[ Product Review ] Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_Ex - My favourite sleeping mask

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Is quite a long time (around 3 months) I didn't blog about skin care post, today I wanna share with you all about my favorite sleeping mask! Once you try it , you will wish to continue using it! Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_Ex , I've been used for half year , and I find out after using it my skin is became better. 

My very first sleeping mask was from Naruko, and this is my 2nd bottle of sleeping mask which mean my first sleeping mask from Laneige. I know there are lots of good review from this sleeping mask, I got combination skin and I scared it will make my skin became more oily than usual. During my uncle last visit to Korea, I also asked him to help me bought this sleeping mask :) . Thanks to my uncle again ! 

Laneige are very famous with their water bank series (especially this sleeping pack) and Song Hye-Kyo was their endorser since year 2008. The water sleeping pack_ex have a lot of good comments (so far I never saw any complain from Internet). During year 2010, Laneige had became a professional skin care brand with their Laneige Advanced Water Science. 

Product Details
♥ Size ♥

Not sure about it



Suitable For
All skin type

Product Description
♥ Invest your sleeping time and your skin can feel the different
♥ Water sleeping pack filled in moisture while you are asleep to leave your skin deeply hydrated and brightened .

First time saw the packing, I thought it was glass, but actually is plastic. The packing just so gorgeous. When you opened you bottle capsule, the mask is sealed.

It still left less than half bottle haha... you can smell very fresh and relaxing scent once you opened the capsule.

You all can see that the texture is very watery, it was light and smooth. Besides that, it is very easy to be spread , within 10 mins it can fully absorb by your skin. Below showed the mask before and after fully absorb by my skin.

Usually I will cleaned my face with my Laneige cleanser before I use the mask. After that I apply a thin layer of the mask on my face, on pimple area I will apply a little bit thicker. Wait for the mask fully absorb by my skin, then I go to sleep, with the relaxing scent of the sleeping pack , it helped me to fall into sleep very fast. The next day, I clean my face with water , I feel that my skin became smooth, soft and moisture.Besides that, my pores had became smaller, increase radiant and brighten my skin. With the amazing result, I will repurchase this product, love it so so much !

♥ Increase Radiant , brighten skin
♥ Smooth and moisture your skin
♥ Relaxing scent
♥ Tighten pores
♥ Nice texture
♥ Easy to spread

A bit pricy
Took times to fully absorb
Felt sticky

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Joyeus @ Penang

There are 2 reasons for me to visit a cafe , first one was nice coffee and food , and the second one was the theme of the cafe. I was get attracted by this cafe's photo , the first thing came out from my mind was "This cafe really exist in Penang?". Therefore, I decided to look for it ! How can I miss this cafe ?! You guys must be wondered what's the cafe's name, it named - Joyeux . I'm not good in pronunciation , but I know it is a French word with the meaning of Happy . They are using a lot of lightbulb for their decoration , it was romantic and make me felt that I was live at old days' church . I saw many cafes are using different kind of lightbulb to decorate their cafe , they want to build the cozy and retro environment.

It not hard to find this cafe, the hard thing is find a parking lot at this area (Nagore Square) . This area have a lot of restaurant, cafe, and cake house, but the parking space is limit. Luckily , I saw there is a mini car park in this area...
Joyeux just few shop aways from Mon Délice Patisserie , they hang a flag outside their cafe which had their shop name on it , so is not hard to look for them. 

They have set lunch over here! 

Doesn't have too much decoration and simple furnishing, all their tables and chair are make by wood and their cafe have more warm color tone which make me feel comfort and free. I feel that I stand in a house not cafe :).

Lets have to close look on their table and chair .
Actually their don't have so much table in cafe, this can reduce the pressure feel.

Their kitchen is half opened style , you can see through the glass how they prepare your order.

At last I decided to have my seat on upstair , due to the nice environment on upstair but is a bit hot >< . After you choose your seat, the waiter will send you their menu and after couples of minutes , they will come to you and get the orders from you.
There are 3 set of menu , beverage , dessert and main course .

Within half hour, I got my orders . Due to weekdays , so there are not much visitor came to their cafe, and I no need to wait so long for my food. Before I came, I did a quick research on internet , their Carbonara Spaghetti and coffee have high rate but I decided to try other spaghetti. I ordered their set lunch , and included a drinks therefore I didn't try out their coffee (After I left the cafe, I felt regret >< ).

Aglio Olio- RM16.90
Salad, lemon tea and spaghetti for a whole set. Only vege and few tomato in the salad bowl, they had add some vineger in the salad, so you can taste a bit sour on the salad, remember to mix your salad well before you eat . About the spaghetti, it doesn't have very strong taste , I fell minor spicy  .

Pesto Prawn - RM21.90
This is more tasty than their Aglio Olio, I would like to mention that their prawn is big and fresh and really very yummy if eat together their pasta sauce. 

There are a lot of review recommend their breakfast , may be you can try out their breakfast and their coffee in the morning :)

j o y e u x

Facebook : 

Address : 
79 Jalan Nagore, 10050 Penang, malaysia

Contact Number : 
04 266 6295

Business Hour : 
Sun - Thurs ( 9 am to 10.30pm)
Fri - Sat ( 9am to 12.00am)


The Safe Room @ Campbell Street, Penang

The Safe Room is the most hit cafe for now, it located Campbell Street and just few shops away from Moustache Houze. The Safe Room just start their business from 5th July 2014 and famous with their Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream, Love Lock Tree and 3D Lego . How I know this cafe?Last week when I surfing Internet and I find out this cafe from a blogger, she recommend their ice-cream. After that I had read some tips from Foursquare , many of the reviews also recommended their Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream. Around this area is lack of parking lot, wish you good luck while finding a parking lot. 

While you go in the cafe you can see that this cafe is full with crowd, all the table is almost full luckily I manage to get a table >< . Beside that, you can see all the staff is very busy at the open kitchen, you can know that they have many orders and you have to spend some time to wait for your food and drinks . I believe most of them are come for their Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream!

Their staff is busy to prepare the Ice-Cream !!

When I heard Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream, The first thing come out from my mind was "What's that"?The Safe Room is the first cafe in Penang serving us with this Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream. Here is a very short Intro about it , so we will have a basic concept on how they come out this ice-cream!

They have two big tanks of Liquid Nitrogen for the use of prepare Ice-cream. They have an open Kitchen, so we can know the process on how they make it . Firstly, they will cut the fruit into pieces and blend it with blender . After that , freeze it instantly with liquid nitrogen ,at the end the ice-cream is DONE .

If you wish to know more about the ice-cream, you can read the booklet prepared by them on the counter :).

I know that the process they make the ice-cream is "WOW", but don't forget to make your order. They had prepare few copies of menu and put it on counter , you can choose your food at your table or at the counter.

Cakes is not in the menu 

Don't you think she is pretty?? I not sure that she is one of the boss or staff , but I just love her smile. She is very friendly and recommended me their cakes.

Get your number and back to your seat. They will serve you with your orders when your orders is done~ I get the number 14 


They have a small corner for the game station , they had provide few types of games for customer to choose for play.

I love their cozy environment ! 

❤ ❤ ❤ 3D Lego ❤ ❤ ❤

I guess you all remember them, now they are in 3D form . Snap some photo with them :)

❤❤❤ Safe Room & Love Lock Tree ❤❤❤

There is a room at the back of cafe, they named it The Safe Room . They had erect a love tree inside this room, you can lock your love with your love one on this tree. You can purchased love lock from them with RM39.90 and lock it of the tree. 

A small corner for "Pray for MH17" , left you pray on the sticky note and stick it on the black board.

Rose Cheese Cake ~ RM12.90
The texture is smoothes and rich, mild rose taste. Recommended by them.

Cafe Latte ~ RM 8.90
Is better with the cafe art.

Coconut Liquid Nitrogen ice-cream ~ RM15.90
Their signature ice cream, freezed coconut juice will be put into the coconut. Two leaves of peppermint leaf on top of the ice-cream as decoration, make it looks more tasty. I recommend to finish it as fast as possible, because it will melt very fast too. Highly recommend this to you all.

The Safe Room 

Facebook page :

Website :

Contact Number : 

Business Hour : 
Sunday - Thursday 12.00pm~11.00pm
Friday - Saturday 12.00pm~12.00am 

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