[Sponsor review] MITOMO Cloth Face Mask { Lovely · Your Skin}

Hello sweeties  , how was your day? How time flies , I've been started my new working life for two months. I guess I'm pretty lucky, funny boss, cute colleagues and nice working environment ! Very thanks a lot to them, they are willing to spend their own time and energy to teach me this newbie ( I'm kinda slow in learning, so they have to spend more time to explain to me ).

Working is tiring, I'm looks older >< . Girls remember to take good care of your healthy and skin ! Previously, I tried didn't do any mask for 2 weeks and my skin just terrible, pimples is come to me and my skin looks more yellowish! For me at least 1 mask for a week, to prevent my skin goes terrible. Today I'm going to review on the mask sheet from MITOMO which sponsor by Tizess Bella . Thanks a lot for their sponsor, those masks just saved my skin :) .

After I had select the mask that I interested with, Tizess Bella post it out on the next day and I received my new babies within 3 days only.  Tizess Bella had wrapped those mask sheet with a cute and lovely pink plastic bag. 

Total 3 pieces of mask sponsored by Tizess Bella! I had select Redginseng Essence Mask, Arbutin Essence Mask and Greentea Essence mask (from left to right).

MITOMO was founded on year 2006, is already 8 years until now. MITOMO is the mask from Japan but which made in Korea. There are 4 series and total 16 types of mask from them which is designed based on our skin's need. If you like to know more about the MITOMO brand, you can go to their official website and  read on their company story, the website address had provided on the back of packet. Besides that, you also can contact Tizess Bella for more details , they are willing to answer your question.

Direction to use,Ingredient and description is all at the back of the packet, but sad case that they are in Japanese and Korean. I totally don't get what they print on the back, I guess I should study on Japanese and Korean. I just followed the direction given by the owner of Tizess Bella to do the mask.

Origin  Japan
Made in 

There are extra 25% of essence in this facemask, when you open the packet you all can see that there is a lot essence inside the packet.

When I take the mask out from the packet, you can see the essence is drop down from the mask!! wow wow wow...

After clean your face then start MASK . This mask is n the form of cloth sheet which is a little thick compare to paper mask but I love it because it won't be easily broke by me (I'm kinda rough) . Is recommended to lay down on bed  while doing mask, at the same time you can relax your body and mind too and enjoy the mask time. You can cover up your eyes with the mask with the friendly design of mask sheet .

Left the mask your skin for 15-20 minutes, after that remove it and there is some essence on my skin, I used my finger tap around my face to allow my face absorb the rest of the essence on my skin. I will clean my face again with clean water and applied my daily skin routine (I not sure that is that right to do skin routine after mask). 

Greentea Essence mask

This mask is best for those who had oily skin which able to help you clean up the excess oil on your skin and it is rich in antioxidant. When you open up the mask, you can smell green tea !! Lets see how this mask works on my skin, after I done this mask, it helped me reduce the redness of pimples on my forehead and  soothe my pimples. Love it so much!!! On the next day my pimples seems better!!

Arbutin Essence Mask

The main function of this mask is help to whiten and brighten to your skin. For this mask you can smell fruits aroma :) . May be is because my skin is too yellowish so I don't see any whiten and brighten effect on my skin. I guess have to apply this for few times, the result will just obvious. 

Redginseng Essence Mask

Same as the name of this mask, you can smell ginseng while you applying it on your face. For those who wish to have moisture skin , you can try this out , it can help you nourishing and moisturising your skin to prevent your skin from dehydrate. If you are work in office, you must remember to work hard moisturise your skin. After I used this mask, my skin is smooth and my pore is became smaller too. The effect able last til the next day .

Start to take care your skin from now, it won't be as long as you willing start the first step! If you love them , then don't miss it!  Now they are having promotion on this mask, you can have them with just RM13.50 for any 3 pieces of mask in this page :

How to get it ???

Email :
Tel/Whatapps : 016 5210820

Good Luck, See you all next time :)


My day: first model shooting- Wilson Tan

Hey dears , I'm kinda excited to share with you all my new experience! Finally I had a chance to participate in an outdoor shooting activity, which organize by my colleague and his friend. My colleague knew that I'm interested in try something new(do some shooting for model), he asked me to join them on this activity. I was totally in excited state til the day of shooting activity, but I almost late because I went for a movie with my friend at night on the previous day.

Start my day with a bright sunny day and start the outdoor shooting at beach of Hard Rock Hotel! Today's model- Wilson Tan . He is very tall, I guess at least 180cm. He is very friendly and nice, definitely a good model. He is good in posing give a good photo effect. Here is the photo taken by me (first time done shooting on model) 

He is very friendly and nice, ask for selfie after very shooting! Hope to see you again in my next shooting !! 


The Mugshot @ Chulia Street

The Mugshot are well-known with their fresh baked Bagel and home-made Yogurt. Their are located at Chulia Street in Heritage area, just right beside Rainforest Bakey & Pasty. The owner of the cafe is very cute! he didn't fit on signage for their cafe , and he told my friend this is one of a trick to attract customer! They are successfully attract me :)

The Mugshot have been opened for quite a long time, the first time I went there is full with crowd, so this consider as my second visit !!! I went there after work during weekday so the whole cafe is just like open for me 

I found out that, tourists are  this place.

Only limited choices of food and drinks are provided by them, and all the food and beverage are listed on the blackboard. The price is slightly expensive compare to other cafe.

Chiang Chiang Chiang Chiang~ a lot of mini size of yogurts are display in refrigerator, they all looks so tasty ^^

Have you took a photo a mugshot! ? don't miss it!! 

Jackfruit and Gula Melaka yogurt

I ordered this yogurt as my dinner. First of all, I felt that this is too little for me as dinner , because served in cute and small glass bottle. There are few slices of jackfruit as topping and pour a little amount of Gula Melaka on the yogurt. I'm not a yogurt lover, but their yogurt able to make me addicted! If you just taste the yogurt , you can felt is quite sour so you can just mixing up all the jackfruit and melaka gula together. You can taste sweet and sour in a spoon, they can balance each other(gula melaka is good for health). The yogurt is very concentrated and very very very creamy!

Walnuts and Raisins Yogurt

Kiwi and Honey Yogurt

Cream cheese and Smoked Salmon
Erm... Salmon really can't fit with me >< .the taste is good but I can't accept the softy feel of salmon in my mouth . The salmon slice is a too thin , I felt that thicker will be better. 

Bacon & Egg
This is hot seller in their cafe ^^ , so don't miss it. I was curious how they able to make the bacon in cup shape?! They put the egg at the center wrap around by bacon and some mayo on the top on egg. I bet you will love it too! 

Mash and Balls(Chicken)
Wow wow wow...this looks so yummy ! Thanks my friend treat us this ^^ . Homemade chicken meat ball on the top of mashed potato, this very perfect when you eat with the spaghetti sauce . I highly recommend this for you all.

After finish all the food, don't forget to snap before you leave :)
I've been charged because I'm too short, what a sad case. HAHAHA

Wish to gather with you all next time ! 

Address: 302, Chulia Street, 10200, Georgetown, Penang. 
Business Hour: 8am to 9pm. Daily. 
Contact Number: 016- 482 5501


[Review] Etude House Color My Brows #4

Hello girls  , today I'm going to blog about eyebrows mascara which is the cosmetic product I wish to have since last 2 years !!! For me , I felt that eyebrows and eyes is the important parts that we should focus more while you're makeup-ing. Everyone have their own unique eyebrows shape and volume , some of us don't have nice eyebrows , I will try to cover my eyebrows weakness with make up. 

My eyebrows is quite dark but not thick, at the front part of my eyebrows is lack of hair >< . I will reshape my eyebrows by eyebrows pencil , then I will apply eyebrows mascara to  make my make up looks soft . Previously, I'm not very care about my eyebrows, and just simply reshape my brows shape only. Some day my friend told me that"you looks like ShinChan !", instantly I felt that I should focus on my eyebrows :) .

 Etude House Color My Brows 
Volume: 4.5g
Colour: #4 Natural Brown
Origin: Korea

Normally we choose the eyebrows mascara is based on our hair colour, Etude House had provided 5 colours of the eyebrow mascara for us to choose. We can based on the color tips make a correct choice. Opps forgot to tell you all that I bought this eyebrows mascara from Qoo10 again~ 

I love this booklet packing, pink and brown match well together, polka dots and a little lace pattern is on the cover of the packing. All the product packing of Etude House is very sweet and adorable, girls will like it !

When you open it up, you can see the eyebrows mascara is inside of it. There are English version of description and direction at the back of packing. 

This eyebrows mascara come in small plastic tube form. It just looks like the eyelash mascara that we use on daily, just the wand is smaller compare to eyelash mascara.

Here is the close up photo on the brush

I applied a  little of the mascara on my back of hand, you all can see that the colour is not too dark or too light. The colour same as the colour on the plastic tube :) . And I tried to rub it with water, but it still able to last on my hand. 

I had draw my eyebrows with eyebrow pencil , after that I applied the eyebrows mascara. Girls you can see the different after I had applied it.

I very satisfied with the result and effect , because I bought it from Qoo10 so it is slightly cheaper than brought it from Etude House retail shop , it cost me RM25 . 

Overall: 4.5/5

Coffee Affairs @ Lebuh Bishop

I'm digging all the corner of Penang, searching for any cafe which I never been before or just new open. I love to explore new cafe (to taste all the coffee in Penang) but I will upset if I can't find any of it , I'm a conflict person ... HAHAHA

Luckily I found a cafe at Lebuh Bishop -  COFFEE AFFAIRS. This cafe just newly opened at March, it located opposite of Lighthouse coffee bar. When you near the cafe, you can still smell the smell of paint.

When I open push to open the door , the cafe looks so full just same as what we chinese said  "people mountain people sea".  I was surprised because of the scene, why is still a lot of people at 5 o'clock  ? I guess is due to new open :)  .The cafe have 2 sections which is front and back. The front section have the air-con, however back section just have air-cooler so it will be kinda hot at the back section.
I thought that we have to come here next time , but we are so lucky , they still have an empty table at the back section.

After got our table, we can proceed to the order session. Menu is on the blackboard, it looks so colourful and sweet . They are selling beverage and food :)

 If the menu is too hard for you to read, there is another menu on the counter. Just pick the one that you like most !!

They are selling cakes too

I love the idea , they use a frame and clip all the instax photo on the string to decorate their wall. Just seems like they keep all their memories in this cafe on the wall.

Baristas are busying to prepare drinks for customer :)

I found something interesting and cute in this cafe !!! There are cute mural in the cafe
Marvel character is in cute version !!! The avengers , X-Men and spiderman ! They are so so so cute.

Another mural is at the back section of the cafe, the painting style is more to Japanese drawing style.

We got our orders in just few minutes, without waiting or too long.

Hot Chocolate - RM8.90
Nice cafe art on this chocolate drink , and 3 little pieces of marshmallow on the hot chocolate. 

Dark Chocolate Frappe - RM13.90

Affairs Latte - RM 9.90
Nice aroma and smooth foam of the latte. 

If you are looking for some place for gathering or dating, here will definitely a great place for you guys to hang out together. Nice environment and have good service !

Address: 21, Lebuh Bishop, 10200 Pulau Pinang
Business Hour : Mon to Sun 10am ~12am

[Product Review] Gobdigoun Aging corrector skin milk series Part 2- Tone Up Cream

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