Althea Haul Review ● Let's unbox PINK

Hello buddies, is me again. Today is about a haul blog post, Yeap, I am shopping again. Well, is quite normal for a girl to have some shopping on every month. During the last #mycybersale, I am shopped like a crazy, I have purchased 4 bottles of Laneige sleeping mask from Althea since my sleeping mask had been finished by me for quite a long time and they always have some the crazy deal, cheapest price in the town(at least for now). 

Althea is a brand new website and platform which selling plenty of the hottest Korean beauty products and it is directly ship from Korea to your doorstep. Some of their products still haven't available at our local stores or cosmetic counters. 

This is how their website looks like, can you feel the pink? 
Daebak! October promotion. If you like to join Althea as one of their members then you will be rewarded RM15 Althea credit upon your new sign up. The credit will be automatically added into your account and spend them on your favourite items(not on shipping fees) before this Halloween. 

Daebak! If you love pink, then you will be crazy for this! Althea will pack your product in this Pink Beauty Box and send it to your house, you can have this lovely box with every purchase from Althea.
Later, I will show you mine.

I used to read the review of the product before I make any purchase, and sometimes I will review the product that I have used.
Althea has a review section for each of their selling products, therefore, you can read the review or give some comment on the product.

Besides that, Althea had made promises to their members.
Free Shipping when your order is over RM150.
100% Authentic on the products that selling in Althea. Althea guarantees for this.
Best Price guarantees on the products.
30 Day Refund- unconditional returns

They took around 4 days to process my order and start to ship my parcel on 7 Oct 2015 then I received it on 10 Oct 2015. So I got my parcel in less than 2 weeks! 

Let's unbox this Pink parcel with me. This was my first received the parcel in pink packing and I was extremely excited. I still keep this delivery packing bag after I remove the box from it, it just so lovely.

The beauty box is wrapped nicely with a layer of bubble wrap. Thanks to Althea team.

This is my receipt.

The most nervous time is coming...

 Taadaa..... my Laneige sleeping mask.
There is another layer of bubble wrap for my items, and they are putting some paper around my items to prevent from damage.
 I bought them during the cybersale promotion. 2 bottles only need RM90, this is the lowest price I buy ever .

Customer Service
3 working days after I done the payment, there is no status update on my order, it still remain in processing. Then, I tried to contact the customer service of Althea through email and I get the reply from them just within 1 hour. They are so efficient and polite on reply the email of customers.  
The price they offer to their customers are the lowest I have seen, I can't find any other best price in our local store.

Their delivery service amazed me, it just took 4 working days to delivered to my house.

Pink courier bag and pink beauty box are so cute, is hard for me to refuse them even I'm not a pink lover. Besides that, there are 2 layers of bubble protection to protect your item from damage.

The product is freshly "baked" from the factory, the manufacture date of the product is just 1 month before I purchase. I have tried this sleeping mask once I received the parcel, the texture and scent are similar as the one that bought from Korea by my uncle, so I believe that this is an authentic product.

That's all.

Thanks for reading my blog post and have a nice day :)

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