[Sponsor Review] Pinkicon Circle Lenses Review : Geo(Star Collection) Grang Grang Grey

Hello everyone, today I'm going to review a pair of sponsored circle lens from PINKICON. PINKICON(Pink-Icon) is a Hong Kong based online store, they have over 500 circle lenses and numbers of the most popular cosmetic from Korea and Japan. I guess most of you all are familiar with [Geo & Neo Korea Colour Lens], [Fairy Japan Colour Lens] and [Banila Co & 3CE Korea cosmetic], those products they selling are 100% authentic. Besides that, they provided free worldwide shipping.

It took around 2 weeks to ship from Hong Kong to Malaysia with normal registered mail. I'm very happy to receive their parcel because they prepared the parcel very well, the lenses and lens case are protected with layers of bubble wrap. Besides that, they also provided us a mini booklet of Cosmetic Lens Wear and Care Instructions, a PINKICON business card come together in the parcel as well. I just realized that all the things are in PINK colour.

Product Details
Brand ♕ Geo Medical
♕ Series ♕  Grang Grang (Star Collection)
♕ Colour ♕ Grey
♕ Duration ♕ Yearly Disposable
♕ Package ♕ 1 pair (2 bottles)
♕ Diameter ♕ 14.2mm
♕ Base Curve ♕ 8.6mm
♕ Water Content ♕ 42 %
♕ Made In ♕ Korea
♕ Price ♕ USD$37.33

Most of you all are know that, all the authentic GEO products will have the authenticity sticker, to prevent we wear fake lenses. I just grey area part, key-in the numbers in the GEO's anti-fake system: . Below shows mine checking results.

Color/Design ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
I was afraid of the colour and design of the lens at first because of the light grey colour of the lens. When it comes into my eyes, it was pretty nature because of the outer ring in light grey colour instead of hard black colour and the irregular design pattern have soften my eyes. The colour are quite stand out, but not too over, it looks great in photos.

Enlargement ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
With 14.2mm diameter, it does not give so much enlargement to my eyes, very suitable for me. This is one of the reasons why I love it.

Comfort  ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
I've tried GEO lens before, but they disappoint me, basically my vision turned blur after the first hour wearing it. This time, this GEO lens is surprisingly comfortable in my eyes, my eyes and the lens get along very well. I do not have blurred vision problem after a few hours, and it doesn't get dry easily. At the end, I can remove it from my eyes easily.

I will recommend this lens to you all, they really comfortable and adorable pattern. But with this lens, eye makeup is needed if you don't want to look odd. Moreover, I will discard the lens after 6 months, even it is yearly disposable due to personal hygiene problems [Friendly Remind  change the contact lens solution frequently]. Besides that, their customer services are very friendly, they are happy to solve your doubt. 

If you all love this lens, can get it from PINKICON
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*Each account can use once only *Cannot be use in conjunction with any other promotion offers.


Going to review another daily colour lenses I bought from Pinkicon with you all next time. Thanks for reading my blog, have a nice day and good luck.

* The product is provided for review purpose, all thoughts are my own


Tea time at Plan b. @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

Three weeks ago, I went Queensbay with my sweetie, plan to get some new clothes for Chinese New Year. We get tired after a few hours, then we look for a place with delicious food , nice environment for chit chat and rest, to charge our battery for next round shopping. After a brief struggle, we decided to have our tea time at [Plan b.] . 
Plan b. is newly opened in Queensbay Mall and this is their 6th outlet. We queue for about half an hour to get our seat, because that day is Sunday and it is tea time.

I love this light !

Two sets of menu - Main course and dessert 

Egg Benedict - RM14 (Highly Recommend)
A toasted sourdough stuffing at the bottom, followed with turkey bacon and poached egg,  at last was was coated with hollandaise on top of it ! This Egg Benedict really looks good for me, for a moment , I cannot bear to eat. But once you start, you could not stop it. The taste was amazingly delicious, I could not stop after the first bite. I think the bacon was the main reason why I love this Egg Benedict, the bacon is a bit salty but it is really savory !!!

Australian Iced Coffee - RM14

The reason we choose this, is because we want some ice-cream on our drinks. 

Classic Chocolate Cake - RM14 (Recommend)

The first reason we will order this cake is because of the ice-cream,then the second reason is because we want some chocolate in our #SUNDAY. 
The cake is dense, with a moist texture and the chocolate flavor is rich ! Besides that, there is very thick chocolate paste in between of the cake. Each bite you take, just the same like you eating chocolate, Love it so much! The taste is better if you eat together with the ice cream .

Me and My sweetie

Plan b.
Address: GF-112,113(A) & 146(A) Ground Floor, Queensbay Mall, 100, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas.
Business Hour
Mondays - Thursdays : 8.00 am – 10.00 pm
Kitchen Last Order: 9.30 pm
Bar Last Order: 9.30 pm 
Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday : 8.00 am – 12.00 am  
Kitchen Last Order: 11.00 pm  
Bar Last Order: 11.30 pm
Contact Number: 04-6408820

Thanks for view my post. Have a nice day :)


[Product Review] Freshkon Alluring Eyes 1 Day Disposable Winsome Brown (Daily)

Hello everyone ~ Recently I'm trying the new Freshkon Alluring Eyes 1 day disposable colour lens. I'm very excited to try this out even this is not my first time to try the daily disposable colour lens (I love to try new thing- My Hobby). My very first daily disposable colour lens was the Freshlook Illuminate 1 day Colour, and I just had a very bad experience(terrible) with it.
Ok, back to the topic [Freshkon Alluring Eyes 1 day disposable colour lens] .

Product Details
 Brand  Freshkon
 Manufacturer  Oculus 
 Disposable  Daily
 Water Content  58%
 Diameter  14.2 mm
 Base Curve  8.5 mm
 Power Range  0.00D ~ 10.00D

I get this from an Optical Shop but I forgot the name of the shop. For this Freshkon Alluring Eyes 1 Day Disposable got two types of packing, the one I purchased which is 10 pieces of disposable lenses in a box and the another packing contained 30 pieces of disposable lenses. 

This Freshkon lens able to protect our eyes from UV , which it able to block 80% of UVA and 96% of UVB. Besides that, they contain Hyaluronic Acid(HA) with can enhance the comfort and clarity. 

All the details of the lenses are printed on the seal, which also included the expired date.

This is how the lens look, the outer ring is the dark brown dot and the inner part is filled with light brown dot.

Comfort ★★★ ✩ ✩
When I put the lens in my eyes, I can feel it and just like something stuck inside my eyes. After a while, I don't have the discomfort feel. For the following hours, my eyes are starting to adapt with the lens. At the end up of the day, when I want to remove it from my eyes, is just like a nightmare for me. It's hard for me to remove it from my eyes even I have put eye-drop into my eyes, probably, is because my eyeballs do not suit with the base curve of the lens and my eyes don't need a high level of water content.

Enlargement ★ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩
From the picture above, it showed that the enlargement effect is not so much. I love the natural look given by this lens.

Design & Colour  ★★★ ✩ ✩
The colour and design of winsome brown are very natural for me. However, when put it into my eyes, the light brown coloured area is slightly blocking my vision, and I felt a bit dizzy.  

By the way, If you wish you know more about this lens , you can read more from Freshkon
Thanks for read my post . Have a nice day :)


[Product Review] IOPE-Air Cushion XP SPF50++

Air cushion have been sally into the market for a long time, it is a new breakthrough in cosmetic field. There are various brands of Air Cushion in the market, so maybe you will in difficulty to make a selection because each of the air cushion have merits and demerits. Reputedly, IOPE is the first brand in KOREA come out with this brand new technology - Air Cushion , after been a while , several brands have launched air cushion as well. 

Why I choose IOPE - Air Cushion?? Is because of the Korean Drama [My Love From The Star 来自星星的你]. After this Drama went out, girls are wishing to own the cosmetic product of this brand ( I didn't watch any single episode of this drama because I don't want to get addicted ) as this is the favourite cosmetic brands of "Cheon Song-Yi" .  Later I have read pretty much good reviews and comments about this product from Internet and It became my first air cushion in he end!

Product Details
Brand  IOPE
Origin  Korea
Capacity 15g + 15g  (1 Refill cushion)
Effect  Moisturizing, Whitening, UV Protection(SPF50++)
Shades  Shimmer[S22]Natural[N21]Natural[N23]Cover[C21]Cover[C23]

The air cushion and the refill pack are in an Indigo square box ,  the box have reflecting surface, the packing gave me the feeling of noble.


The fine shimmering powder is sealed on the lid to create the shining effect, and there is silver white colour at the side-edge, it looks so elegant . Besides that, a simple manual is come together with the cushion foundation in 3 languages - Korean, English and Chinese. Basic product details are listed in the manual and it also included the method on how to refill the product.

The manufactured date is printed at the bottom of this air cushion.

Air Puff

When you open the lid , there is an Air Puff [Mostly all the air cushion will throw in an Air Puff ] .

This Air Puff is the specially designed for us to apply the air cushion. This air puff is so amazing, it does not absorb the foundation but also help us apply the foundation evenly . The air puff is so fine and smooth, it is very comfortable when it contact your face. We just need to slip this Air Puff over our fingers and softly press on the foundation. 


Open the cap, you can see the cushion foundation sealed with a sticker and there also a few lines of Korean words on the sticker (I guess is the instruction about how to use) .

So just remove the sticker [ some people will put back the sticker after they finish using the cushion foundation ], the sponge is full with foundation (girls do not need to worry that leakage problem , this air cushion does not have this problem).

Let's have a close up look on the sponge.

This foundation is very thin and silky texture can be considered as watery type, the feel is different and better than BB cream that I am using. 

The coverage of air cushion is definitely not good as BB cream due to its thin texture. From the picture above, you can see that it is low coverage. For those who looking for the Air Cushion with better coverage, then you can go for their #Cover series [ I'm using Natural series- N21] , I believe the coverage will be better than Natural series.

The side with the cushion foundation on, it has more radiant and my skin tone is brighter and glow .

*I have applied both side of my face with the cushion foundation*
My dark circle and pouches are still obvious[have to apply concealer], but my skin pores have gone, my skin looks so smooth and soft. 

Pros & Cons
★ It is very, very light, it does not stifle my skin , create a natural look for me 
★ The hold up is very well, do not need to worry about cakey problem
★ Refresh my skin [my skin does not turn oily even wore it after few hours ]
★ Pleasant scent [ Other BB cream and foundation smell like chemical ]
★ Lasting effect is awesome [ Walking under big & hot sun for 3 hours, it does not melt ]
★ The Does not need a lot of the foundation [ Two press for whole face ]
★ Protect my skin from UV light
★ Keep my skin moisturised
★ Done my foundation very quickly
★ Small in size, easy to carry, is good for travel and shopping

☆ The coverage is not as good as BB cream
☆ Sticky feel on first apply, may be because of the moisturising effect [ Apply moderate setting powder will solve this problem ]
☆  Expensive [ RM100 ]

Rating : 4.5 / 5

Thanks for reading :) . Good Luck and Have a Nice Day 

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