Update on my YOUTUBE ⇛〘 Simple Daily Makeup 〙

Hi all, I like to make an announcement to all of you that - my new video is now up on my Youtube channel. 

If you still haven't watch it, then click the video at below. For those had already watched it, I like to thanks to you all and I don't mind that if you want watch it again.
This video is about the make up I wore recently. It is simple and I believe everyone can try it (If you like to try it).

Is been a long time, I did not update my YouTube channel. Firstly, I'm busy with my work. Secondly, I find that is hard to edit my video with my previous video editor software. Today, I have a new video editor in my laptop, it is much more easier and smooth for me to use it. I wish that I able to create more video in the future.

If you like my video, please give me a thumbs up (I will very happy for it). And if you wish that I can come out more videos, you are welcome to leave me a message to let me know it or SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL (I will appreciate it).
Thanks for watch my video and read my blog, have a nice day.


  1. nice video~ so cute lehhhh! you use a lot of etude house products huh :D

    1. I just realize I got so many products from Etude House after you mentioned... LOL

  2. hi dear!!

    I watched your video and you are looking so cute! Now I only know that got 3 steps to create a really nice eyebrow cuz I always done it in 1 step only de! haha


    1. Thanks for watching my video 😁 ... haha other youtubers have even more step on shaping their eyebrows.


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