My Korean Haul ● Skincare☛Cosmetic☛Hair care

Hi, Gorgeous.
Another post about my Korea Haul. This is one of my favorite posts because is about the skin cares, cosmetics, hair care and styling tool that I have bought during my Korea trip.
Seriously, you can easily get any of these beauty products in Korea.

How I Shopping and My Shopping experience at Korea
Research on the products
Usually, I will do a lot of research on the product through Internet before I depart which included the review and price.
I have a practice which is I love to research the details of the products that I'm interested and go through the blog reviews of the product before I make any purchase. When traveling to oversea, I will prefer to purchase those products haven't available my country so the product reviews are important to me. At least, I have to make sure that the product is suitable for my skin type and suitable to be used in my country. Of course, positive reviews and comments do not always mean that the product is 100% good, but for me, the product is worth for a try. 

Compare the price
Most of  you which included me will have a concept that all the Korea beauty products are selling at a cheap price in Korea when compared to our country.I used to get all my beauty products from trusted online beauty shop and I will use their price as a baseline for the price comparison. I will make a note on the price of all the items that I wish to purchase during the trip, then I will compare the price one by one. When I am shopping at Korea, I'm just realized that is not same as what I think. The price might be cheaper if compare with our local retail shops, exclusive shops, and counters

➤ There is a selling strategy I can see in most of the beauty exclusive shops in Korea, which is discount only available when consumer purchase a product in many units (more than 2 or 3 units). Mostly, I will not make any purchase in this case because some of the products are not suitable for me to use in every single day so is a waste for me to purchase a pile of the same product just to get the discount. Besides that, the discounted price is just slightly cheaper so is not worth that to carry "them" back from Korea.

➤ There are a lot of online articles which like to recommend us to shop in Myeong-Dong for beauty products. Firstly, most of the beauty brands are located in Myeong-Dong area so tourists can easily get all their wanted product in this area. Second, tourists can get their duty-free beauty products in Myeong-Dong Lotte Mall. Myeong-Dong Lotte Mall is the shopping paradise of tourists but is just a hell for me. It is full with tourists in the duty-free zone which make me felt hard to shopping and uncomfortable. Besides that, the price is totally not cheap. I do not see any of the Korea girls shop for their beauty products in the mall and exclusive shop.

➤ I get most of the beauty products from Olive Young which is same as Watson. I can see a lot of the Korean moving around in here which make me believe Olive Young is offering the best price. The largest Olive Young is located in Myeong-dong which I able find most of my "Must Buy Item" in here and the selling price is MUCH MORE CHEAPER when we compare to our online beauty shop.

Test before buy
I'm alway tested on the product before I purchase. I will test on the texture, scent and color of the product, to make sure that it is acceptable by me. I saw most of the Korean are directly applied the product on their face and lips for testing purpose, so I would like to recommend you all test the product on your neck area and back of the hand due to the hygienic problem.

I think is enough until here for my shopping experience. If you wish to know more, you can just drop me a message, anytime :)
Let's continue on what I have bought during my trip.

 Elizabeth Pore Care Nose Pack (forgot the price)
There are 3 different types of nose strips and I bought all of them. I'm not sure what is the difference between them, the only thing I know is there is a light mint scent for the Mint pack. This nose strip is super duper effective for my blackheads and whiteheads, especially for the white pack and mint pack, they able remove most of my whiteheads triumphantly. I regret why I don't buy more.
 Kung Fu Panda Black Eyes Goggle Mask  ( forgot the price)
Haven't tried on this because it is too lovely and I not willing to use them. By the way, I hope it can kick my dark circle off.
 Mediheal W.H.P Mask Sheet  (3000won per sheet)
 Mediheal Tea Tree Mask Sheet  (2000won per sheet)
These mediheal mask sheets always have dozens of good reviews, I bought the Tea Tree and White Hydration charcoal mask. The whitening mask is just awesome, I can see the different on my face after I used it.
Arial 7 days Mask x 24 sheets  (15000won)
Another awesome facial mask! I saw the effect within 7days (I used it every day). It is cheap, but the result is amazing, it helps to increase the radiant and soften my skin! I would like to recommend you all buy this for a try, it is really cool!
 Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask  (9900won)
Korean girls love this mask. The smell is damn good, it do help me to release my stress. If I not mistaken, I don't see any retail shops are selling this mask in Penang. If any of you can find this in Penang, I hope that you can share with me because I wish to repurchase it.
 Ryoe Anti-hair loss Shampoo for Oily Scalp x 3 bottles  (28800won)
My all time favorite shampoo! I have used this shampoo for one and half year. This really helps me to reduce my hair fall problem and a lot of baby hair is growing on my head now!!! I'm so happy! Besides that, my oily hair problem has been controlled as well! 
 Mise en Scene perfect repair mask x 2 bottles  (9900won)
Use this once I have finished my YOKO hair mask.
 Mise en Scene perfect repair serum 2x70ml + 15ml  (13000won)
Used this every day before I go out from home. It gave my hair a healthy, shiny look and keep my hair manageable and smooth.
 Unix mini hair curler  (14400won not more than RM60)
This is the first thing that I wish to get during my trip. I always wish that can have mini styling tool so that I can bring it along my travel to create different hair style in every day. Due to the cute and handy size, so I have to spend more time on style my hair. 
 Banila Co Clean It Zero  (18000won)
My new favorite makeup remover. One of the reasons for me to buy this is because of Jihyo. The makeup remover is just amazing, it successfully help me to remove my stubborn mascara from Kiss Me.

 Banila Co Prime Primer Finish Powder  (19800won)
 Banila Co Prime Primer classic matte  (16200won)
My makeup is last much longer after I applied this before and after my air cushion. 

 Etude House Color My Brows  (6000won)
 Etude House Play 101 Pencil  (3000won)
I have to use the eyebrow mascara when that time my hair is not in black color else I will look odd. The reason for me to buy this 101 pencil is because of the 50%  discount at etude house. This pencil can be used on eyelids, cheeks and lips, it is very easy to use.

 Aritaum full cover concealer  (7000won)
 Aritaum color lasting tint  (8000won)
Concealer from Aritaum is just amazing, it able to fully cover my dark circle and my pimple scars. These two lip tints are now my favorite lip product, the color are very outstanding and long lasting! Besides that, the lips lint doesn't dry my lips. 
Ya! That's it for my 2015 KOREA HAUL. I hope all of you will love this sharing.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


My Korean Haul ● Food☛Snack☛Noodle

Hi all, it's been 3 weeks since my last post. I remembered that I have promised to you all that to share about what I have bought during my previous Korea trip! Another reason that I start this post late is because the internet in my house is down then 
Today, let's start with the food haul! This topic were suitable for boys and girls but I don't really remember the price for some of the items that I bought.

Yangban Seaweed around (5000 won)
(contained 16 small packs in a big packing)
Now, it became my favorite seaweed. This is different from Japanese seaweed because there is olive oil on the seaweed so the seaweed were not too dry. Besides that, this is more salty compared to Japanese seaweed (I preferred those foods with strong flavor).
But it is only 10 slices of seaweed inside the packing, so I can finish one pack within 1 minute.

Maxim coffee below (5000 won)
Don't pour too much of the water for this coffee else it will become diluted. Overall, the taste is good when the water volume is not over add.

Yangban Kimchi (forgot the price)
This is one of my favorites. If you wish to buy some kimchi from Korea, you can try out this brand, the taste is almost same as the kimchi that I had tried at the restaurant.

秀美 chips (forgot the price)
A lot of bloggers are highly recommended to buy this when you are travelling to Korea.
Cheesy and sweet, too much just make me feel greasy. Besides that, it was not crispy as other chips because it's baked.

Topokki Korean Snack (forgot the price)
This is the another snack which is highly recommended by bloggers, but I don't know the exact name for it. I haven't try on this topokki, but I can feel the spicy through the packing.

Cheesy potatoes chips(forgot the price)
Here is the another cheesy snack, this one taste better because without the honey, but I felt greasy after a while. I prefer something salty.

Market O Real Cracker (forgot the price)
Rich chocolate milk sauce on top of the biscuit, it is crispy. Thumbs up for this!

Samyang jajangmyeon (forgot the price)
I had tried out their local jajangmyeon so this one is just normal to me. The jajangmyeon in the Korea restaurant is much more delicious, I miss their jajangmyeon so so much. But I think you guys may be can buy this as a souvenir for your relatives and friends.
*Tips: Kimchi makes an excellent compliment to this jajangmyeon

Market O Real Brownie  4×8packets (36000won)
We bought this in Myeong-dong market, the price is cheaper compared to those selling inside the mall. Another thumbs up for this brownie, it is not too dry or hard, rich in chocolate, it is very dense.
*I not sure whether it is an alcoholic snack.

Honey Butter Almond (forgot the price)
Almond is one of my favorite nuts. This is another "must buy" item when you travel to Korea.
Crunchy + a little bit sweet + salty = just best!

Honey Tong Tong (forgot the price)
This is the favorite of Mr.K. He loved this snack so so much. He able to finish this whole pack by himself. This is sweet and crispy, taste better than the 秀美 chips, I have no idea why.

Moist and chewy cake (forgot the price)
This cake is so moisture and dense, and it looks cute in the fish shape, I bet the childrens will love it.
Remember to buy this!

That's all for today, thanks for be here and have a nice day.

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