[3 Days 2 Nights] Day 2 ♥ Short Escape to Cameron Highland

Hello World
This is my second day at Cameron Highland. Do you know how great it is when you wake up in the cold morning, step out to the balcony to breathe the fresh air and look at a nice view, is such a great experience in my life. Get ready for my next exploration.

Day 2
BOH Plantation Tea Center ➨ Rose Center ➨ Big Red Strawberry Farm ➨ The Lord's Cafe ➨ Brinchang Night Market

Yeah! Before we start today's journey, we decided to walk around at our apartment area because the environment is so nice!

This Green vine climbing wall just right in front of my apartment. 

A little England style building(this is how my apartment look like), we can park our car in front of our apartment.

Look at my mom, she is so happy!

This staircase seems like appeared in fairy tales before.

I really love the environment around my apartment

Get ready my notes and phone! Here we go ~

BOH Plantation Tea Center

The road over here is winding and super duper narrow (only enough for 1 car to pass through ), so you have to be cautious while driving in this area. Luckily, only a few of the cars is coming from the opposite site while we driving in.

Open the window to smell the aroma of tea.

After 15 minutes drive, here we are!

My mom seems like so excited again!!! Wohahaha

That is our target - Tea center! Actually, it is just 5 minutes walking distance, but we have used up 10 minutes to get there. A lot of tourists like to  stand at the stairway and take photos with their families, but it is blocking our way. We have to wait them finish posing and selfie, before we continue for climbing.
* Friendly remind, no high heel please.

Finally, we did it! Everyones of us are so tired, but when you look at the scene, you will say: "WOW"

And now we are going to have our lunch over here. Is hard to get a table during holiday period because it is full with tourists and a lot of flies is flying around here.

Admission Fee: Free
Operating Hour: Tue ~ Sun 9.00am to 4.30pm

Rose Center

This is our next destination! Limited parking space in here so try to avoid peak hour if this place is under your MUST visit list. This place is all the way up so have something first before you come here, you are going to use up a lot of energy at here.
* The toilet is very dirty

Make a wish and throw my lucky coin into this "Wishing Fountain".

As you can see, staircases are everywhere and is not a joke. Eat before you come.

Miss Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

Please allow me to do it again~
Hello World

Rose center is not only roses, there are still a lot of unknown flowers here.

I won't forget to selfie with all of these roses.

Spot this! Is this the house of Uncle Chuan "全叔" in [The Journey 一路有你]?
OMG, I found it accidentally.

Ok, lets move on to next level.

I found sunflower here!

Here is a small trail leading us to another "paradise", but we decided to stop at here due to time constraint and physical limitations.

Bye~ Rose center~
I would like to recommend you all to come over here, is worth for money.
Admission Fee: RM5

Operating Hour: 8am ~ 6pm

Big Red Strawberry Farm

If you come over Cameron Highland, you must visit their strawberry farm. I choose Big Red Strawberry Farm for our's visit because it is quite famous among the other strawberry farms. You will see Cactus Valley on your right-hand side before you reach Big Red Strawberry Farm, drive your car all the way up because there are 200 free car park lots provided for visitors at the top of Big Red Strawberry Farm.
A lot of bloggers recommend us to try their strawberry chocolate fondue.

Is disappointing, it is only a few of the strawberry here. My mom keeps asking me "Where are the strawberries?". 囧
Admission Fee: Free

Operating Hours: 8.30am ~ 6pm

The Lord Cafe

It is floundering for me to make a decision between The Lord cafe or Ye Olde Smokehouse. The Ye Olde Smokehouse has a very nice and  old England style environment, however, The Lord Cafe serve the best Scone in town. It began to drizzle so I give up on Ye Olde Smokehouse and heading to The Lord cafe. 

The Lord Cafe, located at Tanah Rata so we took about 1 hour from Brinchang to Tanah Rata due to the heavy traffic at Cameron Highlands. The cafe was on your right-hand side if you are coming from Brinchang, it just upstairs of Mary Brown, which mean if you able find Mary Brown then you can find The Lord Cafe. 

Food ordering time!

Original Cream Scone RM2.50
I ordered this for myself. Cut the scone into pieces, put some butter, cream and strawberry jam on it then taste it. The scone is taste great for me.
After we finish this, we took another 1 hour back to Brinchang Night Market.
Admission Fee: -
Operating Hour: 11am ~ 10 pm

We wander around the Brinchang Night Market, buy some vegetables, mushrooms and corns again for our dinner. Here is our last dinner at Cameron Highlands, thanks to my mommy again.

That's all for my second day at Cameron Highlands. Thanks for read my blog and have a nice day.


  1. Hi,

    Such a wonderful trip with your family at Cameron.
    Is been long since I went Cameron too.


    1. Ya ! The trip to me is just amazing !!
      but try to avoid visit during public holiday, because is so jam~~~


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