[Review] Marshmallow Puff from Too Cool For School

Once you get in touch with make up, you will discovered that make up is an amazing and wonderful thing/knowledge, then you will never enough to seek for the profound of make up. For me I will always look for different way to improve the way how I make up. This beauty makeup tool did a great on while I apply my BB cream - Marshmallow Puff Too Cool For School, I get this baby from as always . This brand Too Cool For School is from Korea which designed for students, all their products' design are very cute and fun with affordable price. 

This sponge is pack into a semi-transparent bottle which cover up with an aluminium cap, besides , it had a very cute and handy size which we able to bring it to attend any occasion especially good for travel ,it will not occupy too much space of your luggage. If you wish to know more about this cute sponge , you can visit their official website .

This cutie is a multifunctional product! Why I say so ??? Because all around of this sponge can be used for facial make up. The picture above showed how can it been fully use for make up. Moreover, the surface of the sponge is super duper soft and smooth so don't need to worry that it will hurt your skin.

Previously , I was always used my fingers or brush to apply my BB cream, but mostly I will use fingers because it was more convenient. The failing of use fingers apply or blend the BB cream is easy to create cakey and uneven colour on your face. For now, I will not have this problem by using this little pinky sponge, I can even reach the edge of my nose to apply BB cream.

Basically ,I will pump my BB cream on the back of my hand and then place the big round area of the sponge up on the BB cream. Start to gently patting the sponge on my face to spread and blend my BB cream , I will repeat again and again until I satisfied with the result. The pictures below showed the before and after I had applied the BB cream, the close up will allow you to see the different. It helped my create flawless and poreless skin, I just love it so so much! I also find out that my make up will last more longer than before.

Ignore my chubby face >.<

I've done my full make up by adding some eyeshadow and mascara, my skin just look so perfect !!! 

Very handy and lightweight 
Eye-catching colour (I love it)
Affordable price (RM24), cheaper than others brand
Make up is more easy and fun
Spread and Blend BB cream or foundation easily

×Hard to clean, I too about 20 minutes to clean it (clean it weekly)
×Adsorb excessive cosmetic product

How I clean this sponge ???
There are several steps I took to clean it, all I need is cotton, make remover, tissue and shampoo 
1. Pour make up removal on cotton
2. Pat the sponge on the cotton
3. Pat the sponge on tissue (you can see that those adsorbed BB cream is now on the tissue)
4.Repeat step 1 to 3 until you satisfied
5. Clean it with shampoo
6. Wash away the shampoo with water until the water ran clear
7. Squeeze excessive water and wrap with tissue
8. Left it dry naturally, then keep it back to the bottle

Rating: 4.5/5

Thanks for read my blog, have a good day :)

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