[ Review ] Hanaka Intensive Renewal Facial Mask

Helloooo, I've been disappeared for quite long time~ again. Recently, I always get sick,probably is because of the fickle weather. Boys and Girls don't forget to have your water :) .  The fickle weather not only make me sick but also make my skin "sick", all my pimples is follow since last month until today, this makes me very upset. Today wanna share with you all about my new baby, Hanaka Intensive Renewal Facial Mask. I bought it since last month, I had tried it on the day I receipt it. 

♥ ♥ Product Details ♥ ♥
250g(But it is very big bottle)
Suitable For All SkinType

Original product does not come with box and all the components have been marked on the cute and pinky sticker. There are pretty much of the components contained in this mask. Besides that, there are some instructions in Japenese words(I don't understand Japenese). Before you open it up, you must remove the sticker on this bottle,but the sticker is damn sticky so I spent a lot of time just to remove it.

Hermo just very intimate, they give me a sweet pink spatula for purpose of take out the mask with a more hygienic way.

This mask is sealed, it can help to prevent leakage, avoid the mask dry out and hygiene problem. Keep it sealed after you use.

After you opened it, you can feel the strong fragrances, after few times usage I already get used to the fragrance. As you can see, the mask is in milky white colour and it looks like very watery. 

Girls and Boys, clean your face with your favourite cleanser (you can scrub your face too) and wipe your skin dry before you use the mask. After you apply the mask , just leave it for 20~30 minutes. In the meanwhile, you can surf internet/ whatapps/ watch movie/ gossip with your friends. I don't think you can go for sleep because the mask take long time to dry and it is very sticky, may be it will dirty your bed and pillow. After you done, wash your face with lukewarm water and proceed with your daily skin care routine.

This mask claimed to moisturising, brightening and firm your skin. Every time, you applied the mask, you can felt the cold from the mask bring to your skin. After the first tried, I can't see the brightening effect on my skin, but it do moisturise my skin and help me reduce the redness of my pimples. To get the better result , I decide to use this mask every two days. After the first week, I noticed that my skin have been brighten and the pores have been tighten. The photo below shows the before and after used the mask. 

 Big bottle
 Easy to spread
 Moisturise your skin
 Brighten up your skin

-Strong fragrance
-Firming effect not obvious
-Effect can't last long
-Sticky feel
-Hard to rinse through

Rating: 3.5/5

Thanks for reading my blog ,Good Luck !

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