[ Review ] Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam

Hello girls and boys, how was your day ??? Recently the weather is hot, rink more water to prevent fall into sick. Same to your face too , hot weather will cause your skin dehydrate faster than usual and more oily.  

Today wanna share new favourite cleanser with you all - Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam. Recently I'm crazy with Laneige's product. Therefore, I ask my uncle buy this for me from Korea, thank you so so much t my uncle  !!! 

This product is 160ml , is enough for me to use up to half a year. From the packing of this cleanser  , have been written suitable for the skin types.

I love their packing, sea-blue colour give my a fresh feel and match well with their Pore Care line . They are using the traditional squeeze design for this cleanser, which is good for us to control the amount that we needed.

From the Laneige Official Website

Product Claims:

 Works into both micro bubbles that cleanses deep inside pores and larger bubbles that cleanses the surface.  Leaves your skin clean and oil-free.
 Morocco Clay (Ghassoul) works as micro scrubbing beads that purify skin and Clove extracts control sebum secretion to leave your pores clean.

 Contains mild plant-based cleansing ingredients for gentle cleansing.

 Pore Purifying Complex removes toxins and impurities that are around your pores and strengthens your defense system against pore-related troubles.

I just squeeze a little amount of the cleanser (not more than 1cm),  The texture of the cleanser is quite rich and in creamy white colour . According to Laneige, they said there are micro scrubbing beads in this cleanser , but I didn't see it probably is too micro so I can see it and feel it. 

Next , I will add a little of water and then rub it until there are a lots of foam. Is amazing , It can produce so much of foam with just a small amount. 

With a close look on this bubble, you all can see that the bubble is very smooth and it is very gentle to your skin. I love the refreshing scent, a little bit like orange :) . After I finish washing my face, I feel that my skin is awake .

How I think??
This cleanser are able to remove the excess oil on my face but without tighten and dry my skin. I do feel that , it able to clean the dirt in my large pore since I don't have so much pimples problem during this hot weather. May be because my pores have no dirt then I felt that my pores have become smaller then previous. This cleanser really help a lot on my oily skin.
I will repurchase if I have finish it , it really did a great job on my skin.

Hope this review help you all. See ya :)


  1. hye..are u only use the pore cleanser n waterbank essence in daily basis?is it enough?coz i saw many other products too

    1. Hey,

      Beside this 2 products , I still use my etude house ac clinic toner . :)

      Yoke Ching


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