First Application my Passport @ Immigration Department (Jabatan Imigresen) Georgetown,Penang, Malaysia.

I am quite nervous with this because this is my first time to apply for a passport. Yes! This is my first time in 24 years.
Today I reached Penang Immigration Office at 7.10am but there is a long queue waiting outside the main entrance. I have to queue beside the toilet of the office. By the way, if you manage to reach before 8am, you might be able to get a parking lot at the nearby area.

They start their office hours at 7.30am on time, an officer standing right beside the door to give us some instructions to keep order. People are starting moving slowly enter the immigration office.

This is the office hour.

Currently we no need to fill in any form to apply a passport, all we need is our My card(above 18 years old). For those who are first time application (like me), we just have to show our My card to the officer at the counter, then he will know that you are first time to apply for a passport.

 Here is my number! I am the 36th. I'm starting to wait for them to call my number from 7.35am. At first only one counter (counter 2) is working on the photo session process. When after 8.30am, counter 5 and 6 are starting to work, so the number calling is much more frequent. 

I have been waiting for one and half hour(9.10am), then is my turn for the photo session, the officer told me to remove my spectacles and sit down. Today I'm wearing glasses because I heard some people have been asked to remove their contact lens on the spot, that is quite troublesome. 
So is better to wear your glasses when you are applying for passport. 
Girls with long hair have to move their hair to the back.
I took photo twice, 1 of the the photo is required coat on. Just wear the coat that hanging beside the camera, sit down and smile again.
Oh ya! prepare your IC again, because they are going to request your IC from you again. 

This is the application fee. No GST to be charge! 

After done the photo session, you are required to make the payment at counter 4. Wait for your name to be called, you are able to collect your IC after make the payment at the counter 4.

After done the payment (9.30am), the officer will give this receipt to you as above. On the receipt will state that what time for you to come back to collect your passport. Later we just follow the instruction listed on the receipt to claim our passport.
There are still 45 minutes for us to wait, so we decided to have our brunch at Kopitan instead of waiting in the immigration office.

My brunch is not bad☺

After I finish my brunch(10.00am), I get back to the immigration office and get a new number again. I present my receipt to the officer at the entrance's counter, then he knew that I want to collect my passport.
At 10.10am, I got my new number again. My number is 2051 and they are now serving 2038, I have to wait for 14 people just my turn.

After I got my new number, I straight heading to the counter 8 and drop my receipt into the box that they have prepared right beside the counter. After waiting for 20minutes(10.30am), finally, is my turn to collect my first new passport!

The whole process is just done in 3 hours only! I will advise those who going to apply or renew their passport, please come earlier to avoid a long wait and it is much more easier to get a parking space in the morning.

Immigration Department (Jabatan Imigresen)@Georgetown
Address:  Lebuh Pantai (at Lebuh Light), 10550 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Telephone: 04-2503410
Office hours: 
Monday ~ Thursday [7.30am to 5.30 am]
Friday [7.30am ~ 12.15pm] & [2.45pm to 5.30pm]


  1. Very good info & guidance. Thanks

    1. I'm glad that you found it helpful. Thanks a lot.

  2. How much the overall payment?

    1. Hi,
      Overall is RM200 (does not contain GST).

  3. Thank you for the info and guidance :)


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