[3 Days 2 Nights] Day 1 ♥ Short Escape to Cameron Highland

I am so so so excited because this was my first time going to Cameron Highlands and I am the organizer of this short trip ☺. Actually, is a bit rush for me because I decide to have this trip just 3 weeks before I go. Therefore, I only have 3 weeks to settle the hotel booking and research about tourist spots. After asking for a lot of opinions, I make a decision to book an apartment in Brinchang area because there are quite a lot of attractions in this area.

3 Days 2 Nights Cameron Highlands trip
Day 1
Penang ➨ Green View Garden ➨ Lavender Garden ➨ Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm ➨ Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands(Checked In) ➨ Brinchang Night Market

Day 2
BOH Plantation Tea Center ➨ Rose Center ➨ Big Red Strawberry Farm ➨ The Lord's Cafe ➨ Brinchang Night Market
Day 2 Cameron Highlands Trip

Day 3 
Sam Poh Tong Temple ➨ Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Kuetiau ➨ Home

The day has come! We start our journey at 6am, we depart from Penang and we used the First Penang Bridge.This route is more suitable for those who came from the north. Here is the map from Penang to Cameron Highland by using Simpang Pulai route. We used 1 and half hours to reached the foot and another 1 hour to reach our first attraction!

Simpang Pulai route is most popular taken by tourist to getting to Cameron Highlands, it is wider and less winding, hence, more people attend to speed up at here and I can see there are groups of riders heading to Cameron Highlands by using this route. Boys and girls remember to watch out especially at the L corner and U corner, slow down your speed for you, your family and others. 

I do not recommend you guys to use this route at the night time because of lack of streetlights at this route, is quite dangerous. By using this route, you will experience not network coverage problem (Mine is DIGI), but is OK for me. I can enjoy the view along the way.

Green View Garden

Our first stop - Green View Garden at 9.10am. If you are coming from Simpang Pulai then Green View garden will be at your left-hand side. This Avant Chocolate is right beside the road, so this should no problem for you to reach here. The Avant Chocolate not yet open for business so we visit their Strawberry Farm, House of Lavender and OrganiceVegetable farm first.
Strawberry Moment
 If you are a strawberry lover, then you can try their Strawberry Strudel [Recommended by a lot of bloggers]. Unfortunately, I'm sick so I not able to try it and I'm not a strawberry fan too.

House of Lavender 
My first time to see Lavender! I really really really really like you - Lavender! I am so excited!

 You can get some lavender's souvenirs from here.

Take some photo before we move to the vegetable farm.

Strawberry Farm
I think we miss the strawberry season, there are only a few of them. 

Vegetable Farm

Avant Chocolate
Finally, Avant Chocolate is open.

There is plenty of chocolate at here, my mommy and sister is busy to shop for chocolate.

I love this telephone booth

Admission Fee: Free
Operating Hour: 9am ~ 6pm
GPS code: 4.579943, 101.379882

Lavender Garden

Our next stop is Lavender Garden!!! This is one of the "must visit tourist spot" in my list because I love lavender! Lavender Garden is located on our right-hand side.

Is 10am now, but the ticket office is now packed with crowds.

little mail box

The lavender farm is only a small area, is quite disappointing.

Lavender Garden is not only about lavender, there are also other types of flower and strawberry here.

The strawberry over here is more than what we see at Green View Garden. And all of them are almost ready for eating.

Wefie before we move to next attraction.

Admission Fee: RM5
Operating Hour: 
Monday~Thursday(9am to 6pm) 
Friday~Sunday(9am to 7pm)

Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm 

My sister insists on coming over here because she wants to buy some honey.
Actually, I very scared of bee so I don't really plan here in my list.

I have zoomed in 10x for taking this photo.

Actually nothing special here so I won't recommend you guys came here purposely. You guys can mark here as your backup plan.

Admission Fee: Free
Operating Hour: 8am ~ 7 pm

I gonna say sorry to you all because there are no photos for following activities.
After that, we go and have our first meal at Cameron Highlands Oldtown. When almost 2pm we heading to our apartment to check in and rest. We came out of our apartment at 4.30 pm for our next stop  Brinchang Night Market.
Brinchang Night Market is one of the must go spot, and it is only open on Friday and Saturday. I not sure why they call this as night market because they start their business at 4pm.
Actually is just 5minutes'drive from my apartment to Brinchang Night Market but we have stuck in a very horrible traffic for half an hour. Besides that, it took 15 minutes for us to get a parking space in Night Market area. 
I suggest you all to walk around and compare the price before you buy anything, some of the stalls are selling even cheaper. All the vegetable they sell here are very fresh, it is hard to find the vegetable with this freshness in my hometown.
Don't forget about their "Pearl Corn" (珍珠玉米), they are so delicious and juicy. You must remember to bring them home!
Eventually, we go back to our apartment with 4 bags of vegetables and corns. Is dinner time, my mom is the one prepare our dinner[Thanks mom! ]
More about Cameron Highland is on my next post.
Thanks for reading my blog, have a nice day.


  1. 薰衣草花园好漂亮!现在的金马伦应该天气应该没那么冷了吧?

    1. 下午时,我会走到流汗哦,不过幸好有阵阵冷风

  2. 赞同!薰衣草真的好漂酿!

    1. 是的哦~看到它们时~我很兴奋的要拍照~然后研究它的构造是怎样的~哈哈哈哈

  3. Hi Yoke :)
    Great photos and so many of them. the strawberry farms brought back fond memories! Some great photos with amazing colors!
    here are my Cameron Highlands adventures to share with you :)
    Near Death in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia hope you enjoy!

  4. lots of beautiful pictures about cameron especially Lavender Garden. I also wrote about some places in Cameron where you can take great pictures. Check this out in my blogspot!


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