[Product Review] L-CON 1 day POP* Fairy 1 day Princess* Eye Coffret 1 day UV ~ Daily Disposable Colour Lens

Hellooooo girls and boys!
I used to be a monthly disposable lens user, but currently I have shifted to wear daily disposable lens. Since I have some bad experience with daily's colour disposable lens, therefore I will do a lot of "study" and research on the lens before I purchase them. And this time, I will prefer natural circle lenses which the coloured diameter of the lens must not over large or bigger.
Today I'm going to share 3 different circle lenses to you all, there is  L-CON 1 day POP, Fairy 1 day Princess and Eye Coffret 1 day UV. Three of these colour contact are Japanese product and might not well-known in Malaysia.

    Product Details   
L-CON 1 day POP Chocolate
Manufacturer  Sincere-Vision [Japan]
Made In Taiwan
Package 30 pieces
Disposable Type  Daily
Material  HEMA/EDGMA
Water Content  38%
Diameter/Coloured Diameter  14.2mm / 13.3mm
Base Curve  8.7mm
Power Range  0.00D ~ 10.00D
Shades Chocolate. Brown, Black

Currently, I don't think we able to get this L-CON 1 day POP from market since I never see any of the retail optical shop is selling it. I get box from Pinkicon which is a HongKong based online store and it takes about two weeks shipped to me.

* Sandwich method - colorants do not contact with the eye directly. 
* The widest tinted area in the circle lens category. 
* Non-ionic lens that keeps dirt away. 
* Low water content that keeps your eyes moist. 
* Shape-retaining material that is not easily collapsed.

   Product Details   
Fairy 1 day Princess Pink
Manufacturer  Sincere-Vision [Japan]
Made In  Taiwan
Package  10 pieces
Disposable Type  Daily
Material  HEMA/EDGMA
Water Content  38%
Diameter/Coloured Diameter  14.2mm / 13.3mm
Base Curve  8.7mm
Power Range  0.00D ~ 10.00D
Shades  Brown, Pink, Green, Purple 

* Sandwich method means colorants do not come into contact with the eye. 
* Moderate coloration that shows off your beautiful eyes. 
* Non-ionic lens that keeps dirt away.  
* Low water content that keeps your eyes moist. 
* Shape-retaining material that is not easily collapsed.

   Product Details   
Eye Coffret 1 day UV Rich Make
Manufacturer  SEED [Japan]
Package  10 pieces
Disposable Type  Daily
Material  HEMA/EDGMA
Water Content  38%
Diameter/Coloured Diameter  14.2mm / 13.3mm
Base Curve  8.7mm
Power Range  0.00D ~ 10.00D
Shades ❁ Base Make(Brown Ring), Natural Make(Black Ring), Rich Make(Lace)

* Fresh pair of lenses and clear vision every day without hassle of daily maintenance!
* Contact lens with UV absorber significantly reduces absorption of UV rays.
* Leses are made of non-Ionic material
* Colourant is wrapped by contact lens base material. Therefore, colourant is not in direct contact with eyes
* Lenses is designed to reduce contact between the eyelid and contact lens, one can expect to experience reduced foreign-body sensation and improved ease of comfort.

Packing ❀ ✿
L-CON 1 day POP Chocolate (★★★✩✩): Packing is cute and sharp in colour, come with written directions. Difficult to open the seal of blister packing.
Fairy 1 day Princess Pink (★★★★★): Cute and pinkish packing, come with written directions. Very easy to open the seals.
Eye Coffret 1 day UV Rich Make (★★★★★): Romantic purple packing is my favourite, come with written directions. Very easy to open the seals.

 ❀ Comfort ❀ ✿
L-CON 1 day POP Chocolate (★★★✩✩): Quite comfort, but my eyes tend to feel dry after 3 hours of wearing it, so eye drop is definitely needed. After a long day wearing it, I have difficulty to remove the lens.
Fairy 1 day Princess Pink (★★★★★)Easily to put on and take off. This lens is surprisingly comfortable, it doesn't irritate or dry out my eyes. I able to wear it up to 8 hours.
Eye Coffret 1 day UV Rich Make (★★★)REasily to put on and take off. My eyes feel dry after 4 hours of wearing it.

 ❀ Colour & Design ❀ ✿
L-CON 1 day POP Chocolate (★★★): Basic design for the outer ring with a single colour(dark brown). The colour with the lens design blend well in my eyes and create a natural look for me.
Fairy 1 day Princess Pink (★★★★★)Outer ring in black colour and light pink around the outer ring. With the lens on, my eyes look more like brown colour instead of pink colour. The pink colour doesn't stand out as I think and create a sweet look for me.
Eye Coffret 1 day UV Rich Make (★★★)Medium brown colour for the outer ring and around with starry lace. Don't worry about the lace pattern, it doesn't look obvious in my eyes and makes me look tender and amiable.

 ❀ Enlargement ❀ ✿
L-CON 1 day POP Chocolate (★★★✩✩): Small pigmented diameter and it's just slightly enlarging my eyes, suitable for school and office.
Fairy 1 day Princess Pink (★★★✩✩)Minor enlargement and simple makeup are needed.
Eye Coffret 1 day UV Rich Make (★★★)The enlargement is better than L-con and Fairy but is not overpowering, suitable for school and office.

My favourite lens was Eye Coffret, I love the lens design so much because it suitable for any occasion, any dress, soft makeup and heavy makeup as well. Eye Coffret give me a perfect enlargement and great enhancement effect. The only weakness was needing some eyedrop for my eyes.
Fairy 1 day Princess did a great job too, but if you want something more nature may be you can try out their Fairy 1 day Natural series.
For L-Con 1 day POP, I definitely will not repurchase again.

I hope this review can be helpful to you all, Thanks visit my blog :)


Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF40, PA++ @ Natta Cosme

Have to admit that BB cream is a great great invention, it held me to create a better me and build up my confidence. I still remember that my very first BB cream is from Baviphat and it is the first time I did my own makeup. 
And today I'm going share this babe - Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream with you all. 

I think girls will not refuse the product comes with SPF and PA. Especially for those who all the time live in the summer, SPF and PA able to protect our skin from UVA and UVB

Product Details
BB cream
Sun Protection ✴ Whitening ✴ Wrinkle  Improvement ✴ Sebum Control ✴ Moisturising
Made in Korea
Price RM71.20 RM89 

[Suitable For]
- Cover skin redness due to skin trouble.
- Dry skin.
- Shrink pore sizes without using the primer.

- Daily natural and simple makeup.

- All skin tone, able to fit from dark to light skin tone.

Once again thanks to Natta Cosme for pick me as one of the lucky ‪#‎nattalicious‬ , so that I have the chance to try out this Korean's favourite BB cream. 

This BB cream is one of the best-selling products of Klairs. This BB cream can be a multi-functional skin care and makeup product with the skin whitening effect, wrinkle care, sebum control and sun protection factor.
Besides that,it is no animal testing, free from alcohol and paraben.

As you all can see, this BB cream is in a smooth creamy texture.

And it is easy to spread with fingers.

After that, spread it evenly and wait for 10 minutes to allow the BB cream to fully absorb into skins.

OK, I'm going to try this BB cream on my face. 

How to Use It??? 
1. Squeeze adequate amount based on your need (For me, I just need 2 bean size for my face)
2. Apply it on face
3. Blend evenly with your favourite makeup tool or fingers. (I choose to use the Cerro Queen Powder Puff)

OK, half of my face has been applied with Klairs BB cream. It brightens my skin instantly.

My Opinion
What I like?
I love the light floral scent, it really smells good compare to other BB cream.

First of all, I really love the texture of this BB cream, it is very light and easy to spread. After applying the BB cream, I can feel it helps to brighten my skin and my skin is glowing. Besides that, it did give the great hydration and keep my skin moisturized with their rich component Hyaluronic Acid. With the high SPF value, I able to be active under big sun, protect my skin from UV rays A and B.

The slim tube packaging is very handy and easy to fit in my bag.

What I don't like?
It did not do well in cover my dark circle( I got terrible dark circle) and skin redness problem, the coverage is very light for me.

"You look so wonderful just the way you are"

For my dear readers
Last but not least, key in this code "105MD15" while you check out to enjoy RM discount when you purchase up to RM100 at Natta Cosme.
Wish you all a happy shopping at Natta Cosme and Happy Mother's Day.

The product is provided by Natta Cosme for review purpose, all thoughts are my own.

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