Sugar Honey @ Campbell Street, Penang

Girls and Boys , sorry that I've been disappear for about a month~ Recently I am damn lazy. Last week I went for a gathering with ex-colleagues, and at last we choose to have our gathering at a cafe located at Campbell street and just right beside the Moustache cafe - Sugar Honey Cafe .
Last Monday was a raining day, we are so panic while walking to the cafe... ><  due to lack of parking lot at that area so we parked our car kinda far from the cafe.

Sugar Honey have been opened for quite a long time, but I forget to list it into my "Cafe Hunt List". The light bulb signage gave me retro feel...I love the idea and design. 

Probably is because of Monday night and Raining day, so we still able to get seat for 8 people. (Very sorry to you all, my camera really can't give me good picture at the place with low light , plan to buy a new camera as fast as possible ~ ) 
They still keeping the old style floor, hanging some old hand drawings around the wall and the planks on wall bring me cozy feel ~ 

What a comfy sofa~ when I'm sitting on it, I'm not willing to leave it .

Here's the Menu~ You can pick the food that you wish to try on your table Or ~

You can have a look their menu on board too at the counter, after that you can straight order your food :)

They are selling cake too ~ looks yummy ! but I didn't choose cake...(I'm getting fatter recently OMG ~)

While waiting for your orders, you can chit chat with your friend in this cozy environment, and if you feel thirsty you can have some plain water but is self service , there is no service charge :)
If you need some sauce,salt or pepper can you also can get from this table.

Thy are selling some cute and delicate stuff in this cafe too, you can have a look before or after your food. Girls may be you can ask your dear to purchase for you .

Finally my order is here...the worker over here is very friendly(sweet smile)

House Special Latte (RM10.90)
A think a layer foam at the top , adding some roasted almond will feel more nice. Nice aroma !

House Special Cappuccino (RM10.90)
Beautiful cafe art for my friend, same with latte , taste nice by adding some roaster almond .

Aglio e Olio (RM13.90)
I felt that is a bit tasteless for me, but when you eat together with the mushroom then you can feel the different...thumbs up for the pickling mushroom.  

Sugar Honey Waffles (RM14.90)
With the chocolate sauce and ice cream on top of waffle,  taste the sweet and cold in your mouth. Yummy!

Wild Herbs Fried (RM6.90)
Crunchy and hot ! taste better with their homemade sauce~ Must Try

Popcorn Chicken (RM8.90)
Same as herbs fried! delicious...tender chicken, hot and little crunchy.Must Try

Ceaser Salad (RM10.90)
Erm...fresh the sauce mix with vege~haha but I'm not a salad lover so I don't have so much idea on it. 

If you like them, give them a like! HAHA... As a conclusion, is a good cafe with delicious food and environment...

Facebook: Sugar Honey
Address: No.26, Campbell Street 10100 George Town, Malaysia
Contact Number: 04-262 0622
Business Hour: Wed- Mon 12:00~00:00

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