My day: first model shooting- Wilson Tan

Hey dears , I'm kinda excited to share with you all my new experience! Finally I had a chance to participate in an outdoor shooting activity, which organize by my colleague and his friend. My colleague knew that I'm interested in try something new(do some shooting for model), he asked me to join them on this activity. I was totally in excited state til the day of shooting activity, but I almost late because I went for a movie with my friend at night on the previous day.

Start my day with a bright sunny day and start the outdoor shooting at beach of Hard Rock Hotel! Today's model- Wilson Tan . He is very tall, I guess at least 180cm. He is very friendly and nice, definitely a good model. He is good in posing give a good photo effect. Here is the photo taken by me (first time done shooting on model) 

He is very friendly and nice, ask for selfie after very shooting! Hope to see you again in my next shooting !! 

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