[Product Review] SWISSBEL Vitamin B12 Cream Plus #MyNewSecretWeapon

Hi sweeties, is there any of you miss my product review post? I got a lot of products want to share with all of you and today, let's start with this item- Swissbel Vitamin B12 Cream Plus. Actually, I wish to try for a longer period before I blog about it, but I don't want you all miss this crazy deal from TofuDofu Malaysia (Stick with me until the end of this post).

Due to the huge differences on the weather between Malaysia and Western country, I seldom use the skin care from the western country. Most of their beauty products are super moisturise sometimes it cause more pimples growing on my face.This is product has been introduced and recommended by many of the Asian  bloggers and YouTubers, so this makes me trust more on this product. When I received this product from Tofudofu Malaysia, I was so excited and can't wait to try it out.

* I have stopped using my other skin care products when I start to use this.

        Since the start in 1997, located in Switzerland manufacturer takes advantage of a unique and exceptional environment in high level scientific and technical know-how. Swissbel Laboratoire Dermatologique revolutionary skincare innovation and our most powerful regenerating ingredient, Vitamin B12 Cream PLUS+. This Vitamin B12 Cream PLUS+ acts efficiently against cutaneous dehydration and slows down the formation of free radicals, which are responsible for the premature aging of the skin. Thanks to the fine and oil free texture of the cream, the active ingredients are distributed in an optimal way in the different layers of the skin.

Name Vitamin B12 Cream Plus
Capacity 50ml
Made In Switzerland
Effect Moisturizing, Hydrating, Tightens, Reduce wrinkles and fine lines, Rejuvenates, Smoothes new and old scars, Soothes sensations of heat, Reduces redness, Firming

Main Ingredients of this product:
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) contained valuable vitamins and other substances specially selected for anti-ageing properties.
Rosa Centifolia Flower Water hold skin-conditioning properties and soothes skin from sensitive and pressure.
Hyaluronic Acid Attracts and retains moisture to build volume and add fullness to our skin.
Squalane A moisturising agent that delivered from the olive plant
Salicylic Acid (BHA) Exfoliates and remove dead skin cells. Keep pores clean and prevent clogging
Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Provitamin B5 Anti-Aging clogging

There are other important points about this cream:
100% Natural
Fragrance Free
Paraben Free

This Vitamin B12 cream Plus+ have the multiple application methods. Basically, this cream can be used as a makeup base, moisturizer, body lotion, and mask. Normally, I just used it as my day and night cream, and makeup base.  

The cream is in  pale pink  colour which is the natural colour. 

I knew that my eyebags are huge

As Moisturizer and Makeup base

1. Clean your face with your favorite cleanser and apply your toner & serum
2. Apply the adequate amount on your face and neck
3. Spread the cream evenly on your face and neck (with some massage is good for skin absorption)
4. Is Done (you can proceed for makeup if you like), I can feel my skin is full with water and it gives me a dewy look.
To achieve good result please apply it twice a day (morning and night)

I don't edit the photo at below (no special effect applied on this photo)

A miracle happened after I used this for a week. There are some fine lines over my under eye area (sign of getting older), I found that my fine lines had become lesser.

Besides that, it did help me to reduce my pimples (when comes to period) and the redness of my pimple scars.

* It is very easy to spread
* It gave me dewy look after applying it 
* Didn't leave my skin oily or sticky (I am combination skin type)
* It helped to reduce my fine lines and pimple scars
* My skin had become smooth and soft in the next morning
* It makes my makeup last longer at outdoor
* Light medical scent due to no fragrance (not a big deal to me)

If you are the one have (super) dry skins/have to stay in aircon room for long hours/experience winter in your country and you are still looking for some product to help you, maybe you can try on this. You can apply this cream at anyplace and anytime when it is needed since the size of the cream is handy.

I guess I only need to bring this for my next travel because it had multi-function (moisturizer, makeup base, mask) then I can save my luggage space.

Normal price for  SWISSBEL Vitamin B12 Cream Plus 50ml - RM139

Below is a great news for you all from Tofudofu !
You can enjoy 50% off on the 2nd piece of SWISSBEL Vitamin B12 Cream Plus when you check out.

valid until 31th December 2015

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Thanks for read my blog, have a nice day :D

* This product is sponsored by Tofudofu for review purpose only, all thoughts are my own


The Bed Hatyai Hotel @ Hatyai

Hi, Gorgeous!
     I have completed my Hatyai Trip on last month with Mr.K. We want to do a lot of shopping, therefore we have decided to stay at Hatyai Center City. There are a lot of hotels at the Hatyai Center City area, so this took me a week to make a decision on which hotel to stay. After went through a lot of articles and reviews, we have decided to stay at this - The Bed Hatyai Hotel.

I booked this hotel through Agoda and done all the payment before we go to Hatyai.

    The Bed Hatyai Hotel is a newly built hotel at 2013 in the city center of Hatyai. You no need to worry your meal because it is surrounded by Restaurant. Besides that, there is a 7-11 right beside this hotel and another one is located opposite the hotel.
10 minutes walking distance to the shopping area ( Lee Garden, Central Department Store Hatyai, Odean, Santisuk market, and Yongdee market ), 3 minutes walking distance to Kim Yong market.

We reached the hotel at 12 pm but the check-in time is 2 pm, so we left our luggage at the hotel and go for lunch. After finished our lunch, we go for a short shopping to kill time. Finally is 2 pm, we back to our hotel and proceed for check in. We are requested to pay RM100 to the hotel as a deposit, they will return to us when we check out from the hotel. The receptionist able to use basic English to communicate with us.

The lobby of this hotel is smaller when you compared it with other hotels. Once I entered into this hotel, all my stress have been released because of the green tea scent that surrounded in this hotel. I love the scent so much. 

This hotel has prepared the happy sim for tourists, therefore, tourists can easily get it in this hotel. Besides that, Hatyai Center City map is provided by The Bed for tourists as well.

The theme of this hotel is about bedtime story, that is why there is a decoration book rack behind the counter.

Red Riding Hood
We can see a lot of illustrations everywhere in this hotel, all the illustrations are about fairy tales that we are well-known. 

We got our room and it is on the ground floor. They are using warm yellow light as the room light.

A Snow White illustration above the king size bed. The room is quite big,  I able to walk around in the room after place our luggage. The bed is big, I guess is no problem for three adults. 

There are a sofa and a mini table right in front the bed. We can just enjoy the TV show on the bed.

All the tv shows are listed on this card, there have over 50 channels(Korean, Chinese, English and so on) for their customers to choose which one to watch. 

There is a small space which connected with the bathroom and toilet

This corner is for us to keep some food/snack and make some drinks. Furthermore, they had prepared two hangers, for us to hang our clothes.

They are so sweet, they have prepared some 3 in 1 drinks for us, and every room will have a hair dryer for their customer.

Let's see what is in this fridge? There are two bottles of mineral water in the fridge and it is free.

Basic toiletries are provided by the hotel, so we no need to bring ours.

The bathroom and toilet are connected and are spacious.

Environment (3/5)
Once I step into the hotel, I felt really comfortable because of the green tea scent, everything was fantastic until the next morning. The sound proof is bad, our room at the ground floor, it is near to the lounge and elevator so we heard a lot of noise in the morning around 6 am, it is hard for us to continue our sweet dream.
We requested to change our room to the higher floor and there is a room at the fifth floor, but that is a deluxe room so we need to pay for the room upgrade (another RM30). I was so excited because I got the little mermaid room!!! But the nightmare still has not ended, at the night time we can hear the noise from upstair, I guess the guest at upstair has children/s and their kid/s is running around in the room, the noise is finally stopped before midnight(Thank god).

Room Features (3.5/5)
Is hard for me to control the water temperature and the water pressure is low for the fifth floor's room. The internet of the hotel is not stable, it keep on disconnected from my device even the signal strength is strong, but the internet speed is considered fast if compare with Malaysia's internet speed. 
I found few ants are walking around the bed(fifth floor's room), I just get them out from my bed. 

There is an elevator in the hotel but is a bit small(able fit people and a 24' inch luggage). They are provided keep luggage storage service which is good for those guests that arrived earlier.

Sevice (5/5)
I love their stuff, they are so nice and helpful. They tried their best to explain with me in English about the direction to my destination. During the room changing, their female staff are helping us to carry our bag.
On our check our day, one of the female staff helped us to get a "tud tud" with a low price(300 ฿ ) and send us to the van terminal.

We are staying in the superior room for our first night and it is about RM161. The next day, we have upgraded our room to Deluxe room, we need to pay for extra  RM30 for the room upgrade. The room that we book is not included for breakfast.

Thanks for read my blog post and Have a nice day.


My Hatyai Haul: All about beauty products

Hi Sweeties, my first December post is a haul post again.
Yes! My third haul post. 
I had a short trip at Hatyai on last month and I have some shopping during my trip. I think my next post will talk about the hotel that I stayed for my 3 days 2 nights trip.
I went to Hatyai once and I always wish to revisit Hatyai again. Finally. my dream comes true. Most of the people, they went to Hatyai is because of their snack! Yes again, their snacks are super duper cheap, tasty and diversification! For me, I have another mission to complete in this trip which is shop for their BEAUTY PRODUCT. There are 3 well-known beauty product brands in Thailand which are Beauty Cottage, Beauty Buffet and Mistine. I have bought some products for each of the brands and I'm going to show you all that what I have bought. 

Beauty Cottage Victorian Lettre d'amour Matte Bronzer

415฿ 208฿ (50% discount)
There is only one option and three shades in this Bronzer. I have tried this once, and it gives me a natural contour. The darkest shade of this bronzer is not as dark as what you see. Besides that, it smells good (light floral scent). I will try few more times if it really good then I will have another post for it.

Beauty Cottage Victorian Romance Love Nostalgia EDP 28ml


Beauty Cottage Victorian Romance Love Nostalgia Solid Perfume 14g

I'm not going to talk about the solid perfume because I haven't tried it and I plan to use it during my next trip so start with the EDP perfume. Many of the Hongkong and Taiwan Youtubers, they said that this liquid perfume smell like the Chloe (I  have no idea because I never use it) and the scent is awesome. Therefore, I mark this into my to buy list.
I used this on my next day, I surely say that the scent really good and it had become my favourite daily perfume. Normally the scent is last for 2/3hours when I stay at outdoor, the scent will only last long when you are in indoor with air-conditioning. 

Beauty Cottage Cotton Buds 200pcs 

This cotton buds is different from the normal because one side is the traditional pointed tips and the other side is the sharp tips. With the sharp tips, I able to remove my eyeliner in easier way. Besides that, this cotton bud is made by pure cotton.

Beauty Buffet Milk Plus Facial Scrub 100ml

When you open it up, I smell a very strong scent of Milk, the first thing came into my mind were: "Can I eat this?".  I used this twice a week on my face and neck area. Currently, I didn't see any obvious effect on my face, I will observe for another month (I will blog about it if the result is good).

Beauty Buffet Made In Nature Collagen & Q10 White & Bright Foam cleanser 100ml

My cleanser is finished and this has become my new cleanser. Same to the facial scrub, they have a great scent and texture is smooth, I able to create a lot of bubbles with just a bean size amount.

Mistine Super Model Miracle Lash Mascara

Mistine Ultimate Maxi Black Eyeliner

Mistine Super Black fixed liner


Thus far, I only tried the Maxi Black Eyeliner, the colour is darker and it brings my eyes standout. This eyeliner is very easy to use and draw. Besides that, the waterproof, smudge-proof and lasting effects are incredibly amazing.

Mistine Wings Extra Cover Super Powder SPF25++

(I forgot the price)
I haven't tried on this but this item has been recommended by a lot of bloggers and Youtubers. They said that this pressed powder is very suitable to be used during Summer(Malaysia in Summer all the time).

That's it. Thanks or viewing my blog, I hope you all have a nice and peaceful day.

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