Halloween Cracked Broken Porcelain Doll Make Up

Hello boys and girls , can you smell Halloween ? Few more days will be Halloween , have you done prepare for your party ?! What will you dress up on the party? 
Today will be a short update on what will I dress for this coming Halloween.For this year Halloween, I will dress myself become a Cracked Broken Porcelain Doll, but I'm not goinf to attend any party hahahaha (next day is working day). 
Someday when my make up skill have been improved then I wish to try zombie look!! May be few more year I can try out this.

I know I doesn't scary at all, hahaha if you want more horrible then you can add more cracked line or a big "hole" on your face.

Here's my video about how I create this look. The video quality is good because I'm using new camera and don't know which mode is good for recording.

Bye bye ! Have fun on your party and thanks again for read my blog ... Happy Halloween !


  1. lol thats simple make up yet eerie!! haha and your last gif really creeps me out!

    1. Hi, haha thanks for your comment. If you interested with it ,you can have try on this look( I guess boy is also suitable to try in this look)
      Happy Halloween :)


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