Coffee Elements @ All Season Place, Penang

Enjoy my tea after the fire alarm with my colleagues...
Coffee Element had been opened for quite a long time, you guys can find them at All Season Place and Gurney Paragon. The environment of All Season Place is much more better compare to the branch at Gurney Paragon~

You guys can choose to have your coffee at outdoor or indoor~ Recenty the weather is damn hot , so we choose indoor, we need aircon so so much

The basket is empty >< ... I wish to take it 

HERE's their operation hours ~ refer it before you come, so that you won't miss it  :)

Ok .. Now lets go in and try their coffee 

Can see there is quite a lot people during this time (3.00 pm) ...

I love this sofa, but it is not enough for 10 of us. It is quite comfy :)  

At last we pick this high wooden table which able to fit all of us

Time to choose our drinks and food~  Choose your order from the menu on wall

Self service help yourself get some water while you waiting for your orders.

The choices of cake is quite limit ><

Walk around and have a look on their decoration , mural painting and oil painting .

I love this mural

Long Black (RM5.50)

Caramel Latte (RM8.50)

Toffee Latte (RM7.50)
 They recommended me this, since I wish to get something not too bitter. Nice aroma , the foam is not very smooth, but I love the bitter sweet taste :)

Chill Cucumber (RM7.50)

Banana Chocolate Chips Milkshake (RM8.50)

Cafe Mocha (RM8)

Hanky Berry (RM11)

Very sorry I had forgot the name of some order >< .

If you like their coffee , don't forget to follow their instagram and facebook ... :)

~All Seasons Place (6G-2-17 & 6G-AF2-17), 11500 Air Itam, Penang
~Third floor, Gurney Paragon, Persiaran Gurney, George Town, Penang.

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