might have a cracked metal part or a broken handle. This might not only hurt you while applying, it can also spoil your makeup as you would not be comfortable applying with the brush. . It is again time to replace your brush as it might hurt accidently.

Wrong usage

We cannot find the brush we want and quickly take any brush that is visible and start applying. This is dangerous especially if you are using makeup near your eyes. It is best to clean the brush but if it a mix up of wet and powder makeup brushes, it is best to replace the old one

A makeup brush should be of the right size for its correct usage. Luxola has a wide range of makeup brushes at very competitive prices. You can also get these brushes at discounted prices during sales events at Luxola. CouponBelanja, a coupon site can help you browse through their brushes and avail them at best prices.


Ice Estate @Georgetown, Penang

 This is a cafe post again.
Nowadays, cafes are everywhere in Penang. You can easily find any of them in Georgetown area, the only thing that you have to worry about was looking for the parking lot. 
Ice Estate is just launched at 18 Dec 2015 and they are located at Georgetown's mural area. They mainly serve the Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream. 

I guess he is the boss of Ice Estate.
This is what they serving (Nitrogen ice cream).

The environment for the second floor is more relaxing due to the warm dim light.

View from the second floor

 The renovation still not yet fully complete, once it is done, we able reach the counter area from the end of this corridor as well.
Nitrogen Ice cream
Firstly they will make the ice cream base with the Imported or fresh materials such as matcha powder, fruits and so on. 
Next was freeze the ice cream base with the -190-degree liquid nitrogen by using the stand mixer and blend for 2 minutes. 
In the end, a healthy tasty and freshly made ice cream is ready! Ice Estate staff like to add some ingredients on the ice cream for the purpose of interspersing and increase the mouthfeel of the ice cream.

In order to let customers have a different experience when the ice cream is served to you, Ice Estate will pour the liquid nitrogen on top of the ice cream and the white smoke will emerge from it. Customers can have the visual enjoyment as well. 

N2 Matcha - RM13 

I ordered Matcha (I am crazy with Matcha recently). Two Matcha sticks, Cornflake and whipped cream with some Matcha powder on top of the ice cream. The ice cream is very smooth and soft, rich of the Matcha flavor! Eat together with cornflake the taste will be even better because it is crunchy.

N2 Oreo Crunch - RM13

With the 2 pieces of Oreo cookies, whipped cream and finish with sprinkling the crushed oreo cookies over the ice cream. The ice cream base has a chunk of the oreo cookies, it taste awesome with the oreo cookies.

No way to stop a girl take selfie~

Another photo with the oreo ice cream.

Address :107,lebuh Victoria,Penang

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